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Tuna and the Beast

Long ago, in the kingdom of Varia, stood a luxurious castle that towered above the remains of the surrounding villages. Varia was ruled by a ruthless prince; the king and queen feared their violent son and fulfilled his every command. Not a drop of compassion occupied his cold heart.

On this particular night a fierce snow storm howled through the land of Varia. A single knock echoed through the halls of the castle—its sound somehow overcame the chaos of the storm.

The prince was awakened by this one act, "What trash dares assault the door of royalty?" Another knock arrived at the ears of the heartless prince, "Where are those damn useless servants?" With his patience running thin he swooped to hall and threw the door open.

"Please sir…" a child begged through blue tinted-lips, "in this snow storm, I have nowhere to go." The boy was knelt to the frozen floor, shivering in the rags that he could only call clothes.

"Scum, who do you think I am?" growled out the prince. "You are nothing." He turned to shut the door, but the child clutched desperately onto his silk robe.

The beggar child cried out, "I ask for but a place to sleep!"

The prince furiously grabbed the child by the arm, fully intent on throwing him, but a tight grip halt the prince. He found himself staring into a set of beady obsidian eyes. Instead of a child, stood a tall man tastefully clad in a black suit and fedora.

"You are as cold as they say you are," hissed out the man. "I am Reborn, the great magician of this land. Prince Xanxus, you are unsuited to rule this kingdom." The hold on the prince began to burn; he dropped to his knees as an explosion of agony wracked through his frame. The clink of something cool pressed firmly to his temple caught his attention. His red eyes glared at Reborn with unspoken wrath.

Reborn smirked, "A monster on the inside should be made a monster on the outside." His finger pulled the trigger of the green revolver. Blood spurted out in crimson ribbons; Xanxus experienced a pain like nothing before, but his pride refused to let a cry out. His body hit the ground.

Reborn stooped down to the fallen Xanxus and whispered in his ear, "You have been cursed Prince Xanxus. You want to end it? Learn compassion. That is my lesson to you." A rose landed carelessly in front the bloodied Prince, "Consider this a timed test: when the last petal falls, you will remain this way forever if you haven't managed to change."