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The next time Len was visited, it was by just Riza on her own. She asked the boy about his wings, ears and tails before making small talk about his family back in Xing.

First he told her about Miku Hatsune, his older sister. He told her of the girl's long, teal pigtails that nearly reached the ground and her large eyes that matched. Her high singing voice and bubbly personality. Len said that she was like a sister to him, and she used to read him stories.

Then her told her about his best friend Kaito Shion. He had layered blue hair that fell around his face in elegant sweeps and his deep indigo eyes that made you feel like you were drowning in them. His deep, soothing voice and silly, comforting prescense. Len told her of the games they used to play.

Meiko had no last name, and Len told Riza that she was like a mother figure. She had a short bob of auburn hair and rich maroon eyes. He laughed as he spoke of her drinking habits and her rough, strong voice that made you feel wanted, protected. She was the one to ward off the nightmares and bullies and take care of them all.

His sister, Rin Kagamine, was spoken of like a bittersweet friend. Her hair was yellow, like Len's, and let down to brush her shoulders, her large bow making her innocent prominent. Her eyes were the same sparkling color of Len's, only a shade lighter. Riza litsten raptly as he described her young, mezmerizing voice that borderlined adolescent with mature and her annoyinglittle pranks she played on him. It was obvious that he loved her the most, based on the time he spent speaking of their unbreakable connection and memories they shared.

He then told her about Gakupo Kamui, his 'older brother'. He had long, dark purple hair that he kept up in a ponytail and eyes to match. His voice was a more matture, measured version of Kaito's that could move his audience to tears. He was very collected and kind, the one who had beared the front of responsibility in their small family.

Gakupo had a sister, Gumi, who was best friends with Rin. Although, as Riza noted, the girl's short green hair and spring colored eyes were nothing short of polar opposite to her brother. Her voice was similar to Miku and Rin's, and was like a mashed up version of the two, to match her trickster-optomistic personality. Len said that she was like the side-kick rebel to all of Rin's games and was more like her twin than he was.

Lastly, he told Riza about Gakupo's partner, Luka Megurine. She was the most mature woman out of all of them, with hip length salmon hair and almond shaped rosy eyes. Her voice was soft yet strong in it's own way, reflecting her independent prescense. She was part of the two-sided coin that were the mothers in the VOCALOID family.

As far as ages went, Riza gathered that Rin and Len were the youngest, followed up by Gumi and Miku. Kaito, Meiko, Gakupo and Luka were the oldest of the group.

By the time Len had finished talking, he had stopped stuttering and picking his words so carefully. Riza took this as progress, especially when the boy had said that Riza was "part of the family too", before blushing and taking it back.

The soldier simply smiled and reached out to brush the golden hair out of Len's hair.

"There's no reason to be embarrassed, Len," she said softly. "I want to help you in any way I can, and I feel honored to considered as part of your family."

Len's blue eyes widened, and he froze for a few silent seconds before tears began making their way down his face. Instead of the suprise he expected to see on Riza's face, he only saw love and acceptance. She wrapped her arms gently around his shaking back and pulled him towards her as he sobbed in earnest, his small hands clutching at the front of her uniform.

Neither of the two noticed as Roy Mustang shut the small opening in the door and walked away down the hall.


"I never asked, but what about you?" Riza asked about thirty minutes later, once the chimera had clamed down and Roy had joined them again.

Len looked up at her with open curiousity, having already become accustomed to the others prescense. If Riza trusted him, then Len would, too.

"What do you mean?"

Riza smiled and rested her chin on her fist. "What do you sing?"

Len's eyes widened, a blush spreading out on his face.

"You... you want..." he looked down at his sheet and his twisted fingers. "To hear me sing?"

He sounded so hopeful, so broken. Riza turned to Roy with an expression like a baby kitten had just curled around her finger. She barely missed a beat before responding.

"If it not too much to ask, then yes. I would love to hear you sing."

The chimera's head snapped up at her confirmation, a wide smile spreading out on his rosy cheeks. It was infectous, and soon had both Riza and Roy grinning stupidly.

"What would you like me to sing? I..." Len tilted his head to the side in consideration. "I haven't been able to choose a song in a long time."

A small bit of Riza's heart shattered at his words, but Roy was quick to save her.

"You can sing whatever you like. No one's going to judge you."

Len smiled wider, if it was even possible, before tapping a small patch of light blue skin on his wrist. The doctors had assumed that it was a tattoo of some sort, like the many others he had covering his body, but they were quickly proved wrong. A hologram of a blue screen hovered in front of Len, who was humming lightly while he looked through a list of songs.

Finally he came to one that made him smile softly, and he pressed it lightly, selecting it from it's brothers.

"This one's called Fire Flower..." He said, giving them one last look for confirmation before singing.

"'I'm glad that I was able to love you from the start', I sing to the sky!"

Len sat up with his legs crossed and back straight, eyes closed as he poured out perfect pitches through robotic vocal chords. All of the sudden Riza and Roy were hit by the sole reason why VOCALOIDs must have been so popular and so wanted.

It was beautiful.

"Looking for a place to launch my dream, I left this town.

My phones vibrates and I turn off the power,

No one can stop this burning fuse...

If it were the end of the world, I would leave everything behind to be with you forever...!

Like a Fire Flower, so my existence won't fade away,

Scatter and launch my dreams!

'I wish I never loved you from the start', I even try to lie...


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