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Wingman-Final Chapter-9-It All Works Out

Batman had just carried his little bird bridal style into the bathroom in Mount Justice. He gently sat him on the counter and closed the door. That's when he carefully peeled off his mask. He took out a small hand light and shined it in his eyes. Yep. Concussion.

Robin shakily removed himself from the counter while Batman eyed him carefully incase he'd have to catch him from falling over himself.

"I want some water."

He reached for a paper cup and somehow hopped back on the counter.

He brought the cup up to his lips and moments later slammed it on the countertop angrily.

Batman raised and eyebrow. "What?"

He made eye contact with Batman and looked down to the cup.

"I think it evaporated, we should really get this fixed."

Batman groaned as he grabbed the cup and walked it over to the sink.

"No Robin, it's because you never filled it."

"Ohhh! That makes sense!"

He walked the now full cup back to his protégé and watched him gulp it down.

"I don't care what you say, Richard, but when you turn 21, your ass is staying locked up in the manor."

Things had settled down majorly after the team had arrived back. Kaldur was propped up against a wall, reading a book. M'gann and Superboy were "baking" in the kitchen. (No really, they were baking, get your minds out of the gutter!:P) Wally and Artemis were sitting together on the couch. Wally, the player that he is, slowly reached to put his arm around Artemis. Unfortunately, he was unsuccessful.


He stared at her, red in the face, arm mid stretch.

"Y-yeah?" I'm gonna get it now…

"Can you get me some juice?"

"Why? I maybe the fastest kid alive, but I-"

Wally then became the recipient of the angry girlfriend stare.


He immediately jumped off the couch.

"Yes, honey." He said as he made a beeline for the kitchen.

Artemis kicked her feet up with a smug look plastered on her face.

"Works every time."

And where is Zatanna you may ask?

Zatanna tapped her fingers on the ground while she rested her chin on her kneecaps. She had been sitting outside Robin's room for a few hours now. He had been treated for his concussion and was now sleeping off his glorious magically induced "hangover."

Batman walked through the hallway and stopped in front of her.

She gazed up hesitantly when she felt the Bat-Glare upon her.

She didn't speak as they continued to stare at each other.

"With the exception of that spell, you three didn't to that terrible."

Zatanna hid a gasp.

Did they just get a compliment from THE Batman?

"But if you pull that spell stuff off with Robin again you will truly learn the meaning of Daddy Bats."

Zatanna was shocked when he flashed her a rare Batman smirk; if even for a millisecond, he still smirked.

He waved to the door. "You can see him if your quiet, he's probably still sleeping."

With that he continued his walk down the hall.

She waited till he was out of view before sitting up and cracking the door open.

She saw the silhouette of him lying under the covers of his bed, asleep.

She slowly crept inside, careful not to wake him up.

In all actuality, though, he had been awake for a good 10 minutes.

He was deep in thought since he had finally started to think clearly. Aside from the dull throbbing from his concussion, he felt pretty good.

That is, he felt pretty good physically. As for his actions when he was "out of it", yeah, not so much. He vaguely recalled calling Kaldur a lonely single and someone yelling "Sexual Harassment!" at him on the ride home in the Bio ship. Things were starting to come back now, he reached over to Wally, but ended up reaching to Zatanna and grabbed her…OH SHIT. And it was at that moment, that Richard Grayson knew he was a dead man.

That's when he realized someone was coming into his room. Seconds later, he realized it was Zatanna.

Think Grayson! What did Wally say to do when a girl comes into your room? …..Oh! Keep still and play dead! Oh wait, no, that's if a bear attacks you, but I think Wally said it's the same thing….

Whoa Whoa Whoa! Since when did I start listening to Wally?

He was broken from his thoughts when he realized Zatanna was sitting on the bed beside him, stroking his hair.

His face turned incredibly red again, he didn't dare move, not to mention he kinda liked her running her fingers through his hair.

She stopped stroking his hair for a moment and whispered. "Rob, you awake?"

He didn't speak. She frowned. "Guess not."

She cautiously lay down next to him. He paled but this was the first time all night that there was no freckle-faced ginger making fun of them. He turned around to face her.

"Robin?" She smiled a little. "Feeling better?"

"A little." He smirked as he closed the small distance between them.


At that moment there was no distance due to a sudden lip crashing. This surprised Zatanna, but she was ok with it.

Lack of oxygen was starting to set in when the door flew open.

"M'gann made cookies and I brought you one!" It was Wally, of course and Artemis was standing awkwardly beside him.

That's when the poor speedster's eyes came upon the face sucking.

He dropped the cookie and his eyes widened.

"Dear god! My eyes! AHH!"

He flew down the highway so fast it made Artemis's ponytail blow in her face.

She moved forward to the doorway.

"Um…. you guys just continue on with….uh…what you're doing, I'm going to go kick Wally or something."

She turned on her heel and jogged after him.

Zatanna and Robin stared at each other for a moment before laughing hysterically at Wally's freak out.

Robin tilted his head. "Well, at least we got some time without…"freckles" for awhile.

She looked at him. "We should go out again some time…with uh less Wally…"

Robin nodded. "And less drunk me, would be good too."

Robin found Kaldur still with his nose in a book.

"Uh, Kaldur?"

He looked up from his book to make eye contact with the bird.

He rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly. "About earlier…."

Kaldur put a hand up. "No need, my friend. You were not well, and I've also done some thinking."

Robin raised an eyebrow. "About what?"

"About getting a feline."


"I'm actually quite fond of these land dwelling creatures, and I have thought it over about getting one."

He looked over his shoulder.

"Provided Wolf does not feel the need to eat it of course."

Robin kept the rolled up newspaper close to his left hand side while holding Zatanna's hand with the other.

Today he was out for blood.

He acquired his target.

"Be right back, Zee." He unclasped his fingers and winked at her as he snuck up behind the unsuspecting victim.

Wally was lounging on the couch with Artemis. If they were older, this could have turned Rated R…real fast.

Robin perched himself behind the couch when he saw Wally reach to kiss Artemis.

Just as they lip locked Robin smashed the magazine into the back of Wally's head as hard as he could.

He immediately pulled away and looked at Robin. "Dude! WTF was that for?"

Robin put on a devious smile, which was quickly replaced by a "teacher giving a lecture face."

"Don't you know this is how like 65% of teen pregnancies start? I did the math, I should know! You want some little Artemis/Wally JR. running around? I DON'T THINK SO!"

His index finger was pointed straight in Wally's face while Artemis stayed seated at the other end of the couch blushing madly.

"What are you freaking doing , Rob?"

"Payback's going to be a bitch, Mr. West."

And with that he left a very embarrassed and dazed Wally standing there in the middle of the room.

He ran back to Zatanna and they headed out to take a walk on the beach.

BatCave, Gotham City.

"So I hear Wally was your wingman?"

Batman put the car in park in the cave and opened the door.

Robin steadily climbed out of the Batmobile, careful to mind his head.

He rubbed his shoulder. "Yeah, if you want to call it that. He still kinda screwed things up for me."

Batman walked over to him. "But it worked out, didn't it?"

Robin paused a moment, recalling the romantic beach walk. He smiled and looked up to him. "Yeah, it did."

"That's what matters." He peeled off his cowl and watched as Robin took off his mask.

They began walking to the stairs when Robin could smell cookies. Alfred must be making some. That's when he picked up the conversation again.

"So do you think for the next date, maybe I could take off from patrol that night?"

"I suppose one night wouldn't hurt."

"And uh I don't know, its just a thought, but uh maybe Alfred could take us somewhere in the limo and-?"

"Ok now, now your pushing it."

Robin paused to open the door as he reached for the knob. He was stopped when Bruce put a hand on his shoulder.

"Richard." Oh crap, he's calling me Richard. He means business now.

"Yeah Bruce?"

Bruce looked to the ground, unsure of how to begin.

"Your becoming more grown up now, which means you're going to want to go out with friends, lady friends, like Zatanna. And at some point you may have these urges to-"

"Where are you going with this?"

"Girls are going to think your hot, ok? But I don't want you going out and doing things."

Robin raised an eyebrow. "What kinds of things?"

"Richard, I think its about time we had…."THE TALK."

He paled for about the 80th time that day.

"You see, Richard, women are going to naturally be attracted to you, I mean, you and me, well we're a couple of studs. So naturally, women would want to-"


"Take me and Catwoman for example, we-"



"I hang out with Kid Flash."

"What's your point?"

"I hang out with WALLY. WEST."

"So your saying you don't need "the talk?"

"Nope." He turned the knob on the door and began to step through, eager to eat some of Alfred's cookies.

Batman sighed and followed behind him. "Thank God."

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