Closing Notes (12-3-12):

Another story that took way longer to finish than I'd intended! Thank you to those of you who've been patiently sticking around.

I'm sorry to say that this story started out of spite. After I had finished reading the profoundly disappointing novel Star Wars: The Old Republic: Revan, I just wanted to prove that it was totally possible to bring the gang back for one last hurrah instead of ignoring them all outright. Hopefully, this is the first and last time my motivations for writing are tangled up in emotions like that!

I hope that you enjoyed the story. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to do everything that I wanted to do without tacking another year onto the writing schedule with everything that's been happening in my life-college being a big factor there-but I think it does enough in that brief gap in canon between the end of KotOR I and The Old Republic: Revan without pushing things too far out of whack. I really do try to stay true to canon, even when SW stories I don't like fall under that particular umbrella!

So, thanks again. As always, if you enjoyed the story, please consider leaving a review because they really do help me out. Sharing the story around is also a big plus. If you didn't like the story, well, consider leaving a review anyway! Constructive criticism, even the negative kind, is invaluable to me.

And thanks to Mister Buch for listening to me rant on about the Revan novel, even long after it stopped being funny. xD

May the Force be with you!