I was inspired to write this story after I listened to my favorite Christmas song by WHAM, called "Last Christmas." While watching the music video, I just had to write a Casey and Cappie Christmas story. It's been a busy few months so it feels good to be writing again. I hope you enjoy this story!

The Prologue of this story takes place 6 months after Casey and Cappie leave CRU. This chapter mainly focuses on the event that will lead to the rest of the story that will be told a year later. Please review. Thanks.

Hi Fans - I know it's been a long time since I updated this story. I re-edited the prologue and first two chapters. I am currently working on Ch 3. Stay tuned!


Last Christmas: A Greek Winter Tale


Casey Cartwright looked at her watch. They needed to get to the airport within the next hour so that they would make their flight back to Washington DC. Where's Cappie? She thought to herself. She couldn't believe that six months ago, Cappie and she had driven off together. She was so proud of him when he graduated and even prouder that he was willing to leave Ohio with her. It had taken six months to be away from Cypress-Rhodes University and not miss being a part of it. Now that they'd been back at CRU for a few days, it was great to see everyone again. She loved spending Christmas at Ashleigh's new apartment and witnessing the growing relationship between her best friend and her younger brother, Rusty; who was in his final year at CRU. She was also happy to see that Rebecca Logan and Evan Chambers had rekindled their relationship. Evan was in his second year of law school and Rebecca was also in her senior year like Rusty. Casey was also glad to see the Zeta Beta Zetas were once again the number one sorority.

She knew Cappie had missed CRU and when they arrived at their old campus a few days ago, it was like he never left. He immediately reconnected with his frat brothers at the Kappa Tau house and she knew if there was one place he was going to be at, it'd be the house. She left Ashleigh's apartment and made her way towards the KT house. As she neared the house, she saw some of the brothers setting up speakers outside the house and some carrying speakers to the backyard.

Peter Parkes, aka Pledge Spidey, saw Casey and waved. "We're setting up for our New Years Eve Party. It'll be insane!"

"I bet," Casey said with a laugh. "Is Cappie here by chance?"

"He's inside," Peter said with a nod in the direction of the front doors. "All of this was his idea."

Casey sighed. "I bet," she murmured under her breath. "Well, I'm sure you guys will have a blast tomorrow night."

"You know it," Peter exclaimed. "See ya!"

Casey walked inside the KT house and looked for her shaggy haired boyfriend. She found him in the living room holding on to a bunch of microphones. "Hey," she said quietly. "You were supposed to meet me at Ashleigh's, remember? We have to leave for the airport."

Cappie looked up and frowned. "I don't want to leave yet. Can't you go back without me?"

"Cap," Casey said with a sigh. "Remember our plans? We're supposed to get back to DC so that we can spend New Year's Eve together in our new city."

"Why can't we just spend New Year's here?" Cappie asked.

"Look, Cap, we don't have time for this. Can we get going?"

"I said I'm not going."

"Come on, Cap, you don't mean that. I know you've had your fun being back at CRU, but we need to get back to our life in DC."

Cappie placed the microphones down on the floor and took a step towards Casey. "You mean, your life?"

Casey shook her head and gave Cappie a confused look. "What are you talking about?"

"Case, you love DC. You fit in there. You've found something you love to do. But me? I've been miserable." Cappie gave her a sad look.

"Seriously, what's this about?" Casey asked, placing her hand on her hips and giving him a look.

"Casey, I don't want to go back to DC ever. I'm staying at CRU."

"Cap, why is this the first time I'm hearing about this? I thought you liked DC."

"I haven't been happy for quite a while, if I'm being honest." Cappie looked down at his hands then back up at Casey's face. It pained him to see the confusion in her beautiful hazel eyes. "You made me leave CRU. I should've left when I was good and ready."

"I didn't make you do anything." Casey said.

"Because of you, I turned in my graduation papers; I graduated."

"And that's a bad thing?" Casey asked.

Cappie shook his head. "You don't get it. I didn't want to leave this place. I wasn't ready. CRU has been my home for the last five years."

"You don't think I know that. It's been a home for me, too. But we grew up, Cappie. We needed to move on so that we could start a new life together. We needed to get away from all of this." Casey reached out and placed her hand on his arms.

"No, you wanted to get away. I didn't want to lose you, so I had no choice but to follow you."

"Cappie," Casey said, feeling tears brim her eyes. "Look, let's just get back to DC and talk this over before we decide anything."

Cappie shrugged Casey's hands off of him. "I already told you that I'm staying here, Case. I'm not leaving." He walked over to the dining table and flashed a piece of paper in her face. "It's official. I'm staying at CRU so that I can be the new KT house dad."

"What?" Casey asked, grabbing the piece of paper from him. "Please tell me this is a joke?"

"It's no joke. I had lunch with Dean Bowman a couple of days ago to present this idea to him and surprisingly, he loved it. Despite our differences, he thinks that I can be a good influence to the new pledges and keep these guys in line. Plus, Pan-Hellenic is now making it official for all the fraternities to have a house dad since the sororities complained about why they all had house moms when the frats didn't. Every fraternity needs to have a house dad or they can't be active."

"And you brought it upon yourself to volunteer for the position without talking to me about it?"

"Come on, Case, we all know how you'd react. Besides, it was your brother's idea?" Cappie said with a shrug.

"Rusty put you up to this?" Casey asked with shock. "I'm going to have to hurt him."

"Case, I want this. I'm not leaving this place. Come on, we both could stay here. You've been re-thinking law school, haven't you? Why don't you just re-apply here and then we can both stay here together."

"Cappie, I left this place for a reason. I need to function and try and lead a life outside of CRU. I have to be away from the sorority. I just do. If I stayed here, I'll just be going backwards and I can't do that." She looked at her watch. "Look, we have to get to the airport. Let's just finish talking about this later."

Cappie crossed his arms over his chest. "Casey," he said quietly. "I'm staying right where I am. Do you want me to say what I really want to say? Will that make you understand?"

Casey looked at his face and sighed. "What could you possibly say to me that would make me understand? I love you Cappie. You're everything to me. When you told me you'd leave this place with me, I couldn't believe it. I fell in love with you even more."

Cappie's heart ached at hearing those words. He had to tell her the truth. "Look, I love you, too, but I haven't been happy for the last three months. I've been so miserable that I started to despise you and everything you do. I blame you, Case, for making me change. You just could never accept me for me. Last year, I told you that I would change myself to make me worthy of you."

"Cap," Casey said quietly. "Why are you saying these things to me?"

"I don't want to lie anymore. I'm not happy. Since being back at CRU, it's made me realize that I don't fit in with your world. I need to be here. I'm needed here."

Casey placed her hand on Cappie's arm and looked up at him. "But I need you," she told him quietly.

Cappie closed his eyes and sighed. "It's over," he told her.

"Come on, Cap, you don't mean that." Casey pleaded.

Cappie looked down at Casey. "I do," he sighed. "I can't be unhappy anymore."

"Cappie, please," Casey barely said above a whisper as the tears she was trying to hold back forced through. "I don't want us to be over."

"It's too late," Cappie said. "You know what I want. I want to stay here at CRU. You want to go back to DC. We both know that a long distance relationship will never work. You said so yourself, remember?"

Casey's heart stung at the bitter words. "But that was two years ago. We're so much stronger now. I just don't want to fight about this right now. So, if you want to stay here, I'll try to understand; but I have to leave for DC. Our fight, I mean, my flight takes off in a little over an hour. We'll talk some more once I'm back in DC. Okay?"

Cappie shook his head. "Casey," he started. "I have to be honest with you. I don't want a long distance relationship. So it's either, you move here or we're through."

Casey looked shocked. "Are you giving me an ultimatum?"

Cappie nodded. "Now you know what I felt like all the times you put me in this situation."

Casey gave a small laugh. "Wow," she said. "I can't believe you. You're unbelievable." She shook her head. "I didn't push you to graduate. I didn't expect you to just up and leave everything for me. You have to want it for yourself, and let's be honest, deep down you do. Cappie, I've never been more proud of you when you told me you were graduating. Don't tell me you despise me because you accomplished something that so many people want. You're just scared of the unknown."

"Casey, it's over," Cappie said quietly. "We just don't work out in the real world."

"Oh, now who's the one that has no faith in us?" Casey said with anger. Then she softened her voice, "If you want to stay here, I get it. I understand. Let's just try and make this work. I still want to be with you."

Cappie sighed and placed a hand on Casey's arm. "It's over," he enunciated. "I need to be on my own. I can't go back to trying to make this work."

"You expect me to understand any of this? I wasn't even aware that you were unhappy in this relationship until 10 minutes ago. You just expect me to just walk away and forget about us?"

Cappie tried not to look at her because he knew that the minute he did, he'd tell her he was being ridiculous and that he wanted to make their relationship work. So he looked away instead. He had to tell her the truth. She needed to know, even if it meant she'd hate him forever. "You need to know something," he started.

"What?" Casey asked softly.

"I messed up." Cappie started. "Look, a few nights ago, I did something I'm not proud of."

Casey stood frozen and looked at him. "What did you do?" She was afraid of his answer.

"It was stupid, really. We had just gotten into an argument because I didn't want to go see that play with you, Ashleigh, Rusty, Rebecca, and Evan. You called me a selfish jerk."

"Yeah, go on," Casey urged.

"I was here at the KT house when a bunch of people came over. I'd been drinking a lot and I was standing underneath the mistletoe and one of the girls came over and she kissed me."

"I see," Casey said with a nod. "Look Cap, I don't care. It was just a kiss. I can forgive you. Let's just move on."

"It wasn't just a kiss," Cappie told her.

"What?" Casey asked, stunned.

"I slept with her, okay," Cappie told her. "I told you I was un –"

Before Casey could stop herself, she slapped Cappie. "How dare you?" She cried. "How dare you!" She stated more than asked this time. "You're a freaking coward, Cap. At the first sign of trouble, instead of talking to me, you just go and ruin our relationship." Casey was crying now.

Cappie put a hand on her shoulder. "I'm sorry, Case."

Casey shrugged his hand off of her and glared at him. "Whatever, I have a plane to catch." She walked away from him and turned around and gave him one last look. Her face streaked with tears. "I will never forgive you, Cap."

Cappie watched as she walked away; his heart was breaking as well. He hadn't wanted to hurt her, but she deserved to know the truth. He hadn't been happy for a long time now and it was because he missed CRU so much. He couldn't function outside of it. He missed the fraternity and he missed when his life was so much simpler. Living in DC sucked. He hated their one bedroom apartment and his job. For Casey, she was the life of the party. She found a good job working for a non-profit organization that went around to the local high schools, colleges, and universities educating students on the power to vote. Casey was good at whatever she did. She was good with people and they liked her. She'd found her niche in DC.

As for him, he was bored at his job. He hated getting up at 7:00 am every day just so he could catch the train to his job selling insurance. He shuddered at the thought. Not a lot of people wanted to hire a Philosophy major, but they needed to make rent and afford a comfortable life style, so when the insurance agency approached him with a job offer, he took it.

He breathed a sigh of relief. No more of that crap job, he thought to himself. He would be the new house dad for the KT house and it would be awesome. As he silently processed everything that had just happened, he could feel his heart breaking. He closed his eyes. One of the hardest things he'd ever had to do was break Casey Cartwright's heart again. "I'm sorry , Case," he said under his breath.