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Chapter 1: A History Lesson

Naruto slept peacefully, a face splitting grin stretching his cheeks. It had been there for hours, ever since Iruka had given him his headband. He probably would have woken up with it still there too, but the Kyubi had other plans. Instead Naruto woke (his grin still in place) in the sewers of his mind, just outside of the Kyubi's cell. As he looked around the ear to ear grin faded to a curious smile. He somehow knew he wasn't truly awake, but at the same time he wasn't dreaming either. He could also tell that despite easily being able to fit through the bars, going beyond the gate would be a very VERY bad idea.

As he peered into the darkness he saw… something. A shape blacker than black slowly shifting just out of his range of vision. "About time you got here." Growled a deep booming voice. Naruto (with his grin dead and buried with a touching eulogy that inspired many other grins to be as wide and toothy as they could) fell back in shock realizing what the thing was.

"Kyubi!" gasped the blond as blood red eyes opened in the darkness, staring at him full of… well boredom actually. To his surprise the Kyubi stood and stretched as if it had just been woken up from a long nap, it's joints popping with the sound of explosive tags.

"Look Kit, I know you've probably heard the whole 'Kyubi's a monster' thing growing up, right?" Naruto nodded deftly, he had no idea what to think anymore. "Well I am, but I didn't attack your village by choice."

"WHAT?" screamed Naruto.

Kyubi sighed and laid down in just beyond the gate. "I know it's a bit shocking, but yeah I've never attacked your village of my own free will. Not when you were born, not at the valley of the end, not EVER! Frankly I'm sick of being locked up for something I didn't do, but I have other things to worry about now. I thought Madara had died in that valley, but when he appeared for your mother I was proven wrong."

Naruto blinked. "My mother? You know who my parents were?"

Kyubi eyed him curiously. "No one ever told you? I guess they didn't tell you anything at all." He sighed in what seemed like disappointment, much to Naruto's confusion. "Your mother was my previous container." Naruto's eyes widened in shock. "Over the course of her pregnancy the seal weakened as more of her energy was going to you and on the night you were born a man named Madara Uchiha attacked her in order to release me." Naruto sat frozen in shock, unsure of how to process this new information. He was the reason the reason for the Kyubi's attack? As if sensing what he was thinking the Kyubi let out a dark chuckle. "No Kit, the bastard would have eventually attacked anyway. If anything you're the reason there's still a village today since only Uzumakis have a high enough natural chakra capacity to keep me sealed inside them."

Naruto blinked, connecting the dots. "But then Uzuamki was my mother's name. What was my father's?"

Kyubi closed his eyes, savoring the suspense and preparing for the reveal. "Your father was Minato Namekaze, the fourth hokage." Opening his eyes, Kyubi had to fight back a laugh. Demons don't laugh, they chuckle, they cackle, they giggle with madness; but they don't laugh. "I wouldn't tell anyone though, he made a lot of enemies in his time so if you did there would be hundreds of bloodthirsty ninja after your head within a week."

Naruto shivered, he had enough time getting away from ninja after his pranks. "Why are you telling me all this? I'm not going to let you out, if that's what you want."

Kyubi shook his head. "I want to get out eventually, but if I did now I'd run he chance of the lord of pink eye taking control of me again. I'm telling you all this because right now the choice is being partners with you or being a slave to him. You're the third person I've been sealed in since the valley so I know plenty of tricks to make you stronger, but first I think we should activate your bloodline."

"I have a bloodline?" asked Naruto excitedly.

"The Uzumaki clan were sealing masters because of their bloodline." Explained Kyubi. "They could rewrite seals by adding their own blood to the seal. They could also make unbreakable chains of pure chakra to capture things to be sealed."

Naruto was bouncing with excitement. "What do I have to do?" To his surprise Kyubi threw a book at him, nailing him right between the eyes. "OUCH, what the hell?"

"Read it and you'll be able to use your bloodline." Instructed Kyubi as he went back to sleep. "It should be morning by the time your done." Naruto sighed and opened the book to the first page.

The Uzumaki Clan: Seal Masters

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