Title: Silver Files

Author: iwomans_sister

Disclaimer: I don't own anyone from this fic. The characters from I-Man belong to SciFi. Everyone else is their own person. Please don't sue me, all you would get is this fic.

Genre: Humor

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Rating: PG

Spoilers: None that I know of. If you find any I will give you some virtual chocolate.

Authors Note: I was re-reading Silver Jumpsuits not too long ago and I decided to make a sequel. I hope you all like this. Thanks again for letting me add you all in! Oh, and I have written something a little like a scene I have in here before... What can I say, I saw Loves Labors Lost' one too many times. ;)

Summary: Members from Silver Jumpsuit' company find the quicksilver files and plan to use them as blackmail against the Agency.


"So," Lori said, stepping into the office where her fellow workers were. "What do you think is in that box?"

"What box?" Carol asked.

"The one we found in the archives of that place called The Agency'." She said the last two words with a hint of sarcasm.

Rachel looked up from the newspaper she was reading. "Funny isn't it? I was in the Official's office when they started to look in the archives, and he freaked out. Even sent Eberts down... All that fuss for a simple document. Must be something important." That said, she started reading her paper again.

Liz and Sarah looked a each other, then at Angela and Carol. "What are they talking about?" Liz was the first to ask.

"Okay," Lori Morrison said, "down in the basement there was a box in the archives marked QS9300', Top Secret', and Classified'. They were careful to make sure that we didn't know about it. That has been on my mind the last two days. What can be so important that they have to hide it, and yet so unimportant that they leave it in plain sight?"

Alex Zanier, also known as the leader of the group, chose that moment to make her presents known. "If it were any of our business we'd know. Seeing as it's not, I suggest that you all get back to work."

Gill tried to hide a giggle but failed. Seeing the looks from her co-workers she stopped and turned toward her desk, not very eager to start the day. She was distracted by a paper plane Sammie sent flying past her head at Allianora. This was going to be a long day.


Lori stepped into the Agency, making sure not to make her presence known. She wasn't here to catch a rat or a snake this time. She was here to look at the box. She clicked on her flashlight and made her way to the archives. When she got there she immediately searched for the box marked QS9300'. Lori opened the box and picked up the first file she saw. However, before she could open it she was greeted with a light shining on her.

"You know what they say, don't you? Curiosity killed the cat."

"Yeah, but satisfaction brought it back." Lori replied, recognizing the voice. "Why are you here?"

"I could ask you the same thing." The other woman replied.

"You don't have to, Allianora. I know why you are here. You're here for the same reason I am. The files." Lori looked around.

Both women started to laugh, but stopped as they heard two voices coming down the hall. They clicked off their flashlights and waited.


"You know," Sarah said, sneaking into the archives. "I wondered what took you so long."

Angela only smiled, "Yeah, I had to ditch Liz. I really felt bad about it. She seemed so happy about going to that movie with me. When I told her something else had come up I thought she was going to be broken hearted."

"Which movie was it?" Sarah asked. Angela never got to answer the question. As she turned on her flashlight she was greeted with two of her co-workers. "Oh crap! You scared me!" She said.

"We scared you? You scared us!" Allianora replied.

"Wait," Angela said, "Why are..."

Lori tried to suppress a laugh, "Same reason you are." She opened the file this time and started to read. "Oh wow," Lori said, "The cute one is an ex-con."

"Can I see?" Sarah asked. Lori handed it to her. "Hmm, Darien G. Fawkes. I wonder what the G. stands for?"

"Maybe it is Gerald?" Lori asked.

"Darien Gerald Fawkes? Yuck! What kind of parent names their child Gerald? Maybe it is Glenn?" Sarah looked back at the folder and started to read again. "Date of birth: 6/27/68." She paused. "Well, I have his address and phone number."

"Oh, can I see?" Allianora asked, reaching for the folder.

Sarah looked at her and then pulled the file out of Allianora's reach. "I don't think so. Oh, listen to this... Employment History: Petty thief, confidence man, currently employed by the Agency, a US Government Office with top level clearance in the Security and Intelligence fields."

"Yeah, in their dreams." Angela replied.

"Hmm, he had three convictions and one acquittal."

"So what is he doing working for the government?" Lori asked.

"Who knows. Maybe they needed an expert lock picker." She was about to pull out the next folder from the box when she heard Liz's voice. Lights clicked off. A few seconds later the door opened.

Gill turned on her flashlight and almost screamed. She hadn't expected to see people in there. Sammie started to laugh from behind Liz.

"Oh dear," Liz said. She smiled as she saw Angela. "I thought your sister was sick?"

"Umm, she got better?"

Liz just started to laugh, "That's okay. I came here too."

"Well, it looks like all of is came here." Gill said.

"Not everyone." Rachel said. Nobody had even noticed her come. "I only see eight counting myself."

"I blame Lori for starting everyone's curiosity." Liz stated. She went and closed the door to the archives. "Why don't we just turn on the lights?" She asked, looking at the flashlights.

"Because, we don't want anyone to know that we are here."

"Ahem." Carol said, stepping out of the corner of the room. She had been hidden behind a small stack of boxes marked, Robert Hobbes'.

"You do all realize that they will find out no matter what, don't you?"

"Where did you come from?" Sammie asked.

"Actually, I was the first one here. I hid when Allianora came in. You guys should have seen the looks on your faces every time someone else came. It was almost like you guys were waiting for a ghost to jump

out and say boo'."

"Wait," Allianora said. "Why will they find out?"

"You all are making a mess. This room looked a lot neater when I got here."

"Did you get to look at the files, Carol?" Rachel asked.

They all heard footsteps and turned back off their lights. The door handle turned and everyone in the room stopped breathing. "So this is where you all are." Alex, their boss, said stepping into the room. "I knew you all wouldn't take any heed to my warning. C'mon, you are all going home."

"But..." More than one person said at the same time.

"Home. Now." Alex stated. Everyone slowly left the file room. As Sarah walked by Alex snatched Darien's rap sheet out of her hand and shook her head. As soon as the room was empty Alex smiled. She walked over to the box and set the information on Darien back where it belonged. She was about to close the lid on the box when curiosity got the best of her and she pulled out one of the folders.