The Bionic Honeymoon

Part 1

Chapter 1

"Wow." Steve couldn't believe how beautiful Jamie looked in that wedding dress. He waited about 20 years for this day.

"I do." Steve blurred out before the priest started the ceremony.

"You do huh?" Jamie looked at him playful.

"Yes, I surely do." Steve was dam sure this time.

"We haven't come to that part yet." Only if the priest knew they've been came this point way before this moment.

"Yeah we have." Steve looked at Jamie for a moment before kissing her fully and passionately.

Steve could hear the priest making the comment about waiting for the" I do's" to come later during the ceremony. But he had waited too long for this moment already. He just wanted to married Jamie, make sweet love to her and spend the rest of his life with her.

After almost losing Jamie for the third time he didn't know how he could handle it. Seeing her on that hospital bed brought back a lot of old memories. Even after seeing that video of her saying she wanted to call off the wedding because of the

health problems she was having; that tugged at his heart strings and made him cry. He didn't care or wouldn't care if she would still have her bionics or have lost them. He would always loved her.

It was then official after the priest announced "I know pronounce you Husband and Wife" they were now Mr. & Mrs. Steve Austin.

"Now can we talk about kids?" He even shocked himself more then her with that comment. Even though he looked older on the outside, on the inside he still felt younger. The bionics may have contributed to that factor.

"What?" Jamie expression matched the thought she had on her mind. She couldn't believe Steve would come up with that thought or even suggestion this now. She always wanted to have kids, but she concerned herself with being bionic may cause some trouble giving birth.

Before the wedding Steve had talked to Oscar about wanted to use one of the safe houses for their Honeymoon retreat. Oscar was reluctant at first, but Steve told him this would be like a wedding gift for the both of them from him. Plus they will be safe from any "prying eyes" that maybe still interested in their bionics. Since the recent insistent occurred. He'll be dam if he was going to let anything ruin their marriage this time.

As they exit the hotel's garden they were followed by the guests cheering in the background.

Then they drove over to Steve's charter boat from Steve's boat they sailed out to the safe house.

Within a couple days they arrived at Small Island it was almost late in the evening. They grabbed their bags and headed to the direction of the house.

For a safe house it was pretty big for a one story house and well furnish with a big kitchen, a medium size living room, and medium master bedroom. The outside was bleach color stucco and with big huge windows in the front. It was surround by trees and near the shoreline. Steve picked Jamie up in his arms before entering the house and carried her inside.

"Here we are Mrs. Steve Austin" Steve smiled set her down on the floor.

"Why thank you Mr. Steve Austin." Jamie returned the smile and kissed

"Let's change and then have some dinner." Steve suggested as he watched Jamie enter the bedroom off on the right. He started making his way towards the kitchen to prepare the food.

After changing into one of her even gowns she left the bedroom and as she opened the door most amazing smell of steak ever hit her. Jamie followed the aroma to the kitchen area. There she found a table set for two with 2 lit candles and one Steve Austin standing by a stove with the pants and the white long sleeve shirt, cooking.

"Steve?" She came up behind him. "What are you doing?"

"Cooking dinner" Steve turned around. "What does it look like I'm doing?" He took her in his arms and kissed her.

"You cook." Jamie looked skeptical at him putting her arms around him. She noticed he partial unbuttoned his shirt, revealing some chest hair. That always seems to turn her on a bit even when were together before.

"It's never too late to learn new things" he held her closer and kissed her again.

"I guess you're right."

"Come on the food's ready." Steve let her go and pulled out the seat so she can be seated.

After Jamie sat at the table, Steve dished out the delicious food and they finished what was left.

"Tell me something?" Jamie propped her head on hands and looked at him.

"Anything" Steve just finished his food.

"So, we're finally gonna live happily ever after, aren't we?"

"You bet." Steve grabbed his wine glass and raised it. He waited for Jamie's glass to meet his. "Here's to us." Their glass clinked together.

At that moment Jamie started to think of the time that her and Steve were about be married before, but the body rejected her bionics, then her dying on the hospital bed; only to be brought back to life afterwards causing to loose all her memories including the one of Steve and her stopped that.

"Jamie?" Steve voice broke into her thoughts as he was about to sip in his wine.

"Everything alright sweetheart" Steve had seen that look on her face before like something was troubling her.

"Yes." Jamie drank some wine and saw the concern look on his face.

"You're sure you're ok?" Steve raised an eyebrow.

"Everything's fine." Jamie lied.

After they finished the delicious food Steve made and drank the wine Jamie helped Steve clean up table and do the dishes. Jamie was deep in thought; she couldn't believe she was now Mrs. Steve Austin. After recent situation with her nearly losing her use of her bionic limbs and losing the man she ever loved.

Steve had a gut feeling something was troubling his new bride. She was uneasily for some reason. Is her bionics causing her problems again? But he knew Rudy already "upgrade" her.

To Be Continued...