Eirene Potter grew up in an orphanage for as long as she remembered. At 7, she was adopted by Morau McCarnathy. Became his disciple, Hunter at 10 years old, and now...a Beast Hunter unlike daddy who was a Sea Hunter and achieved Single Star at 11. Now at NGL...it's her big break. HXH X-Over

Girly Quirks

After having that talk, Eirene temporarily left Hogwarts to go buy a dress as she didn't have one, and took off flying for London to buy herself a dress using her fortune. Upon buying a dress with matching accessories, she flew back to Hogwarts with her Ball Outfit. In the meantime she was gone, Sirius visited the Zoldyck Siblings who were hard at work in training.

'Who're you?' Killua asked Sirius.

'I'm Eirene's godfather, Sirius Black.' said Sirius. 'I'm trying to get to know my recently-found goddaughter, but I want to hear your point of view as her friend.' he said.

'Friend, you say?' Killua sweatdropped. 'I hardly knew her.' he said as Sirius' face fell. 'I met her in our job at NGL where she was trusted enough by even the Chairman to fend off the Chimera Ants and shave off numbers. Her power and ability was that great and became a Single Star Hunter a year after she became Hunter. And because she is a Single Star, she is one of the Superior Officers of the Association and thus my superior. Upon hearing of her level, I admit she greatly outclassed me.' he admitted as he shook his head. 'However, Eirene never boasted nor bragged about her rank and level. She was easy-going, child-like and enjoyed food a lot. Personality-wise, she's also very bright and nice. However, she's changed.'

'Changed?' Sirius asked him.

'Yeah.' said Killua. 'Ever since she ate nothing but Chimera Ants for food in the duration of her mission, she absorbed every nutrients the Queen consumed to give birth to these ants and they became extremely nutritious that her bones and muscles gained the strength and durability of these creatures, and gained animalistic heightened senses and instincts. The senses we can understand, but its the instincts we have to watch out for from now on.'

'Instincts?' Sirius frowned.

'Since eating Chimera Ants, her appetite is now thrice of that of a human's with a metabolism to match, so she'll eat three times her body weight. For female animals, they go into heat for a period of time in a particular time of the year, thus they want to have sex.' Sirius' eyes widened as he remembered Eirene's words last night as he fucked her. 'The need to be a mother and have children comes next. And she'd want a strong mate to have strong children when she's old enough. Morau warned us if she gets...frisky and needy when she was hospitalized at the time, we have to either run away like hell, or someone trustworthy to sate her needs if she's in heat. As for the mate thing, Eirene will find herself that mate. The weak ones will die, the strong will live enough to get hitched with her. If she gets needy, she better find someone who knows how to have sex because I definitely don't!' he said with a blush.


That got Sirius thinking.

Eirene wore an incredibly revealing negligee, showing herself off to a man who'd be more than happy to fuck her which is what she wants.

His baby girl is in heat and she just started. She'd want to be with a man until her heat period ends. He decided that rather than be mistaken for a resident school slut in which, its NOT her fault, he would enforce a rule that she'll only go to him when she feels needy. And due to the Tri-Wizard Tournament with Skeeter wandering around, he has to watch out even more.

Oh yeah, Eirene has the Marauder's Map doesn't she...?


By late afternoon the next day...Eirene got back from shopping and looked quite exhausted. 'I've never done that before...' she gasped as she landed on her feet, and her Booster Mode disappeared. 'And I think I'll never do it again, I feel really dizzy...' she gasped weakly. 'So...so tired...' she choked out as due to exhaustion, the glamour on her skin complexion vanished. She forced herself to go to the Hospital Wing and get conked there. The boxes she shrunk for the trip lost their charm and became big again.

When Madam Pomfrey saw her later, she was in her 'true form' and sweating heavily. Upon diagnosis, Eirene was found to be very, very tired and drained. So she let the girl sleep in the Hospital Wing after spelling the sweat off her body and clothes, and spelled her headband and hairpins to reappear on the drawer beside her bed. Finally, her boots came off and put on the floor while tut-tutting about the heinously short skirt. As for the boxes she found, she put them in her room. And she woke up the next day very, VERY hungry.

'How are you feeling Ms. Potter?' Madam Pomfrey used her real name since nobody's around.

'So...so hungry...' Eirene moaned in dismay as her stomach growled. 'I need food...a lot of food enough for three obese humans...so hungry...so dizzy from hunger...'

'Alright alright, hang on a bit while longer, I'll have some house elves deliver food up here.' said Madam Pomfrey as she left the Hospital Wing.


'So she's back eh?' Sirius mused as he heard from a House Elf who came to him to deliver the Matron's message. 'Once she's done eating, turn her invisible and put her in my room.'

'Yes, Professor Black.'


Hospital Wing...

Madam Pomfrey...and the elves stared wide-eyed as Eirene ate enough food for six people until she was satisfied. 'Pu-haa~' she looked VERY happy and relaxed. 'I'm stuffed!'

'How on earth are you alive after eating all that?' Madam Pomfrey squeaked in horror.

'Humm...that's how much I usually eat y'know.' Eirene laughed weakly. 'I ate more than that back in Romania though.'

'Missy Potter, Professor Black wishes to see you in his office ma'am.' one of the elves piped up. 'And he says be careful of Skeeter.'

'Skeeter?' Eirene asked the elf owlishly as Madam Pomfrey harrumphed.

'She's a reporter for the Daily Prophet.' she grunted. 'She sensationalizes reports and is fond of digging up dirt on anyone and everyone for the world to know on front page. She's destroyed a lot of people's reputations with that. These people want her head but she's protected by the Ministry as the Daily Prophet is run by the Ministry so the people have to be veeery careful of their secrets. So watch what you do too. She goes as low as students, especially with an event like the Tri-Wizard Tournament, that bitch. Be wary of her.' she warned. Eirene looked childishly thoughtful.

'Oh...oh well, I'll just kill her then.' said Eirene cheerfully(to Madam Pomfrey and the elves' freak-out) as she clapped her hands once. 'Daddy says bad people are better off six-feet under away from good people and she's bad, right? I'll just kill her if I see her then! That way nobody has to fear her anymore!'

'Miss Potter, murder is illegal.' Madam Pomfrey deadpanned while shuddering at how casual and cheerfully she could say that she'll kill Rita Skeeter.

'Oh, for Hunters like me, that's very legal.' Eirene smiled. 'Because Hunters, besides our chosen jobs, protect society from criminals too. Depending on danger levels, either we toss them in prison or kill them. Madam Bones and the Headmaster knows, so even if I kill someone with very good reason, she can't catch me!'


'Siri, I'm back.' said Eirene as she carried the boxes containing her dress and shoes inside his quarters. 'The elves say you want me for something?'

'Yes.' said Sirius. 'Do you have the map with you?'

'Yep. the Weasley Twins gave it to me. They had it before though.' said Eirene. 'They used it for pranks,' Sirius looked very proud at that. 'And then given Barty and Peter, they decided that I should have the map for the sake of the school. I gave them 2000 Galleons apiece in return for such a convenient tool though.' his jaws dropped at that. 'Last I checked, they treat me like a Queen since they could fulfill their ambitions easily with the money.'

'And that is?' Sirius raised an eyebrow in amusement.

'Opening their own joke shop with the products they themselves made!' Eirene giggled. 'I tried a Canary Cream and I became a really cute, giant fluffy bird! It's really original and it lasted ten minutes!'

'Heee...that's amazing of those two...but those twins did something unexpected.' Sirius smirked as he beckoned Eirene to come closed to him and she sat on his lap.

'What'd they do now?' Eirene chuckled. 'I hear that for making that swamp last week, they got two weeks of Detention...that Portable Swamp of theirs.'

'Its not about a prank my dear baby girl...' Sirius smirked as he wrapped his arms around her, before putting his hands on her breasts and pulled down her top, exposing them. Exposure to the cold atmosphere of the office caused her nipples to erect and he began fondling them, with his fingers playing with her nipples. 'You see, your father, Remus and I created that map using our combined skills in charms after exploring the whole school before that damn rat became our friend.' he said. 'We worked hard in perfecting that map and the only places we couldn't plot is the Room of Requirement and the famous Slytherin's Chamber of Secrets. The Room of Requirement constantly changes, and nobody knows where the Chamber is so its an incomplete work.' he said as Eirene shifted her position so she could face him and her groin on top of his boner. 'We hope that one day, our children and grandchildren can finish the map. This map belongs to the Marauders and the children of the Marauders...the genius pranksters of Hogwarts. So it's yours now.'

'Didn't know that.' Eirene smiled as the two shared a kiss. 'How about you Siri? Don't you have children yet?'

'I have yet to find a woman who fits my criteria.' Sirius sighed. 'I want a woman who would be a good, kind and wise mother to my children as well as a loving woman to her husband. But because I'm a Noble Pureblood, all women who throw themselves at me just wants the prestige of being Mrs. Black and the fortune that comes along with it.' he scowled. 'Disgusting. Will I ever find such a worthy bride for my house?' he sighed with a huff.

'So where are you looking?'

'In Britain of course.' Eirene sweatdropped.

'You know the saying there's more fish in the sea right?' Eirene deadpanned. 'And there are Purebloods all over the world, not just in one tiny, island country.' she sniffed. 'Search far and wide mainland Siri...you'll score a big fish for sure.' she smiled. 'This country's magical community is a failure if it can't produce the woman you want.'

'I'll take that in consideration.' Sirius mused thoughtfully. 'I've gotten to know every lady in every noble house in Britain and Ireland, so maybe I should search for greener pastures.'

'What about Remus? He married yet?' Eirene asked him. Sirius cringed. Eirene sighed. 'Guess not. So what if he's a Werewolf? Lycanthropy is not an STD you know...his child won't inherit Lycanthropy.' she said wryly...much to Sirius' surprise.

'What did you say?!' Sirius gasped as he grabbed her shoulders and slightly shook her. 'For real?' Eirene smiled and pecked his nose.

'For real.' she said. 'Hunter Association has experimented under request from the Canadian Ministry 75 years ago.' she told him. 'So a Werewolf and some woman they paid a hefty fortune had a child together, and the best Mediwitches and Wizards studied the newborn baby. The baby does NOT have Lycanthropy. To be double-sure, they experimented with five more Werewolves and paid volunteers. Same results, so Werewolves in Canada are now legal citizens with the same rights as humans. Just that everyone has to be careful of the saliva-to-blood contact thing and of course, every Full Moon, they have to be chained up in a special place where they can transform without hurting anybody. The American ICW thus made Werewolves 'beings' not 'beasts' as Lycanthropy cannot be inherited by blood nor an STD.'

'Oh my god...Moony will be very happy...' Sirius shook in delight and relief, happy for his only true friend. 'When did you find this out?'

'In the year I was working since graduation...and I stumbled into the Canadian Community at some point...and they know I'm a Hunter. I worked for them for a month you know, to gather information about XXXXX creatures since I'm a Hunter. They wanted info on Lethifolds and Chimeras but Magizoologists who tried just became Beast Food, so...'

'I see...so our future is in Mainland, eh?' Sirius mused thoughtfully. 'We really should search for our futures there. Oh yes Eirene, I almost forgot.' said Sirius as he bopped himself on the head. 'I asked you about the Marauder's Map because of Rita Skeeter. I absolutely do not want that blonde bitch to get wind of our relationship, so constantly keep an eye on her on the map and warn the Professors if she's in school OK? She's not allowed in Hogwarts any longer after the Weighing of the Wands. I went as far as using anti-animagus charms and curses leading to my quarters from ceiling to floor and even outside my windows but one can never be too careful.' Eirene nodded. 'And also...' he said as his hands cupped her rear. 'If you feel needy and the need for pleasure...' he purred seductively with his face an inch away from her. 'See me and only me as long as you're in school. I'll take care of you, baby girl.' the possessiveness in his voice caused heat to pool down Eirene's loins.

'You're turning me on again.' Eirene smirked with a blush. 'Take responsibility...'

'After dinner so nobody will suspect a thing.' Sirius winked as he kissed her full on and spelled off their clothes. 'But a quickie won't hurt...you're horny and I have a boner. We should fix this fast...'

'Our clothes are in the way.' Eirene's eyes shone in desire...'And can we do it on the bed at least? More freedom in there than a chair or the couch.'


'Hey, we hardly see you in our Common Room for almost a week now.' said one of the Weasley Twins. 'Sure you drop by and change clothes there but you never sleep there anymore.'

'Well, I have a job you know.' said Eirene. 'Since my stunt with ol' Barty and Peter, I'm hired as Tri-Wizard Tournament Security just incase so I sleep wherever if I'm too lazy to go back to the dorms.' she said wryly as she heaped a pile of a dish on her plate. 'And I'm almost too lazy to since I'm always up till morning.'

'And where do you sleep?'

'Anywhere and everywhere...you might one day find me on a tree. Meh, whatever.' Eirene snorted as she cheerfully and quickly popped in and swallowed food at quick paces.

In Hogwarts, not only is she famous and legendary for making Death Eaters cry and her fearsome strength, she's also famous for her looks, her style of dress as well as her shape and fun, childish personality...and her humongous appetite but somehow, she never gains weight!

'So uh...what do you do if you find another one?'

'Hum...oh, I'll just maim them some and then call Madam Bones over to ship them off to Azkaban or something...there's more where they came from so they're no loss, really. They multiply like rabbits and I'm a fox who hunts rabbits, so yeah. As long as there's rabbits, I keep my part-time job. It ends when the Tournament's over.'

'Oh...and the next round is at February too...'


Christmas...hours before Yule Ball...

'Merry Christmas you two!' Eirene greeted jovially as she came carrying some small, wooden boxes...which she enlarged and kicked open to reveal a box of sweets, another contained clothes for both of them, and another crate has shoes.

'Merry Christmas too.' said Killua. 'I heard there's going to be a Dance Party tonight?'

'Yeah, Tournament Tradition.' said Eirene as she sat with them on their gigantic pillow seats. 'The Three Chosen Champions will open the dance by going to the floor and dance first for a round before we can join in. My partner is Sirius but he'll let me dance with some boys if they want to 'cut in'.' she said. 'By the way, here.' she said as she gave him a walkie talkie and a list of names. 'You have my map as a mode of lookout, so can you do me a favor?'

'It's got something to do with this walkie talkie and this list of names isn't it?' Killua deadpanned as he looked at the list titled 'Persona Non Grata'. In bold red with underline. Ouch. And what's with these names? So archaic and terribly, horrifyingly old fashioned.

'Yep. Inform me if these people got in Hogwarts. I'll be having the walkie talkie counterpart under my skirt during the dance. Alert me quickly OK? This is super-duper important.' Eirene stressed out.

'Sure, I mostly train on my Ken here anyway so I can definitely keep watch while sitting down.' Killua agreed.

'Thanks a bunch!' Eirene chirped as she got up and walked out. 'I have to get ready for the Ball now...see you again soon!'


Gryffindor Common Room...

Eirene was getting ready for the ball. Manicure and pedicure(just the cleaning and trimming), A thorough bath with thorough scrubbing, using the most expensive fragrant shampoos and soaps with matching scents given to her by Sirius with scents he knew would suit her, and brushed her teeth with magically whitening toothpaste, an expensive commodity only those well-off and the wealthy can afford. Once she was done, she towel-dried herself before wearing her dress. Her empire-waist halter backless dress was pure white in color, with a sea-green sash tied into a ribbon below the bust. The halter holding up the dress to her neck is actually a decorative choker and chain linked to the round metal frame on her chest that had sea green trimming up to her sash. She spelled her bangs to part in the middle into one big, soft inward curl and did the same for her hair. The strands hanging down the sides of her face was very loosely curled into ringlets at the bottom half. She then wore two silver round hairpins by base of these strands as usual to separate and keep them from mixing with her shorter hair. She put on a silver tiara next, and silver arm rings on both her arms. On her wrists were aqua-colored glass bracelets. Her heeled shoes were dark green in color.

For make-up, she put on eyeliner, curled her eyelashes, drew on eyebrows, put on face powder and lip gloss that emphasized her naturally-rosy lips. She giggled. "Should I or shouldn't I take off my skin glamour...? It would mean exposing my true skin color and that scar of mine that I'm famous for but still...sigh..." she took her leg strap holster with her walkie talkie in it and wore it on her left leg. She then went out to wait at the Common Room with the other Ball Belles. To say that she outshone them all...is an understatement. Really now, everyone else in the room had...terribly outdated, plain-looking or out-of-style dresses.

'Whoa, who's your date?' Lavender Brown gasped. Last anyone checked, any boy is too terrified of asking this girl out who could easily...make meat pulp out of a boy's 'precious'.

'My date? Oh, it's a secret.' Eirene chirped when they heard a buzzing, static noise.

/Eirene, undesirable top#1 Rita Skeeter is hanging around the Great Hall./ they heard a boy's voice speak. /Terminate immediately!/ Eirene's kind eyes became sharp and ready to attack and before anyone can say anything, Eirene stormed out the common room.

'Really now, Undesirable Number One?' Hermione Granger croaked out.

'Well, she's not allowed in Hogwarts.' said a seventh year. 'And given her nasty reputation as a reporter, she's sniffing around for dirt to turn into scandal on next day's front page. So be careful, she ain't sparing anyone. As long as there's dirt, you're on front page.'


Outside the Common Room...in a bid not to sweat, she flew using her Boosters, but hid them using In. Around the Great Hall with barely anyone around, save for adults talking in the Great Hall, she used Gyo using her actual magical powers, not her Nen...and she found something by the door frame. A small beetle, but for a bug, it had an unusually powerful life force.

"An Animagus, are you?" she smirked as with lightning speed, she grabbed the beetle in a position where it cannot fly away and went into the Great Hall, holding the Beetle. She waited for them to get done talking, or for them to notice her.

'Headmaster, can you cast the Animagus Revealing spell on this one?' Eirene asked Albus cheerfully. 'Because this bug has an unusually strong aura for a bug.' she said, holding up the beetle that's struggling frantically now... 'That, and a spy told me that she's here, so...could this one be Rita Skeeter when you made it clear NO Reporters allowed?' the Headmaster, Ludo Bagman, Percy Weasley and the other teachers and Headmasters gasped at this.

'Animagus Revelio!' Albus cried sharply as he cast the spell on the beetle who is...Rita Skeeter. 'Ms. Skeeter, I thought we made it clear that no reporters allowed unless invited by the Ministry specifically?'