Disclaimer: I do not own The Mr. Men Show or any characters. Some many say that Mr. Small and Mr. Nosy is OOC, but since they have never been in a situation like this before, this is how they might act if this ever happened to them.

Alright, this story has two parts to it. The first part is about Mr. Small and what happens after he loses his best friend. And the second part is about Mr. Nosy and how he is coping with life on his own. I really do hope you all like it.

I just want to say one more thing: the first story I wrote is the beginning of this short series I'm written about Mr. Small and Mr. Nosy, so please check out that story before you read this one, or otherwise, you'll be confused.

This part of the story was inspired by "Goodbye" by Miley Cyrus. It's a great song, although it's a little sad. If you haven't already, you should listen to it, if you have the time.

Voices echoed in Mr. Small's head as he pulled the covers over him to block out the bright sunshine that was coming through the window. He could hear himself tell his best friend how he felt toward him. Then he heard Mr. Nosy reply, saying that he only liked Mr. Small as a friend, nothing more. Ever since his closest friend had left, Mr. Small has been having trouble sleeping and eating.

Thinking about food made his stomach growl. But he ignored it, crawling farther in his bed, determined not to feel any of the warm light. If his heart was sad and cold, it just didn't make sense for the rest of him to feel the sunshine.

He knew he shouldn't dwell in those horrible memories, but it was usually Mr. Nosy who made him move on from something bad and who gave him a reason to live, a reason to get out of bed and carry on with the day, no matter how long or boring it was. But now that he was gone, what was the point of living? Okay, that seems harsh and depressing, but that was how he was truly feeling.

He's normally so cheerful; that was around the one he loved through. Just seeing Mr. Nosy made a smile appear on his face. He had never thought their friendship would end, especially the way it did. Honestly, Mr. Small couldn't believe that it was really over.

Why was he thinking about all of this anyway? It just made him even sadder. He tried to push all his haunted thoughts out of his head. But it was a lot harder than he imagined. He didn't want to forget all of the good times he and Mr. Nosy shared, all the laughs; he didn't even want to forget about the bad times. To him, those times only brought him closer to his friend.

Feeling as if he was in a dream, Mr. Small hauled the covers off him, immediately closing his eyes against the sudden brightness. Once he was sure that he could open them without the light blinding him, he did.

He glanced over at the night stand that had a picture frame on it. He frowned when he saw his best friend smiling on the other side of the glass, while Mr. Small was on his head, laughing. He remembered when that picture was took. He had to try his hardest not to look down at his friend or show a longing look in his eyes. It had took some effect, but he manged.

Actually Mr. Small was surprised that Mr. Nosy never saw the way he looked at him. He suppose his friend never imagined that Mr. Small could like, like him.

Trying not to remember the horrified look on his best friend's face when he had find out, Mr. Small slowly got off the bed and walked even slower to the bedroom. He needed a shower. He hadn't took one since Mr. Nosy left, about a week ago.

Afterward, he went to the kitchen. He didn't like living in the past, especially when it was the last few days he had seen his best friend, so he was trying to move on; though it was very hard.

His stomach growled once more.

Maybe I will get something to eat, Mr. Small thought as he went to the fridge, opening it, and looking in it. He saw the ingredients to make a liverwurst sandwich. But it was on the top shaft. How was he suppose to get up there?

He tried jumping up, but he didn't make it anywhere near the top. He did manged to grab onto the middle shaft though.

Summoning all of his strength, which was as much as his small body could contain, he pushed upward. When he was nearly at the top, he thought, Maybe I can live without Mr. Nosy. But just then, as he reached out for the very top shaft, the one he was standing on gave way.

He let out a scared scream as he fell to the floor, landing painfully on his rear. He was dazzled at first, but he came to his senses when he realized that the shafts and food was falling, heading right to him.

As quick as he could, he jumped to his feet, about to get out of the way. But the shafts fell on him before he could move.

Hunting and groaning, Mr. Small heaved the food off him, moving aside a shaft to get his smashed hat.

He straightened the tall black hat and put it back on his head. He looked down at his body that was now covered with food. What had been the point of taking a shower? He was now an even bigger mess.

"Great McGillicuddy!" he cursed as he got out of the pile of food and shafts.

Sighing, Mr. Small walked back to the living room. Maybe I could just go out to eat. Coming to the front door, the little Mr. Man looked up at the knob that was about 2 or 3 feet higher than he was. It was usually Mr. Nosy who opened the door.

Jumping in the air, he manged to grab onto the knob, wriggling it, and pushing backward, opening the door.

Okay, that wasn't that hard, he thought as he walked outside, squinting his eyes when the bright sunshine hit them. Where shall I eat? Once he was able to see without being blinded by the sun, he began to look around, wondering what he was in the mood for.

Out of habit, he turned sideways, about to ask Mr. Nosy what he wanted to have for lunch. But he frowned when he saw an empty space beside him.

Suddenly the realization that his friend was really gone struck Mr. Small harder than a stack of rocks. He realized that Mr. Nosy was never coming back. Maybe this really was the end. Maybe they will meet again, but Mr. Small doubt that it would be any time soon.

Feeling as if he had a stone in his stomach, which still felt hollow with hunger at the same time, Mr. Small continued to trek down the sidewalk, scarcely aware of his other friends strolling past him. He could feel their eyes burning into him as he just went by. None of them could placed Mr. Nosy; none of them could fill the gaping hole in his broken heart, where the light green Mr. Man used to consume.

Suddenly he ran into something, causing him to stumbled backwards, landing on his rear. He looked up to see Mr. Funny smiling down on him. He took out his horn and honked it.

Then his smiled turned upside down as he looked closer at Mr. Small, who hoped he didn't see the sadness he was feeling inside, on his face.

The clown pointed to Mr. Small's body while letting out several honks.

Mr. Small looked down and realized he was still covered in spilled food. He sighed and hung his head, letting his arms dangle in front of him.

Worried and surprised honking made Mr. Small look up to see Mr. Funny looking down at him. Then he took out his horn again and started honking it as he jumped from foot to foot as he closed his eyes.

Mr. Small couldn't help but burst into laughter. In his fit, he lost his balance and fell to the ground, still laughing while Mr. Funny carried on with his silly dance. He had always hated to see his friends the slightest upset.

After composing himself, Mr. Small got up. He blinked up at Mr. Funny, who was smiling, obviously satisfied that he had made his friend happy once more. He didn't even try to ask what was wrong, which made sadness wash over Mr. Small again. Usually Mr. Nosy would ask what was wrong, and when someone didn't tell him, he would try to find out himself, going as far as looking through his friends' private stuff. Thinking about this now made Mr. Small become even more sad.

Mr. Funny must have noticed this, for he was trying to make the smaller Mr. Man laugh again, honking his horn and pulling funny faces.

This time Mr. Small just smiled, still feeling a bit sad. All of the sudden, his stomach growled, remaining him to his hunger.

Mr. Funny must have heard it, because he looked at Mr. Small with sympathy in his eyes. He then began to mimic something that looked like he was holding an object, shoving it in his mouth. Mr. Small understood that he was asking him if he was hungry. He nodded slowly.

Without warning, the clown grabbed Mr. Small's arm and started dragging him down the sidewalk.

Mr. Small wondered where he was taking him.

It wasn't long until they came to Little Miss Magic's Restaurant. Mr. Small suddenly understood.

"You're taking me to get something to eat?" he asked Mr. Funny as the clown continued to pull him.

The only reply he got was a honk.

Mr. Small smiled when he realized that he had other friends who worried about him besides Mr. Nosy. Maybe it's time I finally admit that it's time to say goodbye, he thought as Mr. Funny led the way into the restaurant, even if I don't want to say it. We will always be friends though. He closed his eyes briefly as he added, In my mind and heart. Please be careful, wherever you are, Nose.

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