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"Kitty, I adore you. I love you, I worship the ground you walk on. Your the reason I wake up every morning."

"Oh Brad, do you mean that?"

"Of course Kitty…now will you do me the honor of becoming my-, CLANG! Kitty Pryde opened her eyes sleepily to…. very …loud noise. She flopped onto her stomach, and pressed her face into the pillow….but to no avail; the image of Brad Pitt was lost. Cursing in a very un-Kitty like manner, she finally threw off her covers and stumbled out of bed. Whoever's responsible for that noise is dead, Kitty thought, storming out of the room to confront the person that had ruined the greatest dream she'd had all year.

She opened the door to see a white-haired boy around her age, rifling through the medicine cabinet she shared with Rogue and Jubilee. No, rifling was the wrong word, he was throwing their stuff out with amazing speed. Kitty watched, gaping at the cosmetics and other supplies that she'd neatly organized in the cabinet just last week, lying in a large heap on the floor.

"What the heck do you think your DOING?!" yelled Kitty, breaking out of her stupor.

The boy stopped for a second, and turned around slowly to face her. "Are you slow or something? I'm reorganizing things to make room for my stuff," he said, with a condescending look as if he were explaining it to a five- year old. This only infuriated Kitty further.

"What do you mean your stuff?! This is my bathroom, and you can't just throw all my stuff around," Kitty said heatedly.

"Well it's our bathroom now and if your quite through with your childish tantrum-," he started, turning back around.

"NO, I am not finished! What are you doing here anyways! This is the girls' floor!"

"There were only 2 spare beds on the guys' floor, lance and todd claimed it, so the bald guy told me I had to stay here. Now do you mind leaving, unless you want to watch while I take a shower?" the silver-haired boy said, smirking at Kitty.

To her consternation, Kitty couldn't help noticing how good-looking he was, in a conceited, know-it-all kind of way. "Oh right, as if I'd want to see you naked!" Kitty retorted, trying to fight the flaming blush that was working its way up her face.

"It's nothing to be ashamed of, lots of girls had the hots for me back where I came from," the boy said smirking again, running one hand through his silvery hair.

"Why you-," Kitty blustered, trying to think of a good comeback. Finally, she gave up, and giving him one last withering look, phased back into her room. What a total jerk! Wait till Rogue and Jubes find out about this, they'll be pissed, Kitty thought, running a comb angrily through her shoulder length brown hair. Deciding to tell him that, she phased back into the hallway. To her surprise, the bathroom was completely empty and the floor was clean! Frowning, Kitty opened the medicine cabinet and found her things neatly arranged on the right side. How did he do that so fast, Kitty wondered .

20 minutes later, Kitty emerged dressed and went downstairs for breakfast. To her surprise she found Jubilee and Rogue almost finished. Since when did Jubilee get up early, Kitty mused. The answer became obvious as a tall slender boy with dark brown hair sat next to a laughing Jubilee.

"Ah, Kitty, there you are. We have an announcement to make, we can start now that your there, " Professor Xavier said, smiling at her. Kitty nodded and sat down around the large table, where all the X-men were present. "We have 3 new mutants who will be joining us at the school. This is Lance Alvers," the Professor said, gesturing at the dark haired mutant next to Jubilee. "This is Todd Tolensky," he continued, pointing at a short stocky mutant with a sulky look on his face. "And last but not least, this is Pietro Maximoff," the Professor finished, gesturing towards the silver- haired boy who was busy stuffing his face. Kitty grimaced, and looked back down at her own cereal. "They will be staying here from now on so please do your best to make them feel welcome."

Kitty choked on her juice. That Pietro guy was staying here forever! This has to be some sort of a sick joke, Kitty thought.

After breakfast, she saw Jubilee and Rogue out on the porch. Kitty ran to join them and suddenly ran into what felt like rock. "Oh my god, I'm so sorry," Kitty said hurriedly, "I was-." Her words died as she looked up into Pietro's blue eyes.

"You again! Jeez, are you trying to kill me or something!" Pietro yelled, throwing up his hands.

"It was an accident!" Kitty yelled back, the apologetic words that were on the tip of her tongue forgotten. "Maybe you should watch where your going!"

"Hey what's going on here!" Logan's gruff voice cut through. Both of them looked at him.

Kitty crossed her arms resolutely and looked silently at the floor.

"Ahem, she," Pietro said, jerking a thumb at Kitty, "ran into me. I'm lucky I didn't have injuries."

"I'll give you injuries," Kitty began through gritted teeth.

"Alright hold it!" At Logan's silencing glare, the two teens shut up instantly. "Whatever it is, put it aside. Keep all the fighting in the Danger Room, got it?" Logan said, patting Kitty on the back and then sauntering away.

"Till we meet again milady," Pietro said in a mock-British accent, bowing deeply.

"I can hardly wait," Kitty said sarcastically. Turning on her heel, she left for the porch, glad that she'd atleast gotten the last word.

"Hey Kitty," Jubilee said, looking up from her magazine.

"Hey guys," Kitty said sighing, sinking down on a lawn chair.

"What's wrong?" Rogue asked concernedly, looking over at Kitty.

"I can't stand that guy Pietro. And it's not bad enough that he's staying here, but did you guys know he's sharing our bathroom too?" Kitty asked. She waited for the explosive reactions, especially from Rogue. But to her shock, her friends looked unfazed.

"Oh we know, the Professor told us at breakfast today before you came down," Jubilee said.

"And you don't find that just a little scary?" Kitty asked, looking from one face to the other. "Rogue?"

Rogue shook her head calmly. "No, he seems pretty cool. Besides, the guy's so fast he won't ever hog the bathroom. Did he bug you or something?"

Kitty shook her head resignedly. "Um, well sort of. Anyways, let's not talk about him. I want to relax before class starts." She closed her eyes, determined to block the annoying boy out of her head.

Kitty sat in history class, avidly taking notes. Finally, Mrs. Hogan stopped the lecture and began passing back papers. "Excellent job, Kitty. Your essay on the effects of the Civil War on the South was exceptionally well written. Keep up the good work," Mrs. Hogan said, handing the paper to Kitty with an approving smile.

Kitty straightened and smiled back, glowing at the praise. Suddenly the door opened, and Pietro sauntered in, handing a slip to Mrs. Hogan. Kitty muffled the urge to bang her fist against the desk. It just figured that he'd be in her favorite class!

"Well, class it seems we have a new student, Pietro Maximoff. Pietro, come back later and I'll assign you a textbook. In the meantime, you can get the notes from a classmate. Who would like to help Mr. Maximoff out here?" Mrs. Hogan inquired, looking around the class. Kitty sank lower in her seat, silently praying that her teacher wouldn't think of her.

Not me, not me not me, Kitty chanted silently. "Kitty, how about you?"

"Um, sure," Kitty responded, smiling weakly. Pietro looked like he was about to laugh as he took the seat next to her.

"Don't look so traumatized, Pryde. I don't need any help, I'm a whiz in all my classes," Pietro boasted confidently.

Kitty rolled her eyes. "Modest, aren't you?"

"Hey, if you got it, flaunt it; that's my motto," Pietro asserted, with a lazy smile in her direction. Kitty felt a strange fluttering sensation in her stomach, which she quickly squelched. The guy was a pompous jerk, Kitty told herself.

"Right. I'm sure you have girls banging down the door to get to you," Kitty said sarcastically.

"As opposed to you, who I'm sure has spent more than one Saturday night with a lame chick flick and a tub of popcorn," Pietro remarked.

"That is so not true!" Kitty said hotly. Okay, it was partly true, Kitty admitted, she did prefer having a relatively quiet weekend either watching a movie or hanging out with Rogue and Jubes, but that didn't mean she could get a date if she wanted to!

"Whatever you say, Pryde. Whatever you say, " Pietro said, leaning back in his seat. Kitty glowered at him and turned back to the front of the classroom, trying not to pay attention to the fact that Pietro was now making dozens of little sail boats out of her notebook paper. This isn't just a conflict of interests, thought Kitty hotly, this is war!