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CHAPTER 19: Game X Adventure X Team


Sensitive nose inhaled as much air as it could as soon as it made contact with glorious air belong to this novel place. "AH~" She even made a sound and grinned widely as she looked around.

A prairie. A beautifully empty prairie, the starting point was. Gon marvelled the place's brightness as she stood in front of the lone tower amidst the vast grasslands. But in a split second, her body reacted and she faced certain directions. She was being watched. The tower, to be precise, but she knew that she'd have to (at least) wait for Killua to enter the game as well.

She sighed and looked back at the stand-alone tower in the middle of the praire, and waited for at least a person to get down. She was the first to enter among the group, after all, since she won Janken (which they played to determine who would enter the game first). She won using a technique, of course, and it always came in handy. Not that winning or not then would mean anything but waiting on different places.


She chuckled at the fact that Killua was so bad at it. Sure, it meant that she'd have to wait a long time before it was his turn to enter but it was nevertheless amusing to see him like that.

In any case, she just sat there, passively watched her fellow newcomers come and go and reminisced what happened during her entry to the game to pass time.

It was an introduction to the game. She wondered why only one person at a time was allowed, but just concluded that it was because a person ate a lot of 'memory' so they could only enter the game one at a time. The person who welcomed and explained the game's mechanics was Eeta-san, a young and pretty woman with pink hair.

Gon held up her hand and stared at the ring. Apparently, when she says 'book' a book would magically appear in front of her containing the 'cards'. Collecting all of the designated cards was the ultimate goal of the game.

But there was also Ging's message. He haughtily congratulated her for coming this far, and then proceeding to the fact that she would not find him there. He basically said that she should just play the game and enjoy it.


Her ears perked at sounds from above, and she passively watched a person go past her, she shrugged and continued on thinking about the message.

More and more minutes passed by, and so did the people who entered. Soon, she heard louder-than-usual footsteps and tilted her head to see who it was. This one was the 4th person or so which meant Killua was still about a dozen people away.

She let out a sigh.

"How rude."

She blinked and stared at whoever said it. It was the cute pony-tailed girl from before. She was around her age, Gon presumed, and honestly Gon wanted to befriend her for the same reason she wanted to befriend Killua during the exam. It wasn't everyday they met kids their age, after all.

"Hm?" She blinked but before she could utter anything else the girl just coolly walked away.

Of course, Gon was sensitive enough to tell that she somehow offended the girl.

"Ano…" she muttered and the other girl paused without turning back to her. "Did I do something to offend you?"

A moment of awkward silence passed by and yet the other girl remained unmoving. Gon was about to open her mouth once more when the girl tilted her head back.

"Children nowadays are really different. First flirting at and kissing at the tender age of twelve. Now sighing in disappointment so openly?"

"Ano…" Why was she speaking as if she was old?

It was then that the girl stomped away.



And Gon was just left there… confused as hell.





"So cute!"

Those were Bisuke's thoughts at the moment. That flustered look on that innocent face was something that made her motherly yet sadistic side go out. It was so fun teasing that girl!

She the recalled how sweet she was with that bratty silverhead and wondered how the girl would look like… when she gets… jealous…

But then again, she wondered if she could do that. The way that boy looked at her— the girl who was target of that look would feel absolutely certain of that boy's feelings. There was no reason to be insecure, and without insecurity there would be no jealousy. Most of the time. She knew of some… methods, though…

She grinned as she imagined, but shrugged in the end to continue her former line of thought. After all, she really did mean it when she said children of this generation was way different than hers. But then, at the same time, those two kids were fundamentally different to their batch as well. She couldn't quite put a finger on how different they were, though.

'Mah.' She shrugged. 'I sure do hope they don't die in this game. It would be quite a pity.'

"What an odd girl…" Gon thought out loud as she watched the other girl go closer to the horizon and ignored the curious stares of the person who came after. It was the African man and their eyes only met for a fraction of a second and that was that.

She just shrugged in the end and went back to her initial position and sat there.

More time passed until Killua's turn finally came.

"Yo! Did you wait long?"

"Hm." She muttered and then Killua helped her up. He did not let her hand go as they went a few steps away from the starting tower.

"Which way do you want to go?" Killua asked and pointed at two directions with his free hand. "The other players went here or here, right?"

"How'd you know?" She asked and then Killua explained. The gamers went to either direction because those were the places where they sensed the watchers. After all, watching takes lots of energy so the observers were probably near the city. And Killua even added, as a few of the other new games noted, that these people were probably nothing special—getting sensed from so far away and all…

"Oh…" She said in awe and Killua grabbed her hand tighter and dragged her towards one of the directions he pointed to. Gon followed.

But then, from her peripheral vision, she saw a white little ball of fur and she instinctively let go of Killua's hand and ran to it.

"It's a dog! Cool." It squealed cutely in surprise as she grabbed it but it took about a second for it to feel comfortable around Gon. Killua chuckled as he gave it a batch of reluctant petting. The dog softened up to him as well.

"Ah. Much cuter than Mike." Gon agreed.

"Mike isn't cute at all, though."

"He probably is to Kalluto."

"Kalluto." She repeated, and Killua tilted his head.

"I haven't told you this before, but your sister saved my life once from Mike."


"It's the truth!" Gon pouted at his incredulous expression and lifted the dog up and playfully asked it to agree. "Right, Kusa-chan?"

"Why Kusa?" Why grass?

"Because we found him in an area full of grass."

"Ha…" Killua huffed and initiated a move-on. It was then that Gon continued the previous conversation.

"Kalluto-san…" She paused. "Probably didn't know she saved me though. She just called Mike, after all."

"Ah." He wondered if he should tell her Kalluto was just cross-dressing… but before he could say anything, he was cut off by Gon noticing the collar on the dog's neck.

"Anyway, its owner must be in the city near here." Gon announced a little disappointedly. "Shall we look first?"

"Yeah. Let's do that as we gather info." And she nodded, and apparently… so did the dog.





As they walked, Killua sighed mentally. He was a little annoyed that they weren't holding hands anymore because Gon was preoccupied with the dog but shrugged the spoiled thoughts away… for now. Besides, Gon was spending time with her new friend to the fullest before it got returned.

"So..," he said, clearing his throat, a few minutes later when Gon was snuggling the dog as they walked. 'Lucky dog.'

"So." He repeated. "Were there interesting cards or hints or something during the intro?"

"Nope. Just got a message from Ging."

"Ha? We gotta start from scratch?!"

"Hai." She grinned. "Besides, he told me to enjoy the game. I plan on doing just that—ne, Kusa-chan?"


She grinned again and was about to snuggle the dog again when her ears twitched at a faint sound. The dog's did, too, and they showed an alert expression on their faces.

"What's wrong?"

"Something's coming." She stated and looked up. And as if on cue, a burst of light approached them so quickly that the next thing the knew—


There was already a dangerous-looking guy in front of them. "Yo, kids!"

"Who are you?"

That was the start of a game of bluffing. It ended with the guy casting a spell on Killua making her heart pound in anxiety. She didn't even remember what spell it was. The moment she saw him cast it, and look at Killua, her brain was already in panic.

"What did you do to me?" Killua asked, angry, and that dark aura of his came out, threatening the man. She would probably to, if she wasn't so idiotically frozen.

"Return On! Masadora!" The man announced and flew off again.

"Arf!" the dog barked as Gon let go of him and then joined her as she ran towards Killua.

"Are you okay? How are you feeling?" She said, and Killua was immediately removed from his negative reverie. Gon was utterly scared for his sake.

"Nothing different." He said reassuredly. He smiled. "I'm fine. Don't worry."

"Are you sure?" She asked again and her hand held his cheek, a habit of hers whenever she tried checking his physiological condition. Of course, today was no different—he was warm. And, as always, it was not from the fever.

"You worry too much."

"Sou?" Gon didn't hear that often.

"Uh-huh." He said as he held her hand on his cheek and gently removed t. "Let's just hurry and ask around, ne?"


But even when both of them smiled as they chatted afterwards… both had something very heavy inside their chests.


Antikoba. The banner said it was the city of prizes. It was apparently because of the monthly tournaments with important cards as prizes. They decided to join the month's game and then walked away to try and gain more information about the game.

Killua turned his head to Gon and saw she was looking at the poster, which was supposed to make her giddy with excitement, half-heartedly. He smiled weakly and held her free hand, as Kusa only occupied one now.

"Gon." He paused, "Like I said, don't worry."

She stared at him and tried to pull out some encouraging words. But something else was pulled out. Her stomach grumbled.


Their tummies, yet again, ruined the moment.

And… so, before they headed to the wall filled with smaller posters they got curious about a nice-looking store with a large advertisement banner that enticed Killua very much.

"So we have to eat a huge bowl of pasta within 10 minutes and the food is free. Plus we can get a Gargantua card. Sounds like a cool weapon."

"We can ask for information as well." She smiled, starting to look relieved now.

Killua grinned. "Three birds with one stone."


"Let's go eat!"

"Arf!" And the dog agreed.




They made random comments as the noodles sipped to their mouths as if neither of them had manners.

What? It was delicious and they were very hungry. They were halfway done with their huge pasta meal when Kusa finished his dog food. It was then that they remembered to ask. Gon, actually having some manners, swallowed her food first.

"What are spell cards?"

"Spell? What's that?"

"…" The two kids looked at each other. "Who's the most knowledgable person here, then?"

"Knowledgable? What's that?"


"Damn." Killua muttered and finished his pasta. The pig-man and his crew of the same species clapped their hands in congratulations. They excused themselves to get the reward cards.

When Gon mumbled how surprised she was at the pig-man's lack of vocabulary, Killua explained that's just how NPCs were. He told her that they would have to ask around until they find someone who knew.

"EH?" She exclaimed. "Are all games this hard?"

"Well, no… All RPGs are like this though."


"Mah, it'll become fun soon. It usually does. Besides, you're father said 'have fun' so he should be confident enough that it would be, right?"



She sighed and her body slumped, making Killua frown in worry. "Gon…?" She then abruptly raised her head and slapped her cheeks. Hadn't he seen her do this a few times before? But nevertheless, it never did fail to surprise him.


"Baka-Gon!" She muttered vehemently to herself, making Killua and Kusa flinch back. She then stared at the former assassin, suddenly making him wince both out of surprise and anxiety. "Killuaaaaa…"

"Arf!" was the next sound Killua heard after that, and the next thing he knew he was already being glomped.

"Killuuaaaaaaa" Gon sobbed like the child that she was. She wasn't crying per se, but she was definitely sobbing.

"Gon…" he huffed, barely breathing, but managed to pat her head anyway. "Why the cry-baby mode all of a sudden?"

"Because you're the one doing the comforting when you're the one with a weird curse on you!"

"Oi, Oi." He smiled. "You think you're making any progress now?"

She shook her head, but her hold did not loosen—not that either of them wanted to, but still. "No." She finally said.

Her hold just got tighter and she buried her head deeper to his chest. His face was burning by then, and he could no longer distinguish Kusa's waggling tail against the veneered floor.

But as the seconds ticked by, he found his hand just making sure it was as comforting as possible. Besides, he had to admit it was kinda refreshing he wasn't being the spoiled one once in a while.

But more importantly… how could he be worried for himself when she was already doing that for him?

"I'll be fine, Gon. Weird lights won't hurt me." He said pretty sure his heartbeat's echoing in her ears now. Maybe that was why she buried her head there. Gon must have been really worried about that light's effect on him…

He then wondered, why? She was not this worried when they had to separate during their escape from the spiders, or in any circumstances like that. Why was she so scared now?

What was the difference?

His eyes widened at a realization. She was scared because all those times…

They were together.

And after a little grumbling in his stomach, he was chuckling heartily. Gon raised her head and tilted it in puzzlement, but he still couldn't calm down his laughter.

"Killu—" Gon was cut by Killua hugging her again but this time her head laid on his shoulder so she could hear every note of his laughter with her left ear. Gon loved the sound of his laughter… it would have been perfect if she knew why he was laughing in the first place.

"You're so weird Gon!"

She winced. "Ha…?" Wasn't he the one laughing for no reason?

"We're still together aren't we, Gon?"

"Yeah…?" She said. Wasn't that obvious though?

"Are you aware of that."

"HA? Of course!"

"No you aren't/"

"You're confusing me, Killua…!" She pouted, before blinking at a possibility. "Is it that… light?"

"No." He said immediately. She showed a bit of disappointment that the light's effects weren't as harmless as she hoped, but regardless maintained her perplexed expression. Who wouldn't, anyway?

"Gon… even if I'm the only one affected, so long as you're with me we're together. Understand?"

"…" She stared at him. "Of course I know that! Killua you're being weird."

"He-he. I know." He said. She didn't understand, eh? But that didn't matter. All that was important was that Gon would want to be with him—experience everything and anything with him- no matter what. Something as uncertain as that spell that was only cast on him would naturally terrify her.

He really wanted to kiss her again.

But the pigs rudely interrupted them by clearing their throats simultaneously.

"Here're you're cards." They said monotonously. Killua glared at them, but no one moved. For NPCs, they sure have veeeeeery bad timing. But in the end Killua shrugged it off and took the cards. At least they gave him a cool wea—

He blinked and stared at the cards again.

Fish, bones, and a plate. Okay maybe a few disgusting vegetables. But none of that mattered1

The Gargantua card was a card of a friggin' fish on a plate! Darn it—Killua was soo sure it was a weapon. Killua's eyes twitched vehemently, Gon blinked as she stared at the weird card, while Kusa as always just waggled his adorable little tail.

"Che." Killua finally said, before leading the party outside the door. But they hadn't even taken two steps when the pig-chefs stopped them. They stretched their hands in a gesture they're asking something from them and for a moment they wondered what it was.

"Payment please."


"The pasta is certainly free." The leader pig-chef said. "But the soda, and the dog food, are not. 1520 zennies please."

"Oh.., okay." Killua shrugged and handed him over the money. But to their surprise the NPCs frowned and showed that the money was supposed to be in card form!

They sure did not do their research.

Darn it, darn it, darn it.

Killua cursed (for the nth time) as they washed the dishes. He did not like washing dishes. He did not like them at all!

But seeing how used Gon was to the task he stopped whining…loudly. She was just passively cleaning the plates up and humming silently. He couldn't help it. He grinned lifted his bubble-soaked hand, and wiped it on her nose.

"Awchoo!" she wiped her nose upon recovery, and glared. "Mou, Killua!"

And as soon as she saw her hand was full of soap bubbles, she took her sweet revenge. Only better. She placed her whole palm on his face.

Gon chuckled loudly, but then Killua turned around. "My eyes!"

Doki. Her heart skipped a beat and she quickly went to Killua. "Killu— GAH!!"

…and she was covered with bubbles.



Killua laughed and as Gon went back to battle position; Kusa, who was just excitedly watching before, decided to join in. He jumped up to the counter and playfully went to the bubbles.


But unfortunately, he accidentally hit the tall tower of plates. They ran to it and managed to catch a few, but they have much too few hands to catch them all. They could only squirm back by instinct.




They opened their eyes, paled, and looked at each other… before staring at the pig who was apathetically staring back.


But to their surprise, the pig just went back to reading his newspaper.

"Each plate costs 2000 zennies each." He muttered, and they only paled deeper.


About an hour-and-a-half after their little accident, the two kids, followed by their canine friend, were then walking across the city with a bundle of plastic bags in their arms.

Killua was making a sour face though. "Geez. Darned old pig! We could have just sold the cards then!" He yelled in annoyance, pertaining to the fact that they didn't have to wash the dishes since they could have sold the card at a trade shop nearby.

"Well, if we didn't wash the dishes he wouldn't have told us that we can sell cards and where."

"And… if we didn't break the dishes, we wouldn't have known where to buy kitchen things." Killua added sarcastically. They were asked to buy the dishes themselves.

"I don't see why we'll need that." Gon stated.

"Precisely my point."

"But… who knows, right?" she whispered after pondering. "There must be some reason why it's a trigger-able event right?"

"Maybe." He shrugged. "I'm still annoyed with those pigs though."

"Demo… you started the commotion, remember?" Gon added, making Killua flush. He opened his mouth to retort when they heard a loud BOOM!Coming from the direction they came. They quickly ran to it and easily spotted the crowd.

"How cruel!" was the first thing they heard before finally seeing the result of the explosion. And when their eyes absorbed the scene, their hearts stopped. It was the man who first passed the test to enter the game, and now he was dead- his stomach nothing but dust carried away by the air.

"He must be a foreigner." Another person from beside them commented with detached empathy. They seemed to be used to this.

But obviously, the two kids weren't. Killua was frozen while Gon's heart was beating so loudly she couldn't hear anything else. Terror was engulfing her and she knew it.


"W-We'll be fine."

"That s-spell on you…" She was near tears now. Gon wanted to slap herself again. Why was she the one crying when she wasn't even the one in danger? But she had no energy… she was too scared.

Killua was silent for a while, and she knew he must be looking for ways to reassure her again. He tried to do so by tightly holding her hand. She mentally cursed at her weakness. But… as they held hands, a calm voice from behind them interrupted awkward silence they made.

"There is no spell that can hurt other people. Don't worry." He said, and the kids only stared. The man, seeming to be used to such lack of response, only smiled. "A spell was cast on you, right? The white light that hit you."

The kids suddenly adopted an even more guarded stance. "You were there?"

He nodded, as calmly and composed as he could, and explained that his job was recruiting new comers, so he was watching the prairie's tower.

"Come with me."

The two kids looked at each other in comprehension. It was the girl who held the boy's hand tighter and led him to follow.

"It's better than nothing Killua."

Killua watched her back at an angle as she dragged him after the man. Sure, Gon was too trusting but he knew she wouldn't let this chance of taking out the 'spell' on him go.

He was eager to find the cure, as well. He couldn't stand seeing her so not like herself. He already knew she cared for him; something that made her uncomfortable—even if it showed her feelings- was something he would rather get rid of.

Soon, they reached a sort of plaza with a set of concrete elevated seatings on its side. The man slowed down, indicating they were near their destination.

There were three familiar faces seated there, along with a few others, and a man with glasses standing up and staring at them. The three familiar faces were people that were sent with them by Battera. One of them was that red-headed person who spoke with them during the test, that smart-looking African man, and then the girl around their age.

They were asked to sit down and the man with sharp glasses, along with the recruiting guy, explained the mechanics of the proposition. They were basically asking them to group with them. They said that the 1billion Battera was offering would turn to 200million, but there will be a 3 month projection of clearing the game—which was certainly enticing for those who were just doing this for the money.

It was fine with him really, the way they talked. But slowly they started saying things that made more and more veins in Gon's head to snap. She was getting really annoyed that it was all too easy for him to see, not that she was ever good at hiding what she felt. She was forcing herself to calm though, so he mused that him pointing her annoyance out would do nothing productive. So, he only let out a silent sigh and continued to listen to the men.

The two men soon explained one of the three ways to get a card was stealing, with the other two obtaining it yourself and the other to trade. But then… they said rather vehemently that some people kill for it as well, whether or not they get the card. Why? Because if the card disappeared, the number of cards available for other players would increase.

"Let's end this massacring game together."


Killua blinked. A seriously large vein just popped didn't it? To his surprise, she suddenly apologized to him… and walked away.

He and Kusa followed her, of course.




Gon stomped and stomped away and Killua and Kusa could only continue following her walk across the city, pausing here and there in ponder but her eyebrows still knitted together all the way. It had was late afternoon when they found themselves by the water way. Gon let out a deep breath before turning around.

"Gomen Nasai, Killua." She said, again, but this time with a more… apologetic expression than before.

"Why are you apologizing?" He smiled, knowing what she was apologizing for. "It's not like its poison or anything. That guy doesn't seem too strong, either." In fact, he would feel extremely guilty if she stayed in that group for him.

"I'm still sorry…"

"Don't apologize." He said, now more firmly.

"Okay." She whispered. "thank you for dealing with my brattiness, then."

"Of course." He said, shrugging but amusement brightened his face. "We're both brats, anyway."

Gon smiled and gestured to get closer for a bear hug when Kusa, who just arrived, jumped at them (Killua to be precise, as he was closer) causing him to lose his balance.

"AH!" He yelled and rolled down the steep hill of the water way. Killua managed to stop his fall just before his head fell to the water. But sadly—


That damned dog used his head as a diving board..., effectively getting his beautiful silver hair all wet.

He sat up, drenching the top of his shirt too and reflexively turned his head to splash the remaining water in his head away.

"Geez, Killua!" Gon pouted since most of those splatters hit her.

"Gomen." He smirked, not really regretting it. Kusa didn't seem to regret anything either.


And Killua found himself glaring at the dog at the recollection of what he just did. "Darn it—do you have any idea how long it takes to gel my hair?" he exclaimed with distaste and Kusa came out in response. He dried himself up, causing the water to splatter to all directions hitting his two human friends.


"Geez, Kusa!" Gon pouted and walked closer to the slightly-drier canine to hold him up. But as she carried Kusa to him, the dog suddenly jumped out of her arms and onto Killua's head.

"What the—"

Gon laughed and watched Kusa climb up Killua's head and get comfortable in it. "Ah. Looks like he likes it without the lethal hairstyle." She paused and looked at them for a moment before giggling louder. "He probably think it's grass."

"Che- how rude!" But then, he flushed when Gon touched his hair as if to see if the texture was really similar to grass.

He watched her do so, and Kusa literally just relaxed on his head. Killua sighed. Well, at least Gon's paying attention to him (without the anxiety) again. His head, to be precise, but it was a start.

He continued watching her as she patted his—okay, the dog's—head. He blushed at their proximity and then smiled in relief.


"You were mad weren't you?" he stated, before adding, "Extremely mad."

"I'm not—"

"I mean to them."



Her eyes moved around and she pouted. "They… insulted the game that Ging made. It was the players that are bad—not the game." Gon looked away, the annoyance she was feeling earlier probably resurfaced. "How can people do that anyway? Hurt each other for cards?"

"It's not all wrong though."


"Calm down, Gon." He chuckled at her absolutely flabbergasted face, he barely noticed Kusa jumping down from his head. "You see they can always put cards at stake when fighting right? Like a battle for cards."

Killua waited for her as she mused and squeezed out the last drop of water in his head. Kusa went back in the river swimming again. He passively let his eye follow Kusa, and Killua realized that for such a small dog—It was pretty strong. Who would have thought, after all, that he could paddle so freely in a river with a strong, opposing, flow?

"That's right…" Gon muttered, catching back his attention. He smiled at the fact she wasn't being as stubborn with this as he anticipated.

"See? But…" he grinned. "I get that you're offended for Ging's sake."

"I am?"

"He is your father. And after seeing all this?" He said looking around the incredibly realistic game interface. "You were proud of him, weren't you?"

"…" She didn't seem to realize this and he chuckled out-of-nowhere again. For a moment there, he thought he'd be calling him weird again but instead she laughed with him.

"Let's have an adventure. I wanna have fun with Killua." She smiled and Kusa (again) jumped out of the water as if to remind them he was there.


"And Kusa-chan, too, of course."

Gon abruptly stood up, enthusiastic as ever. She looked determinedly at the sky. "The three of us will make a way better team than they would." She nodded at her own statement.

And once again, Killua could only laugh.

But then he paused when he caught Gon staring at him. "What is it?"

"Thank you."


She smiled, holding his warm hand, which was definitely getting warmer. "I'm really lucky to have met Killua."

Killua's eyes widened and he blushed furiously. But right now, he didn't want to let his embarrassed side overcome him again. It was getting embarrassing!


"You think so?" He asked rhetorically, looking down. Gon nodded and he looked at her, straight to her eyes. He could tell she could hear his heart beat.

"I think it's the opposite though." He grinned. "Gon is like my angel."

Her eyes widened and Killua held her hand tighter, before unconsciously leaning closer...

But Kusa howled his puppy howl, and it was seriously out of place. His eyes twitched, and Gon chuckled. Soon enough, he found himself laughing with her again. Well, whatever. He shrugged as he did so, not really feeling annoyed at the interference anymore.

After all, they had all the time in the world.



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CHAPTER 20: Generosity X Partners X Root


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