Survival of the Fittest

By: Gemini97

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Good, and now I present to you the first chappie of SotF! Just to let you know, this story takes place AFTER Eye for an Eye. Hope I see you at the bottom! Oh, and guys, * peers over at Fred and George * do you have anything else to say before we begin? You won't be able to until the end of the chapter…

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When Danny and Vlad are battling in the Ghost Zone, they accidentally go through a portal to the human world… in the middle of nowhere. They're at each other's throats, but in order to get back to Amity Park, the two archenemies must put aside their differences and work together.

Chapter 1

"And… there." Danny Fenton said as he added the finishing touches to his model of the solar system. It had taken him hours and hours of painting intricate details on each of the little Styrofoam planets to almost perfection. And not to mention he put his blood and sweat into this project; astronomy was, after all, his favorite and best subject.

Sighing with relief, he turned the on switch on and watched, feeling accomplished, as the planets started to turn around the sun, following their orbits.

Feeling satisfied, Danny turned off the model and, picking it up carefully, set it into a box, along with his report on it.

As soon as he did so, however, a thin wisp of blue mist escaped Danny's mouth. The box levitated into the air, seemingly of its own accord, but then a pudgy blue-skinned ghost in overalls appeared.

"Oh, please…" Danny said before the Box Ghost could say anything, sighing exasperatedly, "Come on, I don't have time for this!"


Danny morphed into his alter-ego self and flew after him before he could finish declaring his plans to the world (which annoyingly enough made him sound like Technus!)

The Box Ghost went intangible and flew out of Fenton Works, box in hand. Danny was distraught; if that lame ghost ruined his project, he would send him within an inch of his afterlife! He needed to get it back, considering it was due the following day!

The chase went on for only a matter of moments before the Box Ghost flew down an alley. Danny turned human just around the corner and walked leisurely down the alley, uncapping the Fenton thermos as he saw the Box Ghost hovering near the back of the alley. The Box Ghost was sucked into the thermos without anything more than a "BEWARE!" Danny caught the box as it started to fall, and as soon as he saw that his solar system was still intact, Danny turned towards home, a confident smile plastered across his face, his eyes closed. However, his smile faded into a frown when he opened his eyes, as he saw none other than the new mayor, Vlad Masters, just outside the alley.

Vlad stood leaning against the brick wall casually, arms folded, smiling smugly down at the teenager. As Danny walked past him, Vlad unfolded his arms, saying, "Hello, Daniel. Long time, no see?"

Danny ignored him, deciding he wasn't in the mood for the billionaire's games. He'd had quite enough of them the week previously.

"Really, Daniel? Don't you think ignoring me is quite childish? Even for you?" Vlad persisted, following as Danny continued on his way home.

Not even taking a backward glance, he growled, "No, Plasmius. I'm not in the mood for your insults or banter."

Vlad caught up and began walking beside the younger hybrid, wrapping his arm amiably around his shoulders, "Who said anything about banter? Is that what you call a greeting?"

Shrugging off the elder halfa's arm, Danny's gaze snapped over to Vlad as he asked abruptly, "Okay, shouldn't you be home with your lonely-guy cat? Why are you here and what do you want this time?"

Masters chuckled lightly, saying, "Oh, are you always this paranoid? I can't tell whether I should be annoyed or amused! Oh, well, no matter. I was on my way to your house for a visit, anyway. And, no, I don't want anything new, I'm afraid."

"Oh, how silly of me. So you still want to kill my dad, marry my mom, and have me as your perfect son/apprentice thing, right? Right—sorry, but that hasn't worked out well in the past and it won't change now or anytime soon." Danny said, smirking.

Vlad shrugged, "As I can see—but I'm a patient man, and you and your mother will eventually come to see things my way. So… how has school been going for you lately?"

"I thought that you've seen my grades?" Danny asked, a hint of annoyance in his voice; Vlad's sudden change in subject bothered him.

"Not lately, no. Answer my question."

Danny rolled his eyes and walked faster. Why did this guy have to be so, so…? He didn't even have a good enough description. Oh, wait—yes there is…. Fruit loopy?

Vlad started talking again after seeing Danny wasn't going to respond. "Fine, don't answer me," he continued on in a more casual, slightly quieter tone, "I guess I'll figure out when I make my visit to Casper High tomorrow, then…"

"YOU'RE GONNA WHAT TOMORROW?" Danny halted in his tracks.

Vlad burst out laughing, having gotten the reaction he had been hoping for from the young halfa. Danny started walking again; they were just a block from Fenton Works by now. Only that much longer I have to deal with this fruit loop alone… Danny thought furiously, wondering why he alwaysended up ticked off every single time he saw Vlad.

Once the older hybrid calmed down, he said, "As mayor, I want to get more involved in the community. I am simply checking up on how efficient your high school is running." Danny sighed from annoyance; couldn't he get at least one Plasmius-free day? He had no such luck now that the cheesehead was mayor. Danny felt only so sorry for playing that prank on the billionaire, and only felt remorse because the consequences had brought the other half-ghost to Amity Park permanently (as far as he knew), but that was where his regret ran dry. That fruit loop deserved every single one of those pranks! But, then again, dishing out the justice had come with an irritating price.

Danny groaned, this being one of the few times when he actually wished he hadn't sent the Guys in White to demolish the billionaire's mansion.

Vlad's smirk never left his face, even as he and Danny entered the house.

Jazz sat on the couch reading the latest issue of Genius Magazine while Maddie was cooking in the kitchen. She, unfortunately, was using the Ecto-oven. Nice… Vlad'll get to experience the 'frank' being put into Frankenstein… goody. Danny thought dryly.

"Hey, Mom. What's on for dinner?" Danny said, asking the question hoping it was almost anything except hotdogs…

"Oh, hi, Danny; I'm making enchiladas today!" Maddie said, her back turned to them.

"Hello, Maddie. How has your day been so far?" Vlad said in his suave voice.

Maddie turned around suddenly to actually take a look at who had been addressing her. "Oh… hello, Vlad. I'm doing just wonderful, thank you." She said, clearly just as irritated as Danny was, and she was doing a poor job at concealing it.

"Danny, have you seen your father?" she turned and asked to Danny with gritted teeth.

Jack was nowhere to be seen, but judging from the spontaneous KABOOM! that came from downstairs, it didn't take a scholar to know that he was most likely down in the lab.

Danny, who had opened his mouth slowly to respond, looked wide-eyed at the door to the lab as it burst open. Billowing green smoke came pouring from the doorway as Jack wobbled into the room, dizzy with a goofy grin on his face. Vlad was biting his lip to keep from grinning or laughing. Sending him a hostile frown, Danny glanced from Vlad to his father.

"Dad? What on Earth was that?" he asked, rolling his eyes as Vlad let out a soft chuckle that only Danny could hear.

Jack, who was just now orienting himself, said, "That, m'boy, was the beginnings of a scientific discovery!" He wiped the grime and dust that covered his face, the goofy grin still not fading. "I was just experimenting with some ectoplasm and how it reacts to stuff so I can invent new weapons—oh, hey, V-Man! Didn't see you there!" Jack said, wrapping his arms around the mayor in a hug, nearly crushing the man.

Danny giggled as he heard the older halfa grunt as he tried to wriggle out of his 'old friend's' grasp. "J-Jack, you're c-crushing me!" Vlad gasped.

Jack let go of him, grinning, "Sorry, pal; so, to what do we owe the pleasure, Vladdie?"

"Oh, I simply felt like visiting you and your family today…" Vlad said, straightening out his suit.

"Well, that's great! How's life been treatin' ya?" Jack said, sitting down. Vlad and the rest of the Fentons did likewise.

As Vlad spoke of how busy his mayoral duties kept him, Maddie went off into the kitchen to tend to supper, that being her excuse to get out of the room as quick as possible. Danny zoned out for a while, this conversation boring him nearly half to death.

Danny mentally slapped himself and shook his head slightly; did he really just have that pun run through his thoughts?

Vlad stayed over for dinner at the insistence of Jack, while Maddie begrudgingly agreed, only for the sake of Jack. The rest of the evening went by smoothly enough. After dinner, Danny told his parents that he was tired and went up to his room, wanting to get a Vlad-free moment. Jazz eventually went to her room, claiming she needed to study for a test.

The conversation downstairs didn't end until pretty late at night, and around eleven o'clock Vlad said goodbye and left the house.

Danny was far from asleep; as he peered through the blinds on his window and watched the billionaire turn around the corner, hands in his pockets, Danny's eyebrows creased. That's weird… no ride? he thought curiously before shrugging it off. At first the thought crossed his mind that Vlad's house was at least fifteen minutes away by car, which perplexed the teen that he was walking. Then again, Plasmius would probably be morphing around the corner and fly home.

Danny was certain that Vlad Plasmius was up to something again…. Why else would he visit Danny's house for no apparent reason?

As Danny yawned and stretched, he pushed aside the thought. He was too exhausted to worry about it at the time being. For that moment, Danny needed rest.

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