It was years and years into their Viking days. Denmark and Norway has established their own ways of fighting, which were seen clearly on today's invasion. Denmark was a rusher, he was hasty, and would do anything to get the kill done fast. Norway on the other hand was stealthy; he gave his opponent a run for his or her money. He could work on one and take out five more without even looking over his shoulder. Take a swing? Norway was oddly flexible in his back. When you were low on energy that's when Norway knew this kill. Quick, easy, but time consuming, Denmark always did take out more people than Norway, but Norway killed less people in a "cheating death" way.

These days Denmark started gaining even more confidence on top of the ego he already had. At this point Norway seem to lose his loving feelings for Denmark, even though he didn't. Denmark thought before every invasion "Maybe if I kill more people than last time maybe Norway will be impressed!" He always did killed more people than the time before, but Norway never was impressed. It was like Norway expected it of Denmark.

Denmark slowly lost interest of impressing Norway but he still wanted Norway. Norway, something about him, was alluring Denmark. It was merely the end of their Viking rain. They needed to take it and rule it. Denmark was pacing one night "Who shall I rule with? Who? Who?" Denmark looked out the window and saw a blue glow and what seemed like dancing blue aura, almost like the northern lights. Denmark snuck from his window closer to this wonder and hid behind a tree. Norway, it was Norway. Denmark's best friend, aid, and now he wanted to love him. Love him more than ever before. All Denmark could think in his head was how he was going to ask Norway to rule the land they deserve with him.

A shocking noise almost angel like, so pleasant, so unexpected. The singing of an angel's cry, so soft, yet so beautiful.

"I am the guardian wove, love and clean

I shall be seen by my purity

My hands have walked on broken glass

My pain doesn't seem to pass

Oh I want what once was mine

I want him to look at me the same

I want his heart in my hand

I want to hold his hand on the thrown of time

I want what once was mine

He was is powerful

Could make any child be in amazement

I want what is mine

Oh Mathias I want you as mine"

Denmark's heart pounded. He knew he wasn't supposed to hear that, but he did. Norway oh sweet Norway, Denmark wanted him the same. All you have to do is ask Denmark, ask him, he wants you to. Denmark's inner gut was speaking and he slowly emerged from the trees and brush and smiled. Norway was shocked "M-Mathias?" Denmark only took Norway's hand went down on one knee and put his hand to his forehead "Oh Lukas, will you rule with me as long as our time stands?"

Norway didn't know what to say. This is what he wanted. He got it, but what now? Norway put his hand on top of Denmark's, bowed his head and said "Oh Mathias, I will rule with you until the end of our time and beyond"

Oh I want what once was mine

I want what is mine

Oh Mathias I want you as mine

~The End~