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Prompt: Luna Vs Spongebob. 'Teddy Bear'. Hate/Loathe. Fight.

Sound the Pineapples of War


As it turns out… it just so happens that it *is* possible to set things afire under water… well, with the help of magic, that is. Either way, she didn't really care. The sounds of crashing, exploding and all-round destruction were echoing around Bikini Bottom…

"WHY ARE YOU SO HARD TO KILL?" Shrieked a voice that was shocking in intensity and volume, for the speaker was normally so sweet and unlikely to brush away a fly, (in case she might hurt its aura…) and yet here and now it was not so difficult to believe there might be a sponge-i-cide in the near future.

The world's most annoying creature shot through a window, rocketing through the nearby rock that marked Patrick's home, leaving the world's most unique imprint and continuing on…

Squidward,- the neighbour of said annoying spongy-whatchamacallit- watched proceedings with a look of pure, unadulterated excitement as the little yellow devil got what was coming. This was Karma for all the times that sponge had stolen his clarinet, destroyed his home, shattered his dreams, gotten him fired, broke precious heirlooms, stolen his things, pulled a prank on him, made that stupid laugh of his, took dear Mr Fluffikins, his beloved Teddy Bear, hoisted his underwear up the town flagpole… oh, the list went on!

And to think, all he'd had to do was buy a mystical looking mirror at the Barnacle Market on the weekend; that wonderful human child had been only too happy to help, as she gazed back through her own mirror, for they were a set. Luna, her name…was Luna… and she was so wonderful… he sighed longingly, and may have inked himself a little just thinking of her. Oh Luna Lovegood, the most wonderful witch of her age…

She had magic, that was true, but she seemed so… vague and innocent you could hardly mistake her for a powerful spellcaster… well, until you somehow manipulate the annoying sponge creature into mentioning that he didn't believe in Crumple-horned Snorkacks, and maybe stealing her Radish Ear ornamentations, that is… In which case, Spongebob was DOOMED.

As the beautiful creature strode out of the giant pineapple house that collapsed in upon itself with a sad groan, the bubble around her head glistened like a spherical Halo… the rage on her face, the shimmering wand in her hand, and all that hatred directed at Spongebob! He was SO turned On right now!

She smiled at him, wiggling fingers in a greeting of hello…then turned back to face the bruised, broken and bleeding Sponge lying facedown on the ground not twenty meters from them; how he was still alive, he'd never know… on the plus side… it wouldn't be for long.

Maybe Luna'd like to go for a Krusty Krab burger sometime…? He mused, then resolved to ask her later; settling instead, for the unequivocable pleasure of watching a girl beat the stuffing out of his arch-nemesis…

The End.

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