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James started talking really fast "Dad! We were so confused we were at dinner when we suddenly appeared here with the weird man! He did something to Lily! Help her Dad! Help her!"

Harry looked at Sirius "What does he mean you did something to her?"

"Hey! I didn't do anything to here I was sitting here taking a break and they all appeared then woke up yelling at me!" Then the young girl woke up and noticed Sirius who was closest to her and burst into tears. He knelt down next to her and said softly "Hey, Hey its okay, no one's going to hurt you it's alright." He was about to say more when Al and James simultaneously shouted (rather ferociously) "GET AWAY FROM LILY! DON'T HURT HER!" and she looked up with a shout of "Al! James!" But looked over and shouted "DADDY!" and ran to hug him harder than the 2 boys did. "Daddy! I was so scared where are we? What happened?"

"Okay what the HECK is going on?" Harry said. Al stepped back and gasped. "Woah, Dad how old are you?"

"I'm only 15! I can't be your dad!"

"James, Lily! We went back in TIME!"


"Yea so that guy must be…" The children turned back to Sirius and yelled "PADFOOT!" and ran and hug/tackled him. He was still kneeling and he was caught off guard by the sudden opinion change of him so when they all landed in a dog pile with Sirius on the bottom and little Lily on top with Al and James in the middle, all laughing loudly. Harry was also laughing hysterically at the look on Padfoot's face and the dog pile of these children (Who were apparently his children) and Padfoot. They all untangled themselves and Harry said, "okay lets all sit down and figure this out."

Sirius went back to sitting in the armchair and Harry and the 2 boys sat on the couch and Lily stood there for a minute looking like she was deciding something. But then she made up her mind and walked over to Sirius. "Can I sit on your lap?" she asked shyly. Sirius looked shocked and a little bit in awe but nodded none the less. When the little girl giggled and jumped into his lap he smiled widely and hugged the little girl. James and Al looked at each other and said "Sorry for yelling at you Uncle Padfoot."

Sirius just nodded numbly before breaking out into a mischievous grin and saying "So Harry who do you think the mom is?"

Harry paled a little bit and looked at Lily. He could tell by looking at her and Albus's red hair that she was the mother. He was so dead for knocking up Ginny. He didn't know what to say but Lily said, "Daddy I'm hungry. Can we have something to eat pleeeeeeeease." She said this all with a puppy face (which was EXTEREMELY cute). So Harry smiled at her and led the children into the kitchen.

Sirius also already knew who the mother was and was slightly looking forward to that being reveled to her brothers… But he was snapped out of his musings by 2 more flashes of light and groaned to himself not again…