"Caroline, what are you doing here?"

Caroline swung her legs over the side of the desk and hoped off gracefully. "Oh I came back to see if Charles was still around? I thought since you dumped me…"

Klaus's eyes flashed. She was joking, he knew it, but he wasn't in the mood for her sarcasm.

"I did not dump you," Klaus replied.

"Oh," Caroline said walking toward him, "I thought that's what you called it when you send me away, pretend you hate me, then after I save you and get staked, you save me, and then ditch me again."

Klaus took a step forward. "No, darling, I believe we call that not being able to take the hint."

"Well then I'm picking up mixed hints."

Caroline closed the distance between them. Klaus stood stone still, looking down at her. It was dark again in the office, only the moon shining through, but he could see every inch of her perfectly. They were back in this office, where it had all started, though really it had started long before that. He shook the thoughts from his head and stepped around her, not allowing himself down that path.

"Would you like a drink before I send you on your way darling," he asked making his way over to the desk and pulling out a handle of booze.

"I want you to tell me the truth," Caroline demanded.

"And what truth is that?"

"Cut the act Klaus," his name on her lips gave him a chill, "I know the truth. I just want you to fill in the blanks."

"There's nothing to fill in," he said coldly, keeping his eyes away from her as he poured two glasses. "You're alive, that's all that matters."

Suddenly Caroline flashed in front of him, taking his face in her hands, and crushing her lips to his. Klaus dropped the glasses and wrapped his arms around her, lifting her off the floor. The sudden and desperate reaction almost knocked Caroline over. Her hands fisted in his hair as his tongue invaded her mouth. She tasted just as sweet and fiery as he remembered. He bit her lips hungrily as he devoured her mouth, she gasped at the pain, a small drop of blood fell onto his tongue. It tasted strange. And then he remembered why. He dropped Caroline back onto the floor, tearing away from her. She stumbled back as she tried to regain her balance.

"That proves it," Caroline said.

"That proves nothing," Klaus growled.

"Yes it does. You've left me because of Damon and his stupid blood in my body. A choice I didn't even get to make!"

Klaus stared at her dumbfounded. The blood pooled on her lip and Klaus realized that she would need to drink from him. He bit into his wrist and let some of his blood fall into an empty glass. He didn't want her lips and teeth on his skin. He didn't think he could take it.

"Here," he said, "better drink up before that bite turns nasty."

Caroline frowned, accepting the glass and taking a sip. She licked her lips once the glass was empty.

Klaus spoke again. "Is that what you truly think Caroline?"

"What else could it be?" Her voice was barely a whisper, "You do still love me."

He noticed that her last words were a statement, not a question. Klaus turned his back then, walking over to the window. He glanced up at the moon overhead. It was almost full. In another night, werewolves would be roaming all over the city restless and hungry, looking for kills and victims. He could feel the pull of the moon, but he didn't have to answer to it, he could control it. Just like he could control everything else about himself. His changes, his cravings, his emotions; all of it.

"You know I had been planning it for a while, getting you out of New York. It didn't matter what you did darling, Charles was always going to see you as a weakness of mine. We weren't very convincing about our relationship anyways," Klaus smirked slightly recalling the Opera and continued, "after you and I had had our argument and the conversation with the wolves, I thought you would leave me, or want to. I called on Charles to prove his loyalty to me, by trying to get to you. I set you up, so that I would have a reason to kill you."

Caroline stared at his back, not sure what point he was trying to make. "But you didn't kill me."

"No, I didn't. But Charles didn't know that. I told him to test you, to ask you for information about me. And I told you to give it to him. Then I sent you away and told Charles that the bracelet would kill you as punishment for your betrayal. You thought it would too, so the whole thing seemed real. Charles would think you dead and you would be safe."

"But I never wanted to leave! Klaus I—"

"I did it for your safety Caroline. You were always in danger here, with me, and me loving you made it all that much worse!" Klaus turned to face her then an angry and hopeless look in his eyes.

"Well it didn't work," Caroline replied, "because Charles figured it out. He called me. He was the one that told me he had you staked."

"Yes, believe me when I awoke and saw you and my sister I was sincerely surprised," Klaus smiled ever so slightly, "you'll have to explain the brown wig to me one day."

Caroline chuckled taking a hesitant step forward. "So does this mean I can stay?"

Klaus looked at the girl in front of him, the woman he loved. He had waited a million lifetimes to find her; he had never even realized he was waiting until he had found her. He wanted nothing more than to reach out and hold onto her and never let go. At the same time he wanted to push her away to keep her safe and alive.

"I sent you away to keep you safe. I will always have enemies, old and new. I couldn't bare to lose you."

"But you can bare to see me go?"

Klaus sighed. "As long as I know you are safe and alive."

Caroline chuckled, shaking her head. "Klaus, I may not know much about being a vampire, but I do know this: there is no such thing as safe. There is survival."

She crossed over to him, reaching for his hand and taking it into both of her own, gently running her thumbs along his skin.

"What about high school and cheerleading and Mystic Falls," Klaus countered.

"You changed all that," Caroline said looking up into his eyes.

"What about Damon? You can never be to far away from him."

"We'll work that out."

"What about—" Caroline slapped a hand over his mouth. Klaus raised one eyebrow in reply.

"Just shut up and kiss me."

With that Caroline removed her hand and placed her lips on his. He wrapped his arms around her and she melted into his body. Klaus held on to her tightly. This time, he was never letting go.

The End.

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