Did you know that Melder isn't a word? You'd imagine it would be, I mean someone who melds two or more things together…seems simple.

But enough about my dictionary complaints. A new story idea! Yes! I finally picked one (More like had to) So hopefully you'll like this new story, and enjoy the first chapter…hopefully.

Chapter 1-A new body

The TV reporter was droning about the normal news the teen expected to hear that night, something about a car crash on one of the major roads and a group doing good around the local park, it was about as interesting as what the teen was doing on his laptop—unless you considered job hunting very entertaining.

Yugi was eighteen with many talents and problems running through his life; he had finished school and was fairly average in his grades which he imagined would help give him a job, and although he loved his grandfather's game shop he wanted to help pull his weight and earn some money in case times fell bad for their business, however there didn't seem to be many job offers for short spikey haired teens that desperately needed them. Several months he had been looking on the same website, scouring through the newspapers, waltzing around shops for any sign of employment but there was nothing. Yugi envied the people who had jobs, and thought they were fools if they quit at such a tough time.

Yugi let out a yawn before glancing over at the clock seeing it was late, with a groan he put his laptop aside and peeled himself away from his seat to shuffle into the kitchen and start making himself a cup of hot cocoa, it was the long slow nights like the one he was experiencing he rather wished he chose college over work. At least then he would have something worthy of his time instead of waiting and wishing.

Once Yugi had created the drink he picked the drink up and blew away the hot steam away before sipping it gently and walking back into the living room, he slumped back in his seat and took one glance at his laptop with a grimace before watching the news, it piqued his attention at the frantic looking reporter so listened closely.

'We've got word that the Melder has got the diamonds!' She spoke hurriedly into the microphone while looking around; a fair number of police men were running around and shouting at each other while spotlights were set on the large fancy building in the background 'The police say there is no way he can escape this time, they have every corner covered with guns and men. How will he get out of this?'

Just then there was a smash and the cameraman whizzed the camera around before catching glimpse of a woman jumping onto a nearby building, the police let their guns off and started to fire at will.

'Did you get that?' The reporter questioned before the camera faced her 'It seems the Melder has taken the possession of a young woman this time, right now we don't know what the police's plan is yet. But rest assured they won't harm the Melder's captive intentionally'.

Yugi snorted and sipped some more of his drink 'They should just shoot him' Yugi mumbled 'That guy has been nothing but trouble…thieving little-'

'Yugi' Yugi looked to the door as he heard his grandfather's voice 'It's getting late now, why don't you come to bed?'

Yugi sighed and finished his drink before turning the TV off 'Okay grandpa, I'll be up in a minute'.

Yugi listened to the small creak of the stairs before turning back to his laptop and turning it off before leaving it aside, another yawn escaped his lips before he stood up and stretched his arms and turned to the stairs to retire to his bedroom.

The woman rolled onto the top of the building before looking back where she had come from, hearing the police's orders to spread out and search for her she gave a small chuckle and looked ahead to the numerous roofs of offices and further ahead were streets of houses.

'I think you've done your job well' She closed her eyes before falling forwards, she would've hit the concrete but the male caught her in his arms and laid her gently so she was undisturbed from her unconscious rest.

The male was young and had pointed hair of deep black, dazzling blonde, and blood crimson. His eyes were a deep mysterious red colour that sucked in most of the light; he had a fairly muscled body that was covered by his old baggy clothes that made for great movement. He turned to the bag that was dropped aside before picking it up; he opened it up and took out one of the diamonds before smirking.

'I guess diamonds are my best friends' He then glanced when he heard the officers below on ground level having spotted him, they started opening fire on him so he didn't waste any time in beginning to run.

He found any means to jump onto the next roof to escape from the bullets, climbing on higher platforms to make the jump successful or landing on the fire escapes and running up the ladders, all the while managing to dodge the bullets aimed his way. He rolled onto a roof and stood up before looking around quickly to see what options he had; he could go across more offices which would take him deeper into town and soon hit skyscrapers, go along the ground to the train station and try losing them within the mazes of electrics, or go along the streets of houses and attempt to lose them there.

A bang echoed and he yelped as he fell to his knees and grasped his bleeding arm, the burning pain grew rapidly and spread up and down his arm, he bit his lip and looked down at the police officers as they went in search for a way to climb to the roof.

'That's going to leave a mark' He grunted and pushed himself up, he had no other choice. He couldn't go to a hospital with a bag of diamonds in his hand and there was no way he could lead them back to his home.

He began to run and jumped over the roofs grunting whenever he hurt his arm but persisted to keep moving before he ended up on the thin and dangerous roofs of houses, the police were still looking for him and any moment they would spot him wobbling on the beams of the houses, he had to do the risk and enter one of them. He cursed when he tripped and slid down one of the roofs but managed to stop himself from hitting the ground as he touched an extension for a window, he sighed deeply but tensed when he heard the window open.

'What was that noise…?' Yugi mused and looked around before turning to the street hearing the police sirens squeal through the night 'Oh' He gave another yawn and shut the window before disappearing.

The male waited curiously for a few moments before gently sliding his body down the tiles and coming to the window and peeking through, it looked like a bedroom and the teen that had been at the window was curled up in bed like nothing had happened.

Feeling the blood trickling down his arm he couldn't pass up the opportunity and opened the window, he checked that the teen hadn't heard the small squeak but when seeing him motionless he slipped his body inside and crept to the door, walking downstairs the male looked around the pitch black rooms making sure he didn't hit any tables or chairs until he came to the kitchen. He flipped the light switch on and looked around the small but pleasant kitchen, he turned to the drawers and started to search through them before taking a knife out and sat himself down at the table.

He glanced at the bleeding wound and then to the knife, a shiver fell over to him before he bit his lip looked away and dug the knife in his skin. A small restraint groan emitted from his throat at the pain but still he persisted to do so, he moved the knife around some more before he managed to pull out the bullet that rolled onto the floor, he let go of his lip and let out a relieved gasp and some more curses as the blood started to run out more freely and looked for something to tie around his arm.

Meanwhile Yugi had opened his eyes and looked to the door, hearing the faint noise of someone's voice and the small thud of movement. The thought of a burglar in his house was terrifying, but what made it worse was if his grandfather would do the reckless thought and try and drive the thief away and get hurt, he had to make sure that wouldn't happen.

He slipped out of his bed and quietly walked over to his wardrobe and took out the baseball bat he permanently burrowed from elementary school and opened his bedroom door, his shaky fingers gently tapped against the wood before he began to walk silently to the stairs and venture down them, making sure his feet didn't touch the spots that made the stairs creak. He then manoeuvre through the living room before spotting the male in the lit kitchen, he had taken one of the dish towels and wrapped it around his arm before pulling one end with his hand and the other with his teeth, Yugi felt his heart race and gripped the bat tightly before shakily walking closer.

He had only taken a few steps into the kitchen before the male spotted Yugi making the teen fall stiff and silent, yet he was the one with the bat. He quickly cleared away the feared thoughts and rolled his bat in his hands lightly to show he was ready to use it.

'You…You stay where you are' Yugi tried to intimidate 'I-I swear I'll hit you!'

The male only tilted his head before smiling 'I don't want to hurt you' He then tapped the towel around his arm gently 'I just needed somewhere to stop the blood flowing. I'll go if you let me pass'.

Yugi shook his head 'Y-You're just tricking me! Y-You'll probably stab me or something!'

He chuckled lightly and picked up his bag before moving closer to Yugi, making the teen step back 'I don't want to hurt you…I have no reason to. But if you don't get out of my way now, I will do what I need to do'.

'C-Come any closer and I'll swing!' Yugi felt more of his voice trembling away as he took steps back to keep a distance between them 'I swear I'll knock your head off!'

He then let out a full laugh with a smirk to follow 'You're just a scared little boy; you don't have the guts to hurt me'.

Yugi couldn't argue back—mainly because he was right—and only held the bat tighter.

'Yugi?' Yugi looked behind him to hear his grandfather coming down the stairs 'Who are you talking to?'

Yugi was about to speak back but a hand slapped over his mouth, Yugi's eyes widened with fear as he felt the other males body press against his back and the warmth of his breath against his ear sending a shiver down his spine.

'Just remember this…you made me do this' He whispered before his body seeped into Yugi's.

Yugi's grandfather walked to the kitchen seeing his grandson standing with his bat in his hands, a bloody knife and a bullet lying on the table lifeless 'Yugi? What happened?'

Yugi looked up at the elder 'He got away…' Yugi whispered 'He was trying to take that bullet out…and left'.

'Are you alright? You aren't hurt are you?' He moved closer and checked Yugi over.

'I'm fine grandfather…'

'Okay. I best call the police, wait here'.

He then hurried off leaving Yugi on his own, the teen waited until he heard the elders voice on the phone before smirking and looking down at his baggy pyjamas.

'Not bad for a body…' He mused before turning and doing a back flip; he then hissed and held his arm tightly as he stumbled back 'Shit. Hopefully I won't pass out soon'.

Yugi then smiled as the elder returned 'The police will be here soon'.

'Okay grandpa' Yugi chirped and walked into the living room to wait.

Once the police arrived they searched through the streets, took in most of the evidence of what the male used and asked Yugi for a full document of what happened, but aside from that there was little they could do and let the two rest for the night. The elder sighed and glanced at Yugi who watched the police drive away; he walked over and patted his shoulder.

'Let's get some rest…it'll help'.

Yugi nodded 'Yes…sleep…sounds good'.

He raised his brow as Yugi turned to walk up the stairs and back to his room, once he shut the door behind him he passed out and was lucky the male caught him and dragged his body to the bed, he pulled the covers up to his shoulders and smiled at the sleeping teen.

'You've been more versatile then I thought you would be' He whispered to the unconscious teen with a smirk 'I'll be seeing you again real soon Yugi'.

He then stood out and awkwardly clambered out the window and disappeared into the night, leaving Yugi unaware of what had happened to him that past hour and catch the needed sleep he craved.

*********************************End of chapter 1****************************

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