Timon's Idea

Timon was tired of the hyenas always invading the meerkats' territory. So he was thinking of something they could do to make them not come back. He had spied on them to try to figure out their weaknesses. After seeing them trying to get a monkey (from the "Taking Advantage" Story), he found out their leader Shenzi's weakness. He rushed to the others, saying "I've got an idea!" Coincidentally, (and consequently) Shenzi was planning on going solo that time.

Then Shenzi arrived. "Hello-o-o! Who missed me?" She teased. The meerkats started to run away.

"HEY!" Timon yelled. "Remember the plan!" Then they stopped and started running towards Shenzi.

"What?" Shenzi said in shock and confusion as they started tying her feet and paws to the ground and stretching her arms down. "What's going on?" She said.

"Shh, shh, shh!" said Timon, laying a finger on her mouth. "Try not to speak!" Shenzi didn't say anything.

She got nervous. 'Why me? Why always me?' She thought as she figured out what was coming. Then she felt a couple meerkats tickle her ribs. She squeaked and tried to hold in her laughter, but hence how ticklish she was, it was extremely hard, as her puffed-out cheeks turned red, but she couldn't hold it in any longer. "Oh nohehehehehe!" She giggled as more meerkats started tickling her thighs. Then Timon sat on her left shoulder and ran his finger up and down on her neck. Shenzi giggled louder as she rose up her shoulder, but then Timon started tickling her cheek with one hand and her side with the other. "AAHAHAHAHAHA!" Shenzi laughed as tears ran down her cheeks, but the meerkats didn't stop there.

"Can I tickle her?" a girl meerkat asked innocently.

"Of course!" said Timon. "Get the stomach! That's her weak spot!" Then the girl meerkat ran over to Shenzi, preparing for it.

"NOHOHO PLEHEHEHEAHASE! PREHEHEHETTY PLEHEHEASE! I CAN'T STAHAHAHAND THIS MUCH LOHOHOHONGER!" Shenzi pleaded, but begging didn't help any, 'cause the meerkat started to tickle her tummy with her fingers AND her tail. "AAAAHAHAHAHAHA! NOHOHOHOHO STAHAHAHAHAHAP!" Shenzi screamed.

"No stop? OK then!" Max said as he started tickling her belly side with his fingers and tail.

Shenzi was reduced to nothing but pure laughing and screaming as hundreds of meerkats tickled her entire body. Her stomach, her sides, her ribs, her neck, her cheeks, her shoulders, her underarms, her paws, and her legs. Tears of laughter soaked her cheeks as the torture seemed to last hours. Timon started laughing as well, as he was having a blast tormenting his enemy, as he tickled her side and tear-soaked cheek with all his fingers.

After what seemed like hours, the meerkats finally stopped, got off of her, and untied her paws from the ground. Shenzi fell on her back, still laughing like crazy. Then she got up and glared at the meerkats, preparing for attack. But all the meerkats smirked and wiggled their fingers at her, making her nervous. Then Timon sneaked up to her, and started tickling her tummy with one of his fingers. Shenzi screeched, shook him off, and ran away. "Well, I don't think she'll be back in a while!" Timon said with a smile. Meanwhile...

Shenzi ran all the way back to Elephant Graveyard, her face red from her little 'surprise' and terribly flustered. When she looked back to see if those little demons were following her, she crashed into her friend Banzai. "Oof! Oh, sorry Banzai." She said, panting heavily. "Hey Shenzi- WHOA!" He exclaimed when he saw her sweating like a warthog and her face red as a cherry. "What happened to you?!" He asked, gesturing to her body.

"L-let's just say, those demon meerkats had a little surprise for me." She said between pants and wheezes.

The End