Author's Note: This is a version 2 of the fanfic "Shenzi's Punishment." Shenzi can't catch a break can't she? XD

"Yeah, that's right! Eat the last grass of your life!" Shenzi whispered, as she hunted in a place forbidden to hyenas: The Pridelands! At the moment, her focus was on a grazing zebra, which was unaware of the hyena a few yards away.

Then Shenzi got ready, "And NOW!" She shouted as she ran towards the zebra, but she was interrupted by a certain lion. After getting a smack in the head, she tumbled a few feet, and then looked up and saw Mufasa coming towards her, and he didn't look happy to see her. Shenzi knew she was in trouble, so she decided to try innocence. "D'uh, h-hey there Mufasa! How's life been, eh? It's been good for me, hehe!"

She scooted away backwards really fast, until she crashed into a tree, allowing Mufasa enough time to catch up to Shenzi. "I realize this is awkward, but why don't we just shake paws, let bygones be bygones, and I'll be on my way!" Shenzi said, trying to talk her way out of a punishment, 'cause Banzai had told her that one of the other hyenas snuck in the Pridelands and got punished by Mufasa, and as Banzai said, he was never the same since. Even though Shenzi was sure he was lying, she didn't want to take any risks. As she was thinking of Banzai's "theory," she was getting laid on her back, with her arms up beside her head, and her front paws pinned down. When Shenzi realized what position she was in, she looked up and saw Mufasa extend his claws, so she cringed and shut her eyes, waiting for the pain.

But what she got wasn't pain, but it was MUCH worse. He had lowered his paws down to Shenzi's body, and started grazing up and down her sides with his claws. Poor Shenzi felt giggles go up her windpipe, but she tried to hold them in, but she was having a hard time, because her giggles really put up a fight. Neither of her sides was her worst spot, but still, they were very ticklish. Shenzi's red cheeks puffed out as she was whining quietly, hoping Mufasa would give up, and let her go. A few seconds later, Shenzi couldn't hold them in any longer. "Hehehehahaha, P-pleheheahahase d-don't tickle! Hahahahaha!" She giggled as she kicked her legs, hoping her front paws would slip out, but she failed. Smirking, 'cause this furry little intruder's laughter was so cute the punishment was forgotten, Mufasa started tickling Shenzi's ribs, turning her giggling in laughing, "HEHEHEAHAHAHA! PLEASE STAHAHAHAP, I'M SOHOHOHORRY!" She begged through laughter, as her face was reddening, and tears started bubbling in her eyes.

A few seconds later, the tickling stopped, so Shenzi got some time to breathe. She had thought it was over, but it was far from that, because Mufasa had noticed that he missed a spot. Shenzi looked in the same direction he was looking, and she realized the spot he missed: Her stomach. Mufasa might've seen the terrified look on her face, so he started lowering one of his paws towards her stomach really slowly, and wiggled his claws to tease her, driving her totally berserk, "N-nohoho please, pretty please! Anything but that! Do anything else! Tear me apart! Take out my internal organs! I don't care! Just anything but this!" She begged as she was kicking her legs and jerking around like crazy. But nothing worked, as he just got closer and closer by the second. Then his claws touched her tummy, and Shenzi went totally BONKERS. "DAAHAHAHAHAHA STAHAHAHAHAP PLEHEHEHEAHAHAHASE!" She screamed as tears flooded on her red cheeks and Shenzi was kicking her legs at an abnormal speed.

"Promise you'll stay out of the Pridelands?" Mufasa asked the poor hyena over her loud, high-pitched laughter and squeals,

"YEHEHEHEHES I PROHOHOHOMIHIHIHIHSE, JUST STAHAHAHAHAP PLEHEHEHEAHAHAHASE!" Shenzi screeched, as she started to sweat on her red face. Then Mufasa stopped and let her go, and Shenzi went from a hunting intruder, to a furry giggly mess. She was rolling in the grass with her arms around her torso, and giggling like crazy. Then she sat up with her front paws behind her to support herself and panted.

"So, ya gonna tell your friends to stay out, cutie?" Mufasa teased Shenzi as he gave her a light tickle on her tingling tummy, making her squeal and cover her stomach again,

"Y-yehes I will," She panted as she stood up. Then she ran off as fast as she could with all the energy the tickling hadn't drained. Then she crashed into Banzai, startling him, "Hey Shenzi, how'd the hunt go? 'Cause it seems as if it turned out interesting," he said as he noticed Shenzi's red and sweaty complexion."I-its fine, Banzai," Shenzi said, "I'm just going to go to bed." Then she walked away.