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XX Chapter one, I'm a super hero! XX

"I'm a super hero!" Robin yelled running around Slades hideout with his arms stretched out in front of him and a towel tied around his neck.

"No your not. Your an apprentice" Slade said as Robin 'flew' into his office area.

"Fine!" Robin "Then I'm a super apprentice!" he stated jumping over a chair.

"Your not a super anything!" Slade growled "Now sit down and take that towel off from around you neck!" Slade yelled.

"No! It's my cape!" Robin cried clutching the blue towel that had ducks on it.

Slade sighed "You already have a cape, go put it on . . ."

"I can't."

"Why can't you . . .?" Slade was almost afraid to ask.

"Mr. Clean took it," Robin said "he said he needed it to go fight grime" he finished before he burst out laughing.

Slade slapped himself.

"Do you wanna dress up as a villain and chase me around?" Robin asked excitedly before jumping in the older mans lap.

"I already am an evil person!" Slade said as he glared at the masked boy.

Robin cocked his head a little "You are?"

Slade hurriedly pushed the boy off his lap and slammed his head down on the table a couple of times to let his frustration out. He felt like strangling the boy.

"So . . .is that a no?"

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