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"The theory is indeed interesting Shendu, but you have deceived us far too many times for us to trust you at word alone." Bai Tsa was saying rather haughtily as Hsi Wu alighted besides her. "What evidence is there that this spell of yours will actually work?"

"Why I myself am the evidence dear sister," Shendu replied in an almost oily voice, "Do you not remember how when I was bound to that. . . interesting human, I was indeed in the realm of the living?"

The water demon snorted, as did the rest of the demons at the mention of Shendu's human and, more precisely, at the word he had used to describe him. It was no secret that the dragon probably had a lot more colorful vulgarities reserved for his former host.

"You are running in circles brother", Tso Lan commented quietly, "Why do you tell us that your spell is different from ours when in the praise of yours, you only reference ours?"

"Brother Tso has a point Shendu," Hsi Wu spoke up, alerting the others to his presence for the first time since he arrived. "You made a point in assuring us that this spell would not be akin to that of our binding spell. If you chose to speak against that now, then I suggest you refrain from speaking at all."

"Yes, Shendu, quit talking," Po Kong rumbled from where she took up the whole of a particularly large bolder. "All this chatter is beginning to give me a headache."

"Brothers, Sisters", Shendu pleaded, his voice now beginning to take on a whiny edge, "You misunderstand me, by referring to myself I only meant to make clear that I was indeed able to escape this realm".

""With our spell." Hsi Wu countered sharply.

"Yes, with your spell," Shendu allowed reluctantly, glaring daggers at the smaller demon, "But I have already made it clear that both spells are alike, practically identical save for the adjustments I myself have made." The dragon nodded to himself in a very confident matter and pulled a vial from the cloth wrapped around his waist. "This, is the key."

All chatter and sub-conversations ceased as all demons present turned to look at the shimmering green contents. Even Drago, appearing silently behind Hsi Wu, turned to glance at his father's potion briefly before sneaking closer to where his uncle sat.

"What is that?" Tso Lan let out airily, breathing deeply like he could smell the freedom that the vile offered. He, like many others in his family, shifted ever closer to their dragon brother; it was clear that he now held their full attention.

The sly demon smiled at his success and waved the flask nonchalantly, "This," he stated, drawing out his words for more suspense, "is what will cause your spell to free all of us."

There was a silence as every demon, male and female, waited in suspense for a description of this marvelous thing. Shendu, seeing that there would be no response, continued his speech with an arrogance only he could pull off. Behind them all, Drago had stopped listening to his father and had now etched even closer to the sky demon. He reached out one talon to where the camera sat tucked in his uncle's arm. . .

". . need to add the formula to your spell and step into it," Shendu was saying, "If their is no demon chi or essence of a human, then the demon will not be bound." He looked around hastily and spoke his next few lines rather timidly, it seemed he was not as eager to tell this part as he was the rest of his tale. "Naturally," He paused to lick his lips, "Only one demon can use this way as an escape from this place."

All at once the silence that had been created previously was shattered. Every voice rose in protest, many screaming over others to get their point heard.

"But they can free the others once they get there!" The dragon practically screamed, fighting to get the attention back on him. Once he was sure they were listening he continued, "The spell will give them the ability to re-open the portals."

"If that is so, then I agree to the terms." Tso Lan said at last, the first to speak after a very noticeable pause. He thrust his power into the middle of the clearing and looked pointedly at his siblings. "But I vote that Shendu is not the one who is sent."

Before Shendu could protest, three others contributed their own power to the mix. "Agreed," Po Kong said as she gave hers, "Shendu has already shown himself untrustworthy with this specific task."

"But brothers! sisters!," Shendu pleaded, "I am the only one who knows the locations!" He seemed to pale as both Dai Gui and Bai Tsa gave in with their own agreements. "I am the only one who can free you all!"

"No you are not my dear brother", Hsi Wu let out calmly, by now very aware that he was the last to vote; a fact that must have been recognized by his siblings, for they were looking at him expectantly. "You have failed once, I vote you not do it twice." He thrust his power away from him at the exact moment a flash of movement sped towards him.

Drago slammed into his uncle as Shendu reluctantly tossed the contents of the vial into the swirling pool of energy. Both demons lurched forward in a vicious tumble as the spell exploded outwards, flashing brilliantly as both uncle and nephew lurched into its depths.

When calm had settled once more, both were gone completely.