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Title: Blue

She didn't think about him all the time. It was just on some occasions, whether it be she was watering her plants, reading a book or directly facing him. For some reason, it was always one particular aspect of him that she was intrigued by.

'His eyes are really pretty, no! Their stunnin', and also…I can't find the right words to describe them.' Sandy concluded. Blue, was a colour she acknowledged and was fully adjusted to since she was living under the sea for over eight years now but SpongeBob's eye colour were a blue that captivated her.

The brown-furred squirrel noted that when his mood was "blue": his eyes would turn into a darker shade of teal that was heart breaking: just like the time he begged her to stay in Bikini Bottom. That colour of blue tore her heart out. She was fond of the colour of azure his eyes turned when he was desperate and needy. She remembers them from the time when SpongeBob tried to stop her from chasing after the bull worm. She reminds herself that it is incredibly hard to forget the expression; so intense and passionate. If he continued with those eyes, she would have listened to his every word and command. In his most joyful mood it was a fact that his eyes turned into that gorgeous colour of blue which was the most majestic colour she adored; Sapphire. His eyes would shine brighter than the Sun and lift up anyone's mood as they did to her on numerous occasions. The stars out in Texas would be jealous if they saw such eyes.

"Sandy, Sandy? Saaaaaandy!" She broke out of her stupor and stared blankly at him. By her blinking, SpongeBob was relieved that she was still alive and breathing. He was on the verge of having a heart attack.

"You okay Sandy? I've been shouting your name for a long time. You looked mesmerized or, or hypnotized in a daze or something." Looking at his beautiful, worried, Cerulean eyes that focused solely on her, she blushed and swiftly turned away from him, facing her tree house. The shades of Blue on him were too gorgeous.

"Aw shucks SpongeBob, I'm alright. I'm just thinkin' about the…the sea," she spluttered when she failed trying to look at him in the eyes. "Y'all know how it's all Blue and lovely and dreamy and oh gosh! I think that was the cookies ready. I'll be back in a sec." Using that excuse, she escaped from his eyes.

"But we just had cookies?" said SpongeBob to no one in particular as Sandy was in the sanctuary of her home. The fact that she ran in half second didn't confuse the sponge but what she was saying. Since when was Sandy shy? What really puzzled him was the murmuring of 'Pretty Blue' Sandy kept saying in her daze. Why Blue? In SpongeBob's opinion, brown was much better. It was the colour of Sandy's fur and dark eyes after all.

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