Hello readers! I told you I was working on a new story and here it is! No it isn't the sequel to Fire and Ice. Gonna have to wait a little longer for that. But I hope you like my new story. It's a bit different than my last story and a little bit more out of canon than Fire and Ice. Also it's going to be waaaay longer. Hope that's ok!

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"Love came,
and became like blood in my body.
It rushed through my veins and
encircled my heart.
Everywhere I looked,
I saw one thing.
Love's name written
on my limbs,
on my left palm,
on my forehead,
on the back of my neck,
on my right big toe…
Oh, my friend,
all that you see of me
is just a shell,
and the rest belongs to love."


Caroline began to stir awake. Her head felt heavy and she could barely move her limbs. It was like she had the world's worst hang over. Which was ridiculous because vampires don't get hangovers. The light from the sun burned orange on the other side of her eyelids. Ugh she didn't really want to open them just yet. What had happened last night? The last thing she remembered was arguing with Tyler over Klaus and then—Suddenly her eyes shot open. She was in a car, speeding down the freeway, passing every vehicle in sight. Seated next her was the tall, lean form of a very evil and very dangerous original hybrid. The last being on earth you would want to wake up next to in a speeding vehicle. Klaus.

"Good morning darling. You just missed the most gorgeous sunrise," he said to her, his eyes forward on the road. Caroline backed herself up against the door as much as she could. "You know," Klaus continued, "Driving is something I'm not accustomed too, but I think I've gotten the hang of it rather quickly. Although, it is completely boring when your travelling companion is passed out cold."

"What the hell happened?" Caroline demanded, making her best attempt to sound brave.

"Caroline isn't it?" he replied finally turning to glance at her. "Do you not remember? Tiff with your boyfriend, you stormed out, and then I took the liberty of rendering you unconscious and taking you with me."

"Where even are we? Where are you taking me?"

Klaus scanned the GPS device on the dashboard. Caroline glanced around and wondered how he managed to acquire such an expensive car, fully loaded. Then again, when you had compulsion and no morals you didn't really need money.

"We are on Interstate 295 about 2 hours outside of New York," he replied with a smirk.

"We're heading for New York?" She asked surprised.

"Manhattan to be more precise."

Caroline glanced out the window. There didn't seem to be much but field and road, billboards with advertisements and an endless amount of cars. She looked at the clock on the radio. It was early in the morning, the sun had probably only been up for a couple of hours.

"Are you going to kill me?" She asked slowly, turning her head back towards him.

"Not as long as you behave," he replied.

"Why bother keeping me alive? I'm nothing special."

"Oh darling, you're my little insurance policy. Stefan nor any of your other friends will dare make any moves against me while I have you. Or as long as they want to keep me from tearing your heart out," Klaus smiled wickedly, "Let's hope that your friends don't suddenly forget how much they like you."

"They'll come after me," she countered.

"Unlikely, my hybrids are keeping close watch over them. If any of your friends place so much as a foot outside of Mystic Falls, it will be on your life and theirs."

Caroline folded her arms across her chest and keeping a watchful eye on him. All she could hope for was that everyone back in Mystic Falls was safe. She wished she could call them to let them know that she was ok, at least for the moment. Her eyes flicked to a sign on the road that read "Manhattan 250 miles". She wasn't sure how she was gonna make it out of this one.

They made it to Manhattan a couple hours after Caroline had awoken, just like he had said. Klaus had watched her out of the corner of his eye as he drove. She didn't say a single word to him during the whole trip. She barely even looked at him except a fearful glance here and there. No she just sat there silently, leaning against the door with her head in her hand.

Klaus tried to ignore her as much as he could. He really hated having to carry around extra baggage. It was a necessary evil at the moment though. Everything had changed over the past twenty-four hours. Mikael was dead. Stefan had betrayed him and stolen his family. Rebecca was God knows where; she still wasn't answering her phone. Who knows, maybe she had run off from him as well.

Thanks to Caroline, everyone was neutralized now. No one would so much as risk breathing wrong with his hand over her head. Also, the blonde vampire would suit his purposes for being in Manhattan quite nicely.

He pulled the car in front of a swanky hotel that was located on Broadway, right in the middle of all the action. Klaus stepped out and handed the keys to the valet. He noticed the other attendant step around and help Caroline out of the car, leading her over to the sidewalk. He took a quick spin and looked up at the tall buildings that climbed high into the sky. The city had certainly changed since he had last visited decades ago.

There was a flick of motion to his right that immediately caught his attention. Caroline had darted across the street of traffic and into the crowd. Klaus rolled his neck and shoulders in frustration. A second later he was across the street blocking her path. She smacked into him hard. He caught her roughly by the shoulders. His fingers pressed into her arms.

"Now, now. You didn't think it would be that easy did you?" He said to her.

Caroline glared at him. "It was worth a shot."

Klaus released her and spun her around, back in the direction of the hotel. He folded her hand in the crook of his elbow as they walked. Caroline continued to stare angrily away from him.

"Well in case you feel like taking any other chances, let me draw attention to the bracelet on your wrist," Klaus indicted her other arm that hung at her side. She looked down at it. A simple strand of rope, weaved together intricately, with a swirling green stone in the middle. "The stone has a twin," he continued indicating similar strand that was hung around his neck," if you separate the two by more than 50 yards, you will die. And before you ask, you can't take it off either. Only I can."

"So if I ran fast enough, wouldn't it kill you too?" she countered.

Klaus smirked at the blonde, "No, it's only one sided. Had a witch friend create it for me a few hundred years ago."

The valets were giving them odd looks when they returned but didn't say anything. Klaus flashed them an easy grin as they walked by and led them into the hotel lobby.

Caroline had to admit she was impressed. The hotel was clearly a place frequented by millionaires and celebrities. The lobby was minimal and bold; white walls with red and black accent furniture here and there. Obviously not the kind of chairs anyone would remain seated in for too long. There were tall vases with weird stick arrangements in them. Everyone inside seemed incredibly chic and well dressed. Caroline looked down at her own outfit. She was still wearing her homecoming dress from the night before. She folded her arms self-consciously and walked over to where Klaus stood by the welcome desk, her heels clicking on the pristine tile floor.

"Very good Mr. Klaus. We have you in the penthouse suite," Caroline watched the lovely, brown haired receptionist behind the desk. The woman had the blank stare of compulsion. Caroline rolled her eyes. "Our bellhops will be up in a few moments with your luggage."

"Excellent, thank you Alexia," Klaus gave the woman and easy smirk then took Caroline's arm again and led her to the elevator. They were alone inside. Klaus pushed the button to the top floor.

"Compelling your way into an expensive hotel, how original," Caroline quipped. The elevator bell dinged as they reached the top floor. The doors opened to reveal a small foyer and another single door.

"Oh I'm sorry Caroline, are you not impressed?" He returned, sliding the key card into the handle. The door clicked open and Klaus swept his hand grandly across his body and into the doorway, letting Caroline enter the room first.

Her jawed dropped as she walked through the threshold. She hadn't stayed in many hotels before, but all of them were single rooms with crappy queen sized beds. This hotel room was as big as a house. She stepped forward into the living room area and spun around. All of the furniture was modern and sleek. Multi-colored pillows adorned the large white couches, which could practically serve as beds themselves. A large flat screen tv hung on the wall. Behind her was a state of the art kitchen area, complete with an island and a full size refrigerator and stove.

Caroline spun around "Oh my god this place is huge! Look it even has another story!" She dashed up the stairs into the loft area. There was the bathroom, with its giant shower and Jacuzzi tub. And around the next wall was the bedroom area. A large California king sized bed with silk sheets greeted her. It looked like the most comfortable bed ever created in all bed history.

"So now I take it you are impressed?" Klaus called to her from the lower floor. Caroline grasped the banister and hung over the edge of the wall looking down at him.

"I guess it's not that bad," she replied nonchalantly. If she was going to be kidnapped, at least it seemed it was going to be in style.

The luggage was delivered a few minutes later. The bellboys placed three large duffle bags in the upper part of the suite.

"Not a light packer huh?" Caroline teased. Although maybe the continuous sarcasm directed toward the psychotic hybrid wasn't such a good idea.

"Actually, most of it belongs to Rebecca. All the clothing she's managed to acquire within the past few weeks," Klaus replied, "I figured you could make use of it while we're here."

Where was Barbie Klaus anyway? Caroline scrunched her face at the idea of wearing the evil blood slut's clothing. But she didn't have a choice unless she wanted to be stuck indefinitely in her homecoming dress.

"Now run along darling and change, I have a phone call to make," he dismissed her with a wave of his hand and turned his attention to his cell phone.

Caroline glared and made her way upstairs. The duffels had been left on top of the bed. She unzipped one of them slowly. It was filled with girl's clothes. Must be Rebecca's. She pulled out a pair of jeans, a white tank top, and a white and gray striped sweater. It was probably as good as anything. She meandered through another bag looking for shoes. No luck. Apparently her homecoming heels would have to suffice. A third bag lay untouched on the bed. Must be Klaus's, Caroline thought. She was curious. What exactly did an evil, original hybrid find important enough to carry around?

Klaus was still downstairs talking on the phone. Caroline's mouth twisted in consideration for a second before her fingers were on the zip. The bag was filled with guy's clothing: a few pairs of jeans and brown pants, some long sleeve t-shirts, some button ups, there were also a few books and a wooden lock box. She slipped the wooden box from the bag and held it in her hands. It looked very old. There were intricate carvings on the outside that were slightly worn: vines and trees and flowers and weird symbols Caroline didn't recognize. She traced one of the vine swirls along the top and wondered what secrets Klaus might be keeping inside.

Suddenly the box was torn from her grasp. Klaus was standing over her glaring down.

"Hasn't anyone ever taught you that it's not polite to snoop?"

"Lessons in manners coming from my kidnapper?" she retorted. Klaus smirked at her reply. He dropped the box back into the bag and exchanged it for a set of fresh clothes.

"Get changed. We have some things to go see," Klaus said slipping out of his black jacket. He was also still in his homecoming gear.

Caroline scooped the clothes she had selected and headed towards the bathroom. She stopped as she reached the wall between the bedroom and bathroom turning back towards Klaus, another sarcastic quip on her tongue, but then she lost her thought. His back was to her; he had already taken off his dress shirt and she couldn't help but gape at the sight. His shoulders were slightly broad and his tanned skin stretched beautifully over his lean muscles. She found her eyes lingering longer than they should.

"I don't think your little boyfriend back in Mystic Falls would appreciate you staring while I undress do you Caroline?"

She started, shaking herself out of her thoughts. She scurried around the wall. No! Bad Caroline! No ogling evil murderous hybrids.

"Well thanks to you I'm pretty sure that's over!" Caroline replied from the other side of the wall. She slid out of the dress and into a pair of jeans. It seemed that her and the evil blood slut were the same size.

"I'm sure you can do better darling," Klaus said emerging from the bedroom. Caroline jumped. She was standing there in her bra. She quickly wrapped her arms around her body in attempt to cover herself. Klaus swept an appreciative look over her torso. "Fair's fair," he shrugged.


I found the Rumi poem shortly after I started writing this story. It seemed to fit so perfectly for what I was thinking of. When I write, I always tend to let how Klaus would fall in love drive my writing process. So basically I'm applying the poem to him.

Let me know what you think.