She had been bitten by vampires before. She had been bitten by Damon before, but it was nothing like this. This was different. The pain wasn't bad, it only lasted a second. Then she was filled with a pleasure so powerful that if she hadn't been tied down, would have made her lean in to him. A pleasure so powerful that if she hadn't been gagged, would have made her moan. It spread through her limbs, making her want more, making her arch her neck so he could have better access.

This wasn't the normal Bonnie. The normal Bonnie would have screamed and kicked and fought. She wouldn't have let Damon bite her. She would have rather died. But she wasn't the same Bonnie. She was different. This Bonnie, this new Bonnie, she had feelings for Damon. She hadn't yet figured out what those feelings were yet, but they were strong, and they were only getting stronger. This pleasure wasn't helping any.

But the pleasure didn't last long. The more he took, the more uncomfortable she became. Then pain was spreading through her limps. Pain. Pain like it should have been. Pain like the last time he bit her. It was through her. It was a part of her. It was all fire, leaving her wondering if the pleasure had been a dream. She wanted to scream. Hot tears were running down her cheeks. Her heart beat was getting fainter, she could feel it. Her head fell to the side, and she struggled to stay awake.

Damon went flying off of her, and not a moment too soon. He hit the back wall, and she knew that the crack she heard was his bones and not the wall. She tried to open her eyes, but they seemed to be glued shut. Sleep, then. Sleep would be good. She liked sleep. There was a nagging in the back of her head, but it was just a distant buzz, so she didn't listen to it. Bonnie sighed contently. It was done. There would be no more fighting on her part. She was finally done.

The chair and restraints disappeared, and her body fell to the floor. She was in pain for a moment, but then the haziness took over, and she just felt sleepy. She tried to move into a more comfortable position, but moving sent shock waves of pain all through her body. She screamed, suddenly feeling very there. She wasn't sleepy anymore. She was very aware. Aware of every little pain, every little breeze, every little everything.

Her head was being lifted off of the ground. Damon. Her knight in not-so-shining armor. It was a silly thought, but she wasn't exactly in her right mind. She knew what would happen, though. He would feed her his blood. He would save her after he almost killed her. Bonnie groaned. Did she want it? She was conscious; she knew everything that was happening around her. She had the power to tell Damon no, just let me die. She could do it, and he would listen. He respected her too much not to.

But is that what she wanted? No. It wasn't. She didn't want to die. She was sixteen years old. Dying, even after everything that had happened, would be difficult. Bonnie had been through hell, but she had pulled back from it. She still had a chance to live. Because she hadn't yet. Not really. With great difficulty, she opened her eyes. He was looking down on her, asking her what he should do. It was in her hands now. Her life was in her hands.

Would being a vampire really be all that bad? She could barely remember why she hated them so much. Weren't they just trying to live like everybody else? They did what they needed to do to survive, how was that so different from anyone? Nothing could make taking an innocent life right, but were they all that bad? Stefan wasn't. Caroline wasn't. Damon wasn't. If she had to be a vampire, she couldn't imagine any better teachers than those three. She wouldn't be bad. She would still be Bonnie, just not witch Bonnie. Vampire Bonnie.

She nodded to him, and he wasted no time. Damon bit into his wrist, and pressed it to her lips. It was bitter, the taste, but it wasn't unbearable. It wasn't as coppery as she thought it would be. Bonnie let it drizzle into her mouth, and eventually found herself sucking on his wrist. She could feel heat flood back through her body. She could feel the pain ebbing. She was getting better. It was healing her. Damon lifted his hand away, and Bonnie's head fell back into his lap. He pushed some curls from her face.

Then he was lying beside her. She was still looking up at him, trying to sort out thoughts in her muddled brain. Later, she would accuse her actions on almost dying. She would say that she didn't mean it. She was just acting on impulse. She would say that she had no feelings for Damon. It would be a lie, but that's what she would say when someone asked her why she kissed Damon. Her lips met his, and she could tell that he was shocked at first, but he quickly warmed up to it.

His arms went around her tiny body, and he pulled her into him. They kissed for what seemed like an eternity before they had to come up for air. It started out as sweet, gentle, innocent, but then it turned into something more. Something deep, passionate, desperate. Something that should have never passed between Bonnie and Damon, in her opinion, and she knew what would come if she kissed him again.

But that didn't stop her. She kissed him again, wanting, needing to feel his lips against hers. Needing to know that someone wanted her because she had spent most of her life feeling unwanted by a lot of people. And now, here was this man who loved her, and even though she didn't quite know what she felt about him, she wasn't going to push him away. She had tried that. Tried hating him. It didn't work. She couldn't stay mad a Damon for too long, and there was this hunger in her stomach that she couldn't ignore.

She rolled so that she was on top of him, letting her legs fall on either side. Bonnie propped her chin on his chest, and looked at his face. He wore a goofy grin, something that not often seen on his face. Damon was never goofy or dazed. He was always calm and collected. She leaned down, kissing him again. And again. His hands stayed on her hips, but she could tell that he was itching to place them elsewhere. To explore uncharted territory.

To answer his silent question, Bonnie sat up, and pulled her shirt over her head. She stayed like that for a moment, letting Damon take her in. By the look on his face, she decided that he liked what he saw. But the more he looked at her, the more she started to lose confidence in herself. The more she began to feel embarrassed by her figure. Bonnie always thought herself as beautiful. Not obviously beautiful like Elena and Caroline, but a different kind of beauty. An exotic type of beauty. Now she was second guessing herself.

He sat up and kissed her, drowning away her worries. The kiss told her everything she needed to know. That he thought she was beautiful. That he wanted her. That was enough. Usually, it wouldn't have been, but it was right now. He was. Bonnie put her hands on either side of his face, kissing him. Her mouth opened enough for him to dip his tongue in, tasting her. She moaned lightly.

She was on her back then. Damon was hovering over her, his blue eyes burning with need. Her stomach flipped as she nodded. It was okay. She wanted this. It probably wouldn't be something that she'd be too proud of down the road, that her first time was with a homicidal vampire, but she didn't think about that. She was thinking about now, and now she wanted to. She wanted to before she lost her nerve.

His fingers drummed across her stomach as he kissed her neck. He moved back, pulling off his shirt, and Bonnie could feel a blush spread across her cheeks and neck. Damon kissed her again. He was good at making her feel like it was going to be okay. That this was right. Damon's mouth moved, and he was kissing her breasts, sucking, nibbling. It wasn't just her breasts, but every part of her chest. He paid the most attention to them, though.

His hands moved, and snuck under the top of her pants. Her muscles went stiff for a moment, but then she relaxed. She wanted this. She wanted him. She squirmed a little, and before she knew it she was completely naked under him. Bonnie closed her eyes, and soon his pants found a similar fate as hers. As soon as he was done undressing, Bonnie forced his head up, and pressed her lips to his. She needed him there. Just for a moment. Just so she knew that everything was going to be okay.

It was, and she let him move away. He didn't go far. He pressed his forehead in to hers, looking down at her. "Bonnie." He groaned, as if there was something wrong. As if he was in trouble.

Her eyes fluttered open, and she was surprised to see an apologetic look on his face. "Damon." She responded, offering him somewhat of a smile. They said nothing for a long time, and Bonnie leaned up to kiss him again. He didn't push her away. He welcomed her lips as if they were a candy that he never wanted to stop tasting.

"Are you sure?" He asked.

She swallowed a lump in her throat, and nodded. She was sure. Now. Before she lost all of her nerve. She wanted him like she had never wanted him anyone else. She wanted him to kiss her, to love her, to make love with her. She'd never done it, but she wasn't an idiot. She knew what it felt like to want it. What she didn't expect was for it to feel this strong when she wanted someone as bad as she wanted Damon.

He didn't ask another question. He teased her then, rubbing against her opening. She moaned, glaring at him. Now. She wanted him now. He smirked that same old Damon smirk before he thrust into her. She let out a cry so loud that it might as well have been a scream. She was seeing stars. Bonnie dug her fingernails into the skin of Damon's shoulders, and bit her lip.

He gave her time to get used to the feeling of him inside of her before he began to move faster. The pain was mostly gone. She was still uncomfortable, but it wasn't bad. It was nothing compared to the pleasure coursing through her. Damon kissed her hard on the mouth. She scratched at his back as he moved faster, longer. He drew moans from her, and she could hear him grunt every now and then.

She thought she was going to explode. Burst. Come apart. Whatever they called it. He was moving even faster, going even deeper. She felt like screaming, but she bit her lip. Sweat broke out across her forehead. She knew that she had her fingers dug in so far in Damon's skin that he was bleeding. She could feel the blood between her fingers. Closer now. She came with a scream, and then both of the fell exhaustedly on the floor.

Damon looked at her. "I love you." He said.

She didn't respond. She didn't know how to.

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