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Sirius was sitting in the living room of Grimuald place over the summer while taking a break from cleaning. When there was a flash of light and a muffled "AH" He instinctively pulled his wand and pointed it at the source of light.

This source turned out to be a boy who was a carbon copy of Harry but without the scar and also about 10. He was about to say something when it happened again and on top of the first boy was another boy. But this one had red hair even though it was just as messy and he didn't have glasses. He also looked slightly younger like around 8.

Once again he was about to react when it happened again. But it was a girl about 6 with long red hair and looked creepily like Ginny Weasley. He didn't know what to do so first he unstacked the children from one another and looked at them. They were obviously siblings and he was about to try to wake them up when the oldest boy woke with a start and an "Ah!"

He looked at Sirius and demanded "Who are you? What is going on? Where am I?" Before he noticed his siblings on the floor.

"Albus! Lily! What did you do to them?" He said before kneeling next to the boy and tried to shake him slightly while mumbling softly, "C'mon Al, please don't be dead, pleeeeease." He suddenly jumped up and whirled around to face Sirius, who was currently staring, dumbfounded at him with a confused expression.

"If you hurt my siblings Merlin help you, YOU WILL BE DEAD!"

Sirius finally found his voice and said, "Hey kid, I have no idea what is going on you just appeared in my living room."

"Yea, like a believe you, now, WHAT DID YOU DO TO AL AND LILY?" He said that and a second later the second boy awoke with the same start and "Ah!" as the first. But he was on his side so the first thing he noticed was he sister, unconscious, next to him. "Lily? Lily! Are you okay? Oh, Merlin pleeeease be okay!" He looked up and saw Sirius and his brother and jumped up with a "Who are you? James! What's going on?" Then he ran to his older brother and hugged him tightly like his brother was doing to him.

"AL! Sweet Merlin Al you scared the crap out of me!" He then turned to Sirius and said fiercely "Be glad Al is okay! I would KILL you!" Sirius even backed up a step because James was obviously VERY protective of his siblings. When the door opened and a messy haired teen walked in saying "Hey Sirius what's going on in here?" But both boys yelled "DAD!" and ran and hugged him so hard he fell against the wall with an "Oooph" But he looked at the two boys attached to him, to Sirius who looked flabbergasted finally to the unconscious girl on the floor and looked back to Sirius with a "Sirius we leave you alone for 5 minutes and THIS happens?"