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Chapter One :

I sat and stared at the endless waters, not bothering to pay attention to the tears that flowed freely down my face, but instead at the peaceful ripples of the water and the soft whispers of the water grasses. My eyes closed against the beautiful scenery and my mind was attacked with a cascade of numbers- information that only I could make sense out of.

This would be my last moments in the only place I ever knew to call home.


"Ed, look!"

The blonde haired boy turned to look at what the large suit of armor standing next to him was fussing about.

"What?" He replied, his facial expression and tone bored, but his eyes were alight with something different.

"I think I might have found what we came here for..." The armor trailed off as he lifted a hand to point at a nearby tent, the cloth dyed a darp blue.

Edward Elric, the small blonde, frowned and stared through the swiftly moving crowd at what his little brother was talking about. There were two guards standing beside the entrance, indicating that there was something important inside.

"Let's go, Al." Ed said in a hushed tone before disappearing into the crowd.

The moment the young alchemist entered the tent a chill ran down his spine. As if the whole idea of a chimera circus wasn't enough, every tent that the pair had entered so far was breath takingly chilled. The darkness lurking along the creased and corners of the tent's folded fabric seemed more intimidating than the 'attractions' themselves.

It took a moment for Al to get inside of the tent, but when he did he gasped at the many rows of filled benches facing a small stage in front. There was a large, bird-like cage right in the middle, a black curtain draped over it.

"Suspicious..." Ed muttered underneath his breath, sitting down on the bench farthest away from the stage.

Al joined him only a few seconds later, anxiously looking around as he had been doing since he got there. With his empty body and his brother's mechanical arms, Al was freaked out by the whole idea of the investigation, and whether he would admit it or not, so was his older brother.

Ed was glaring at the stage willing for something to happen when a bright light suddenly appeared, shining down on the covered cage that rattled as the light struck it unforgivingly.

The crowd jumed amd murmured at the movement from the cage, but quickly quieted as a tall, thin man walked onto the stage from an invisible flap in the tent. His black suit matched his shadowy hair and eyes.

"Welcome!" He boomed, his voice echoing. "I hope you all have enjoyed the Chimera Circus to it's fullest, and you are now ready for the main attraction."

Ed's eyes widened and he turned to look at Al with a grim nod.

This is it!

The man walked over to the cage and grabbed hold of the edge of the blanket hiding the creature within.

"Behold, the first singing chimera..." The rest of his sentence was clouded by a large gasp from the audience as the blanket was removed, revealing...

A child.

He was small, curled up in the farthest edge of the circular cage with his legs folded painfully underneath him and his hands clutching at the bars desperately. His blonde hair was matted with dried blood and pulled back into a sloppy ponytail with a frayed ribbon. He wore only a pitiful excuse for a pair of shorts, the ripped edges just barely reaching his abused thighs midway. The shirt slung over his small, almost dainty frame was many sizes too large and seemed ready to fall off at any moment.

But the worst by far was his face, contorted in fear, a black blindfold wrapped over his eyes and his mouth open slightly as gasped for air over his fright. There were tear tracks in the dirt smudging his cheeks and bruises running up his neck to his jawline.

Ed clenched his teeth and had to fight to stay calm at the pitiful sight. Through all of his anger, he had failed to notice one very important thing...


Ed turned his attention away from the trembling child on the stage and looked up at Al.

"...Look at his head... his ears..." Al whispered.

The moment Ed snapped his attention back to the cage, the man up front began to speak again.

"I am very proud to show to you today our most prized possesion, a human chimera." The man smirked at the gaping faces in the crowd before him and knelt down next to the cage, reaching in to grab something attached to the boy's head.

Were those... cat ears?

"We have successfully created a human-feline-bat chimera." The man continued with a haughty tone as he tugged on the furry black ears flattened on the chimera's head.

More fury boiled up inside Ed as the boy let out a small mewl of pain, just bearly audible over the mumbles of the awed crowd. He let go of the cage bars to grab onto the man's wrist, trying desperately to free himself.


The man unlocked the cage and reached inside, completely oblivious as the boy flattened himself against the metal bars in an attempt to escape. The man produced a pair of handcuffs from his coat pocket and pulled the wobbly child roughly out from the cage before chaining his hands to the door of the cage, holding his hands uncomfortably to one side.

"He has both a cat tail and surprisingly... bat wings." He grinned, twisting the chimera around to show the drooping black tail protruding out from beneath his long shirt.

The wings were, without a doubt, very unexpected. They were small in comparison to the boy's slight frame as he faced away from the audience, the leathery wings curled against his back as though to hide them.

Ed saw Al's fists tighten as he shared his brother's anger.

"And now, to hear our diva sing."

Confusion and surprise rose in the crowd as the man in the suit unlatched the boy's wrists before shoving him back inside the cage again, ignoring the painful position his victim landed in. While the boy on in the cage began to sit up, his head bowed and ears lifeless, the man pulled out a saxophone and began to play a sad, slow tune.

It seemed like ages before the chimera lifted it's head and began to sing.

'Even though time is gone, it's still showtime.
I hide behind the curtain as it's drawn.
The vivid you is so kind
They yell at me, why aren't you here..?'

Ed's eyes widened and a look of pure pain flashed across his face as he listened to the child's almost robotic voice pierce the cold air, the sorrow in his vocals reverberating through the tent.

'...Smirking, crying, they want to listen?
I want to see you, I want to touch you, I'm trembling, where are you?
Is the performance starting? I am violated inside.
"Sing", he tells me, he's not you, I can't sing.

Silently mouthing a song,
Inside that caging dream.
"He" is evil, though it begs in tears,
Why is it all alone like that?

That pathetic monster
Cannot see, just hate.
The words we always scream are
"Look, it's the Circus Monster."'

The boy took a shuddering inhale before letting out a long stream of lonely notes, each one layering after another as the man stood sliently, listening, the instrument lowered at his side. The flow of notes escalated until it was close to a scream before the man began to play once more.

'Silently mouthing a song,
Inside this caging dream.
"He" is evil, I begged in tears
Why did you abandon me?

I, a pathetic monster
Cannot see, just hate.
Today, they scream those words again,
"Look, it's the circus monster."'

As the song closed, the man in the suit quickly covered up the tent with the blanket, but not before Ed and Al caught a glimse of the child curling in on itself, a small tremor visible in his frame.

"Al..." The blonde alchemist didn't tear his burning gaze from the silent cage as he stood. "We need to report this to Mustang quickly so that we can get back here as soon as possible."

"...Brother?" Al's hopes soared as he peered at Ed's determined glare. "What do you mean?"

A smirk twisted Ed's features devilishly and he finally ripped his golden eyes from the stage.

"We're going to save him, Al, and you know that nothing is going to stop me."


I do not apologize for making Len a totally helpless little shota...

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Song is 'Circus Monster', if not already obvious...