Eirene Potter grew up in an orphanage for as long as she remembered. At 7, she was adopted by Morau McCarnathy. Became his disciple, Hunter at 10 years old, and now...a Beast Hunter unlike daddy who was a Sea Hunter and achieved Single Star at 11. Now at NGL...it's her big break. HXH X-Over

My Little Daughter Eirene

Morel McCarnathy, Single-Star Sea Hunter.

He was wandering around Wiltshire, heading to where his supposed disciple was, when he felt a presence of a Nen-User nearby. "Hm? Who on Earth is leaking out their aura? Are they provoking someone?" he wondered as he used Gyo on his eyes to see a pinkish red thread of aura going upwards. "Provoke my ass, someone's unconsciously leaking aura in huge amounts!" he swore as he ran to where the aura was, and found an orphanage.

A little girl with red hair and bright green eyes sitting on a swing while feeding a raccoon with acorns, and surrounded by squirrels and birds. "It's her...she has a good aura if she's liked by animals." he thought with a chuckle as he approached her. "But if she keeps leaking like that with no control whatsoever, she'lll tire easily and people will mistake her for weak and she's anything but." he then spoke to her. 'Hello there.'

'Um...hello...what is it?' the girl asked him shyly.

'You're very good friends with those li'l fellas.' Morau smiled as the raccoon climbed to the girl's shoulder.

'Well...Yufi is my only friend.' said the girl with a sad smile. 'No one likes me in this orphanage. No one wants to play with me either.'

'Why is that?'

'Weird stuff happens around me sometimes...things float, things broken gets fixed...and when I get upset sometimes, there's always this tremor that shakes the whole orphanage. Yufi here got hit by a car a month ago but I fixed him up so he likes me. It's as if he wasn't squashed by a car when I touched him. He's my only friend here. No one wants me.' Morel, being the over-emotional man he was, felt sorry for the poor girl whose nen abilities were out of control she caused stuff to happen...literally. The people here must think she's some sort of abnormal.

'Tell you what kiddo, there's also special people out there who can help you. Watch.' Morau took a whiff of his cigarette and blew out smoke that formed itself into a rabbit and hopped around. The girl gasped in amazement as she watched the rabbit hop around before dispersing.


'That's my ability.' Morau grinned. 'I'll help you find out yours and train you so you can control it. So wanna come with me, err..what's your name?'

'Eirene.' said Eirene as she spelled her name in the air, and out came pinkish red lights as she wrote. 'Eirene Potter. The nuns said I was found on their doorstep at November with practically nothing but a soiled diaper, and a post-it note stuck on my skin saying my name and my birthday. I was abandoned here and I'm the only one who was. The other kids got orphaned for various reasons.' Eirene explained. 'What now?'

'Humm...lemme talk to the nuns.' Morau grinned. 'No one here will ever understand your powers like I do kid. People with powers like us oughta stick together. Normal people will never understand us and that's a fact. Stay put here, I'm gonna have adults talk.' and he went off into the orphanage. When Morau was far enough...

'You hear that Yufi? Someone finally wants us!' Eirene chirped brightly as she held her pet raccoon. 'You can tell he's a good guy right?' the raccoon chattered before nodding. 'If family and these normal people doesn't want me, I should go with that guy who wants me!' and she got off the swing and waited for Morau.


Inside the Orphanage...sure enough, Morau did the business and paperwork to adopt Eirene as his daughter, renaming her Eirene McCarnathy. It has a nice ring to it! Although the nuns were reluctant to let him have her and they explained why...their words somehow matched Eirene's in a way. Then for the final kill...he showed them his Hunter's License...

'I'll take care of Eirene from now on, Sister Lysandra.' Morau grinned. 'Afterall, that girl and I are very alike. Only I and my fellow Hunters can take good care of her. So where's her stuff by the way?'

'U-um, this way Mr. McCarnathy...' Sister Lysandra croaked as she led Morau to Eirene's room...which was the smallest in the orphanage, with a bed, a vanity desk, and a small closet. 'Nobody wanted to room with her because of her powers so we had to move her here.'

'...how long does Eirene know that she's not wanted, besides her abandonment here to the orphanage?' Morau asked Sister Lysandra.

'Well...since she was five years old.' said the nun. 'She asked us one day how she got here. We didn't want to tell her the awful truth but the way she looks at you...what do you call it again? Puppy-dog eyes?' she chuckled sadly. 'You can't refuse her...so we told her that she was cruelly abandoned one winter night by our doorstep, naked with only a soiled diaper on her with a post-it note on her skin, saying her name and birthdate. It was as if, we find her first or she dies first.' she said as she shook her head. 'She was a normal child...until the day we told her that.'

'Then everything started. Of course, anybody would get upset about learning that. She began crying a lot...having nightmares...then those things happened. The children grew afraid of her, thinking she was a ghost and poltergeist magnet. We couldn't let anyone adopt her for her own safety too. She'll end up in a laboratory! So we left her out on our adoption book on purpose and told neighbors and potential parents that she just likes our playground and often plays here, and she lived across the street. That's the lie we fed anyone who asked.' Sister Lysandra explained. 'And most people coming here...are rich parents or well-off parents who couldn't have kids.'

'I see...but ya know, if she lived all her life knowing she's unwanted and feared...with that power of hers, she'll grow up with a bitter hatred for the world and give herself justice. By then, I don't think we wanna know what her idea of justice will be someday.' Morau told the nun. 'And how you people treat her here will make her grow up just like that as soon as she's old...and powerful enough to live on her own. And you got yourselves to thank if she turned out like that.' Sister Lysandra blanched in dismay at the thought of that. 'You'd have created a monster.'

'However, that can be nipped in the bud if she was 'saved'. One guy told me this once. If there was someone who gave you their hand and believed in you, you could be saved. Eirene should be saved while she's still young. She's an impressionable kid. Not all people in the world hates her and feared her. She'll be fine with us Hunters. One day, that girl will be as good as me.' Morel grinned as he took the paperwork with him. 'I swear that on my title as a Sea Hunter.' and he left Eirene's bedroom, leaving the nun to ponder.

'...if you didn't come...maybe we would have ended up creating that very monster.' she muttered with a shudder.


Back at the playground...

'Eirene! Time to go! We got the papers!' Morau called out as Eirene got off the swing.

'Really? I can go with you?' Eirene piped up excitedly as she ran towards Morau.

'Yep, so let's go!' said Morau as he took her hand and they left the orphanage to go traveling together to meet up with Morau's second student, a very timid young man named Shoot McMahon who recently passed the Hunter Exam, making him eligible to learn Nen. Eirene was a special case, as she had genius skill, yet no control whatsoever and her abilities were random at best, but Morau thought she was Manipulation Type, as she could move objects, and manipulate the body to heal within seconds.

Manipulation indeed, when the leaf on her Water Test moved.

And Morau thought he struck luck, when Shoot wanted to be a UMA Hunter and his daughter Eirene loved animals(considering they were her only friends) wanted to be a Beast Hunter. He's also a Beast Hunter, only, he looks for his beasts in the ocean, not on land, hence his moniker 'Sea Hunter'. So not only did he teach his pupils about Nen, he also taught them the trade of Beast Hunters and love for nature-as well as knowledge, while raising skilled fighters in them at the same time.

Since both his pupils are also Manipulation Type, which he also is...teaching them is a piece of cake! He wanted to take this advantage asap while strengthening their Nen Basics and Advanced techniques to split-second efficiency. But...while Eirene was willing to fight, Shoot was timid. Very, VERY timid. It reflected on his created ability, Hotel Raflessia. It involves manipulating a cage and three disembodied hands to levitate. By dealing certain amounts of damage to an enemy, Shoot can shrink and imprison their body or parts of their body inside the cage. He is also capable of turning small objects like a token or cell phone into two-dimensional imprints on his right hand. This ability is a mix of both Manipulation and Materialization.

As for Eirene who was more of a fighter than Shoot was, her Nen Ability was a mix of...Manipulation, Manipulation and Emission. Her ability was One-Man Army of Ten Keys. Eight rifle-shaped, ornamental keys on her back with bayonets, and two keys on her hand which were her 'swords'. The Rifle Keys served several purposes. Long-Range Fighting by firing Nen Beams using Emission and to fly short-distances with her current aura reserves, and can appear anywhere at will to fire in random, point-blank directions with sheer will. The rifle keys were similar in appearance, silver in color but keys 2,4,6,8 served purposes other than firing Nen Beams. The blue Key 2 can fire potent tranquilizer aura, forcing the hit target into paralysis. Purple-colored Key 4 fires potent poison that can cause excruciating necrosis and kill in ten minutes. Yellow-colored Key 6 is 2 and 4's antidote and the white Key 8 injects healing aura to heal using Enforcement-Type Aura, and also uses the target's Metabolism to speed up healing.

The two 'sword' keys in Eirene's hands were incredibly sharp, designed for melee combat. The sizes, sharpness and shape of the sword keys could be manipulated to serve her purpose as well. However, Eirene had no formal sword training so he chucked her to a Fencing Workshop to learn formal moves while they stayed in a city for seven months till her workshop was done, leaving Morau to focus on Shoot's fighting skills.

Well, Morau thought 'fatherhood' would be easy until...when Eirene became ten years old...

A piercing scream shook their hotel room while having Food Service delivered into their room, startling Morau, Shoot and the Service Girl. 'DADDY~!'

'W-what is it Eirene?' Morau cried as they scampered to where she was-the bathroom.

'I-I'm bleeding but I'm not hurt or anything!' came the wail from inside the bathroom. 'What do I do?'

'Bleeding where?'

'M-My Underwear!'

'Bleeding...down there?' Shoot blinked as he got an idea where but was embarrassed to think about it properly. 'What do we do Morau?' he asked his mentor...who was as clueless as he was.

'I don't know either!' Morau sputtered. 'All Hunters I worked with are all men!'

'U-um...' the Service Girl piped quietly. 'H-how old is your daughter by any chance?'

'Ten years next July, why?' Morau asked the Service Girl.

'Normally, girls ten to twelve years of age start puberty...' and the Service Girl explained away...about a girl's period, and a girl's physical development. By the time she was done, their heads were spinning from the complexities of women, and the Service Girl offered to bring Eirene sanitary pads with written instructions.

Morau now had to deal with a growing girl.

Poor him.