A/N: i don't write much DB anymore but please be aware they are always in my heart and soul; i've been writing little drabbles here and there and i'll be putting them here

Clair Carlyle does not love Dylan Hunter.

(In fact, no one does.)

She whispers to him that it could never work, and she never once says his name. She stares at the floor. She works her hands. She averts her eyes from his face and she says to his shoes, "I don't love you." His shoes don't move a muscle.

Dylan Hunter loves Clair Carlyle more than anything in the world. He never once tells a bad word about her. His eyes shine and his lips curve when he speaks her name, his cheeks blooming with color, the name sweet and lovely on his tongue. He says to her eyes, "I know," and he loves her still.

(Dan loves Blair like Dylan loves Clair, a lonely boy who loses everything he touches, a man with a heart too big for his chest that spills and leaks blood out of every crevice. He loves her like he's never loved. She stares at his shoes and he looks her straight in the eyes and they never once look straight at him.)

Dylan says the truth. "I love you like no one has loved you," with those eyes and the curved lips and the whispered tongue, Clair."Clair..."

"Thank you for loving me," says Clair, and she is beautiful still, and she doesn't love him. She never will. She doesn't love Dylan Hunter the way Dylan Hunter will never love again.

(Dan writes the truth. He writes of a girl who never loves, never loves, never loves, always so far away, untouchable, beautiful. He writes about the boy who loves her too much. The one who kisses her slow and soft and easy and tastes her on the inside of his mouth. He writes the truth: beautiful girl and lonely boy.)

Clair Carlyle is Dylan Hunter's soulmate.

Dylan Hunter is not hers.