Eirene Potter grew up in an orphanage for as long as she remembered. At 7, she was adopted by Morau McCarnathy. Became his disciple, Hunter at 10 years old, and now...a Beast Hunter unlike daddy who was a Sea Hunter and achieved Single Star at 11. Now she's in Hogwarts trying to learn from her roots...or will she drive her race kin nuts with her antics? XXH-XO

Insane Plans

The Second Task is to retrieve 'what the Champions held dear'.

Eirene told Killua what it'll be all about since the Three Champions got their Golden Egg and the answer to said puzzle.

Killua snidely remarked nobody can see what's going on underwater considering the lake is so murky everyone would wait and stand like idiots compared to the First Task where they could actually see anything. Sirius had to point that out to the Organizers since this was supposed to be a showy international event so they have to find a way so they can see the champions at work underwater. They had to quickly work fast as the Second Task is in February.

And on said due date, February 24...

There were three huge screens present, a watching area for all three schools watching, three gigantic screens, and at the lake shore, the champions were given modified blue snitches where instead of wings, they have fins and tails. And an eye.

/Alright everybody!/ Ludo Bagman boomed jovially. /We are now here at the Black Lake where the Second Task will commence! As you see, we have gigantic magical screens linked to the modified blue snitches given to the Champions. Those modified snitches will function as an underwater camera, enabling us to see what's going on to each individual underwater. To activate these snitches, they must be tossed into the water! Aaaand now, the task is...to retrieve what they'll sorely miss!/

The three champions looked rather visibly annoyed at Bagman for this.

/Let the Task begin!/ and they jumped in, and the screens activated.

'There they go.' Eirene mused thoughtfully as they watched the champions swim underwater. Diggory and Fleur used the Bubble-Head Charm while Viktor Krum transfigured himself into a half-shark. They swam down from lake to the Mervillage no Hogwarts student had any idea existed until now. That, and poor Eirene was disillusioned.

'They're...ugly.' Eirene grimaced. 'Sirens at Greece is much nicer to look at.'

'Oh? You've seen Sirens?' Sirius asked her in intrigue. 'And not affected by their voice at all?'

'Only men are affected and last I checked, I'm a girl.' Eirene huffed. 'They're really otherworldly beautiful women. Er-half-women that is...waist down is a single, feathery leg and talons. Just like how mermaids are half fish. Their wings depend on their personality type so its easy to see who's nice and who's not. Wanna see my travel memory later?'

'Sure...nobody's seen a siren and actually lived to tell the tale anyway.'

'My colleagues did. At least the women.'


Soon, the first Champion to surface was Viktor Krum due to his shark fins and his hostage being Hermione Granger, much to the envy of his female fans as she is actually 'the thing he would sorely miss'!

Came second is Cedric Diggory with his girlfriend Cho Chang. Fleur had some trouble with Grindylows and forced to retire because she is actually being hazed and played with down there and had to be rescued before she gets killed.

Nobody saw that coming and she had to be hospitalized. When Dumbledore talked to the Merchieftainess about the unusual Grindylow Behaviour, she said that the Grindylows that attacked happened to be female and did NOT want a rival female approaching their territory and Fleur apparently swam into Grindylow Territory in search of her 'thing'. With her looks and charm as a half-vela, their mates er...strayed and that pissed off the females into getting a little vengeful so the Mermaids will have to re-train them due to the unforeseen circumstance.

And so, the verdict was Krum getting 50 points for being the fastest, Diggory got 40, and Fleur got a 20...for effort. This got out to the Daily Prophet of course...

It was hot topic for at least three weeks while school went on as normal.

Eirene finally reached her peak of strength after constant training in Ken thanks to her free time as a First Year which was A LOT.


'You seriously intend on fighting that psycho when you're 15 which is actually months from now yet you're already at your best shape?' Killua asked her as Eirene reached her aural peak growth as she no longer increased for the past few weeks.

'Yeah. At my Hunter Exam, I fought him.' said Eirene. 'He said that my level when I fought him was at his 20 percent.' Killua gaped at her. 'So he gave me five years upon learning I'm ten years old. By the time I'm at my peak at 15 or earlier, I can fight him again. The reason I lost to him is because of my pitiful aura reserves at the time and I didn't use my ability wisely. And he WILL hunt me down so calling him on my own is a better choice than getting randomly attacked out of nowhere you know. Besides, I can get a favor from him this way and Hisoka owing you a favor is an expensive free ticket.' Eirene pointed out.

'Yeah...we can use that to our advantage.' Killua mused with a frown.

'How about you? Reached your peak growth at age 13 yet?'

'About to. I've been doing Ken nonstop since I was here I'm probably waaay ahead of Gon now.' Killua shrugged. 'For all I know he's looking for Ging again or playing somewhere, that happy-go-lucky guy...' he snorted. 'He probably forgot he's also Hisoka's target.'

'Him too?'

'Him too. I'm glad its not me.' Killua snorted. 'I may love fights but I definitely don't want to fight crazies like him. I prefer my opponents SANE.' he emphasized. 'Sane!' Eirene sweatdropped.

'Right...' she said with a funny face. 'So then,' she took out her phone. 'Time to face the music.'


Across the world, Eirene phoned Knuckle. 'Oh Eirene! Its been a year since NGL!' he boomed cheerfully. 'Eh? A favor? Uhhh sure.' silence... 'You're shittin' me?!' he sputtered out incredulously. 'That weirdo is famous in the Hunter Circles and you have a Fight Date with HIM?! No way man!' he choked out. 'You serious...well, shit. Boss ain't gonna be happy so run this with him first an' dat's final!'


On a ship somewhere...

'You want my permission to fight HIM?! Are you crazy?!' Morau has that same reaction, startling the be-jabbers out of his colleagues on his ship. 'He seriously made that promise so he'll come anyway come hell or high water you said? Damn...' he swore. 'Grrr fine! Just be sure you're alive after this, tiger! Oh, you want some phone balance cuz' there's no E-Load Service near there? Oh alright...'


'You got permission huh? Well shit.' Knuckle sighed. 'I'll go look for Shoot and we'll find that sicko together OK? He's the only one who can get through that barrier anyway. Right...OK, you owe me big and I want some of those sweets!'


'So Morau and Knuckle are sold eh?' Killua whistled.

'They're not happy about it.' Eirene grunted. 'Because Hisoka WILL hunt me for a fight whether we like it or not and as we speak, five years already passed by and I'm two months late, so he's most likely scouring the world for me or something.'

'So where will the fight be held?'

'...the Quidditch Pitch.' said Eirene thoughtfully. 'Because of the Tournament, no Quidditch Matches between schools are held, so that field is very free. I'm gonna have to ask permission since we'll be...demolishing the place...' she said sheepishly and she sounded rather shameless about it too.

And so...

A month later...

Everyone felt a horribly malevolent aura that smothered the school.

An aura only two people knew so well as the doors of the Great Hall opened to reveal three men. Shoot, Knuckle, and...Hisoka.

'Ho ho...five years passed indeed...' Hisoka chuckled malevolently as his dark pink aura flared in the shape of a demonic-looking skull before it faded away thus everyone was able to breathe again but who is this horribly evil man?! 'I hope you've fulfilled my expectations...considering I waited that long.'

'W-who are you?!' Igor Karkaroff demanded and he felt a sharp something slice his right cheek and ear, causing him to scream in pain. Dumbledore, McGonagall, Sirius and Snape gulped and everybody practically trembled in fear before this man.

'Yeah, I worked my ass off. Happy?' said Eirene as she got off the Gryffindor Table. 'Follow me to our fight venue!' she chimed cheerily, clapping her hands as her clothes changed from uniform to her fighting outfit. A sleeveless Chinese cropped top and then underneath it is a sleeveless full-body black spandex and white boots.

'What's going on here?!' Sirius blurted out in horror but the Hunters just left in blurring speeds. 'Hey!'


'OK...I heard you're in school...and why on Earth would you need school when you already have a job?' Hisoka wondered aloud as Eirene led them to the PItch. 'You're a Beast Hunter aren't you?'

'Well, my wish for my Heritage led me to school.' said Eirene. 'And I have to uh...study what my tribe does and apparently I'm the last living scion of my family so I have a lot of pressure there.' she grunted. 'I have to endure seven freaking years of school! The inhumanity of it all!' she wailed in dismay.

'Hey, at least appreciate it!' said Knuckle. 'Not all people have that kinda luxury!'

'But I have a job!'

'Put it on hold then!'

'Now now...' Shoot said, trying to keep peace. 'Moreover, have you explained why we're uh...here? I think you didn't.'

'I did but nobody in my tribe knows what Hisoka even looks like OR about today's modern society! My society is sadly backwards in the frigging middle ages and I want to kick them forward in time by catching up to the latest damn trends!'


'That malevolent presence...what was that all about?!' Sirius demanded from Killua as four Order Members questioned the young Zoldyck.

'That is Hisoka.' said Killua. 'A somewhat...frenemy of ours.' he cringed. Indeed, one moment he's a friend and then enemy the next at a drop of a hat.

'Frenemy?' Dumbledore frowned. 'What does that mean?'

'Friend/Enemy as he can be both depending on circumstances.' said Killua tersely. 'Sometimes he's on our side sometimes he's not since all he wants in the end is a good fight that somewhat gives him Euphoria so he's on a constant lookout for strong opponents.' Killua explained. 'If we want him on our side, it often has something to do with fighting.' he said wearily. 'If you're a weakling, he'll ignore you. If you annoy him, you're gonna find yourself injured or losing a limb or worse, dead. If you're a powerful fighter, something Eirene and I are, he'll be very happy and satisfied and go on his merry way in search of the next poor schmuck who caught his disturbing interest.'

'My goddaughter won't die...right?' Sirius choked out fearfully. 'I've never met anyone who can produce such malice...not even you-know-who was THAT bad!'

'Meh, unless she loses her head, gets her heart pierced or her spine sliced(McGonagall looked faint) which is somewhat unlikely due to her newfound durability, she won't die.' Killua shrugged. 'Other than that, she's immortal in battle thanks to her White Healing Key where she can regenerate anytime. And she reached her maximum peak at the exact time Hisoka predicted she'll reach at a certain age. She said that when they fought five years ago, he said her strength back then is 20 percent of his level so he gave her five years to make that a hundred...around HIS level and they'll go all out again. Eirene is a fighting genius, hence that five years' mark for her to reach full power.' he explained with a sigh. 'If it was me, I'd take fifteen years!'

'Oh, by the way.' he added. 'Eirene said something about fighting at the Quidditch Pitch so by the time they're done, it'll be nothing but rubble.' many eyes bulged in horror and freak-out.

'You've got to be joking!' Sirius and McGonagall cried in aghast while Dumbledore and Snape looked terrified at the prospect.

'They cannot!' Dumbledore gasped. 'That Pitch is the Third Task Venue!'

'Sorry gramps, but if you go there now, you're gonna die.' said Killua flatly. 'Hisoka hates it if his fun is spoiled. We can watch, comment, whatever but no matter what you do, you do NOT get in the way or you die. Seeing him crazy is bad enough as it is, we definitely don't want to see him angry! And we're in a school!'

It felt like someone just poured cold water on them when he said that.