Kate Beckett was not usually like this. She didn't break into people's homes without probable cause. But this was different. This was her partner. And it wasn't really breaking in; he had given her a key for emergencies only. And she did have probable cause. She hadn't heard from her man-child in two days.

Two days with no text, no calls, no emails. Nada. Zip. Nothing!

Even when he wasn't around he was infuriating.

She had called Alexis to see if he was ok, but Alexis was with Martha on a college tour for another week. Both of them were starting to worry. Castle hadn't texted them either; and this is a man that never went anywhere without his phone and was constantly doing something on it. Kate promised them she would call him.

So she did.

She had been doing just that for the last hour and a half - constantly. Finally getting fed up with him, Beckett decided enough was enough. Within seconds, Kate had her keys and bag, and was out the door on her way to his apartment. Ryan and Esposito were all for it, telling her they'd cover with Gates until Castle was found. She had a sneaking suspision the boys wanted her as far away as possible from the precinct to stop the constant snapping in their direction. She got annoyed when he was around, she was annoyed when he wasn't there. Where was the win here?

To be fair, Castle hadn't been annoying her so much lately, not when he was around her, she just made him think it. It kept the remnants of that pesky wall up. But Kate had a feeling that he knew it was turning to rubble faster than ever before. There was hardly any left if she was honest. However, he didn't need to know just how close he was; not yet anyway.

Taking a breath to strengthen her resolve, she turned the key and stepped into the loft.

'Castle?' she called, closing the door behind her, shucking off her coat and hanging it. Looking around the lounge room and kitchen, nothing seemed out of place. The kitchen was spotless as usual; no signs of a struggle. The TV and all of his high tech gadgets were still there; so that rules out robbery. It was times like these when she wished she wasn't a homicide detective; her brain instantly flicking to the possibilites she had seen before at crime scenes. Kate cursed her imagination for jumping to the more outragous conclusions, like alien abductions. Damn his effect on her brain.

'Castle?' Kate called again, walking through his apartment, checking upstairs first, calling out his name a few more times and recieving no answer. Starting to panic, she raced through the apartment and into his study.

There was only one place she hadn't checked yet. His bedroom door was off his study, and was slightly ajar. She prayed not to find the worst as she entered the room, stopping in her tracks when her eyes came to the bed. There was a distinct Castle-shaped mound under the blankets. Her eyes closed and she sighed in relief, all the dread had drained from her body. He was just asleep. And then she got angry. Who the hell sleeps through about a hundred phone calls?

'Castle?' she called from the door, acutely aware that she was in his bedroom; somewhere she had never set foot before, even when she was living here after her apartment exploded.

He stirred slightly, mumbling a little at the sound of her voice. He was under tonne of blankets. Stepping around to the side of his bed, Kate noticed he was paler, with sweat beading on his forehead. Come to think of it, it was substantially hotter than what he normally had the central air. Beckett had been too concerned with finding him than the temperature. She sat down on the edge of his bed, the anger drissling away.

'Rick.' She said softly, palming his sweaty forehead. He was burning up.

A sick Castle. That's all she needed. If he acted like a child when he was healthy, she shuddered to think what he was like when he was sick.

But at least is was ok, she told herself. Sighing in relief again, brushed her fingers through his hair and his eyes started to open.

'Hey, there.' Kate soothed.

'Hi,' His voice was raspy. 'What are you doing here?' he scrunched up his face and pinched the bridge of his nose.

'Well, you fell off the face of the Earth for two days, so I came looking for the worst.' She added a grim smile.

'Tw- two days?' his eyes wide. He tried to sit up, (Kate noticed he was sleeping at least half naked, and hoped that he was sick enough not to notice her blush) he stopped half way and flopped back down on the bed. 'That hurt.'

'I'm just gunna call the boys,' Kate whipped out her phone to call Esposito. She tried to stand but Castle's hand grabbed her arm, keeping her on the bed. 'H-hey.' She stuttered into the phone, his hand was giving her tingles. Castle's eyes were pleading, not wanting her to leave his side.

Oh, boy.

'Yeah, he's alive. He's pretty sick, though. I'm gunna hang around here for a while; Alexis and Martha are out of town. Sure, I'll tell him. Thanks, Espo.'

Rick hadn't taken his eyes off her; it was making her nervous the way he was looking at her.

'The boys say get better.' She said, she had to draw her eyes away from his stare. 'I'm texting Alexis to say you're ok. She was pretty worried when she contacted me.' Kate tried to sound like it was all his daughters idea that led to her turning up at his apartment and sitting on the edge of his bed; not the otherway around with Kate calling Alexis frantically - no, she was only a little worried - about his possible whereabouts.

'Thank you.' His mouth twitched up, and his eyes started to flutter.

She tried to get up from the bed again, and his grip tightened around her wrist just a little more. 'Where are you going?'

'I'm getting you some pills, Castle.' She touched his forehead again, soothing his skin with her thumb. 'I'm not going too far, don't worry.'

Oh, God. Fight that urge, Kate. Fight it!

But she couldn't. She leaned down and placed a soft kiss on his forehead before retreating out of the room before she could process what actually happened and what she just did.

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