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A World Lost

Chapter Five: The DEAD is everywhere

Shana wordlessly stepped back onto the bus and gave the blonde haired driver a signal to start driving. Seconds after the bus started driving away the sounds of an explosion rang out clear across the dead city.

A number of girls cried out in fear at the noise of the explosion. "Ahhhh!" Two of Friagne's female students cried out.

"There, there." Friagne called out softly as he hugged the two female students. "Everything's going to be okay." He said in his best soothing voice. Though to the people in the front of the bus it sounded eerily creepy.

The pair of girls stared at their teacher with hazy eyes. "Kariudo-sensei." The girls said hypnotized by Friagne's soft voice.

Hirai Yukari who looked back at the scene resisted her urge to gag at the display. 'Yeah, that's not weird or creepy.' Her thoughts dripped with sarcasm as she turned to look out the window.


Yukari's head snapped forward at the seat in front of her to see Shana. "What?" She asked the older girl.

Shana studied the violet eyed girl for a second before informing her of the situation. "Yuji told us to meet him at his house." She stated without beating around the bush. "Do you have his address?" The black haired female asked.

"Of course, it's-."

"Sakai's house?" Friagne's voice interrupted the two girls. "Why in the world would we go there to meet with Sakai and Yoshida?" He asked as though the question was foreign. "By now they're probably dead, killed in a tragic explosion thanks to Yoshida's inability to think." He said in an overly dramatic way. "There is no point in going to Sakai's house."

Ike stood up from his seat and turned to face Friagne. "And what would you suggest us to do?" Within seconds Ike would regret his question as he knew that this man held the inability to shut up.

The blue haired male turned to Ike and let out a chuckle. "Oh why that's simple." He said as he crossed his arms. "We should leave the city, find a secluded place far away from civilization, far away from those monsters, and barricade ourselves." He said as though it was the most oblivious thing. "And when all of this chaos is over someone from the JSDF will come for us."At all of Friagne's students began clapping at his plan as though it was the most intelligent and inspiring thing they had ever heard. "Thank you!" He said with an over dramatic bow.

Ike having heard enough of this couldn't stop his tongue as he shot up to his feet. "You have got to be kidding me!" He shouted in disbelief at this teacher's words. The other students stopped clapping at that, their eyes narrowed at the boy who would dare raise his voice to their precious Kariudo-sensei. "That's the most idiotic idea I have heard all day!"

Friagne paused as his eyes narrowed. "What was that Ike-kun?" He asked in an over-polite way that didn't truly hide the fact that he was daring the boy to choose his words carefully.

Ike accepted his hidden challenge. Glaring at the teacher he spoke without hesitation. "You heard me." The glasses wearing boy boldly said as he got out of his aisle.

Friagne eyes held a gleam, but before he could speak one of his students did it. "Why don't you shut you're damn trap you damn nerd!" One of his male students shouted.

Ike glared at him. "Try and make me." The glasses wearing student boldly dared.

Ike didn't have time to reach for his nail gun as the older male charged him. Luckily he didn't have to, coming from behind him a wooden bokken shot forward and stopped right in front of the face of the male student. Shana smirked as the student came to a complete stop right in front of her sword, she would enjoy this.

The boy froze as he remembered just how dangerous she was with the wood sword. "H-hey take it easy w-wi-with that thing, th-there's no need to get ha-hasty." He stuttered a bit as he remembered the last person who had been on the receiving end of Shana's sword.

Shana smirked at him. He looked almost ready to piss his pants. "What's your name?" She calmly inquired as though she weren't pointing a sword in his face.

"Mo-Motomiya Kei." He stuttered out.

"Motomiya-san let me ask you something." Shana said as she poked him in the head with the tip of her bokken. "Do you know what happens when you feel the need to resort to violence against my friends?" She calmly asked. The boy shook his head.

Shana's eyes narrowed into slits. "I get violent." Her voice dropped low and her eyes showed slight pleasure in this student's fear. "So get back to your seat." He didn't need to be told twice. Kei quickly moved to his seat near the back. "Good boy." Shana said as she began moving back to her seat.

"Very nice," Friagne said as he clapped his hands. "What a lovely display of keeping the peace, Shana-chan." He said in a somewhat creepy way. "But that was a very unnecessary method."

Shana rolled her eyes at the over dramatic teacher, she made no attempt of hiding her disdain for the man. "Pray tell why it was unnecessary." Shana said slightly annoyed.

Friagne smirked as he began walking forward. "Well that's simple, it's because you threatened my student with force. That is something that cannot be allowed in our new society." The blue haired man stated as he turned around. "Am I right?" He asked his students who all in response clapped as droopy smiles etched onto their faces.

Shana stared at the man with wide eyes of disbelief at his insanity. 'Is this guy high? What society?' She asked herself in amazement at his deluded mind. "What a nutcase." Shana muttered under her breath as she walked back to her seat. "Get us out of here Margery-sensei, and step on it." She quietly said to the blonde woman who smiled in enjoyment.

Margery gripped the wheel. "With pleasure." She said as she hit the accelerator. In the back she saw Friagne fall on his face as she sped up.

"Kariudo-sensei!" One of the female students called out as she got up to see if he was alright.

Friagne lifted his head up to glare at the people seated near the front of the bus. 'That little bitch!' He screamed in his mind. 'How dare she, no, they, how dare they make a fool of me!'He thought as his hands clenched into fist. 'I won't forget this so easily.' The blue haired male thought as he looked towards the front of the bus.

Yuji kept his eyes focus on the road as the scenery passed by him and Kazumi in a blur. 'We're not too far away from my house.' Yuji groaned as he was a bit ticked. They were unable to use any of his shortcuts as there were too many cars packed up. And that was the least of his worries, there were a larger number of Them then he had expected.

So now he had to rely on the back roads. "We're not too far!" He shouted over the sound of the bike's engine. "Should be about thirty minutes!" He called out as he turned out of the way of some debris.

Kazumi said nothing as they road past the dead road, no life was in sight. Cars were lined up along the side of the road; some of them had doors that had been ripped off of their hinges. They had ripped the doors off of the cars with their bare hands; it was pretty frightening just how powerful They are.

After riding in silence for a few minutes Yuji felt the need to speak. "Yoshida?"

Kazumi stared at his back for a few minutes before speaking. "Yes?"

Yuji made a left turn as he hesitated in speaking. "…Can I ask you something?" He felt Kazumi nod from behind him. "And you won't get made if I ask you?" The brown haired boy asked a bit hesitantly.

Kazumi shook her head. "I'll try not to." She said.

Yuji nodded accepting that as an answer. "Okay, uh…" He cleared his throat while taking a glance at the passing scenery of destruction that was passing him and Kazumi. "Why…Why did you want to leave Kariudo-san behind?" He finally got out. "I uh…I mean that's not really like you, to you know leave someone behind like that."

From behind him he felt Kazumi's grip tighten slightly. "Sakai-kun, I…I wanted to leave him behind to die, because…" She took a deep breath. "Because of what he did to me and my dad." Yuji barely heard her whisper over the roar of the engine.


Kazumi gasped at the loud noise, looking around the destroyed city she scanned for where the sound had originated. "That sounded like a…" Another bang rang out.

The brown haired male gripped the bike handles harder as he recognized what he was hearing. "Gunshot." Yuji said quietly as he sped up.

It didn't take the two teens long to discover who was being trigger happy. As they arrived on the scene they saw a group of adults firing a series of bullets at a number of stray undead. "Kill them all!" A young man who appeared to be in his early forties yelled. He was completely bald and had a white tank top on. His left arm there was a tattoo that neither Yuji nor Kazumi could make out.

The man's ears registered the sound of a bike; suddenly he whipped his head to the two newcomers. "Guys!" He shouted. "Fire over there!" He ordered his group who all turned their guns on the teens.

'Shit!' Yuji thought to himself as he pulled the throttle and really burned rubber.

All at once all of the fire power that had been charging through the skulls of Them came raining down upon Yuji and Kazumi. "Why are they firing at us!" Kazumi yelled at Yuji as he swerved to the side in attempt to dodge the bullets.

Yuji grunted as he made a very sharp right turn. "No idea, but I sure as hell don't feel like asking." He hissed as he made another turn, this time to the left. Looking up he saw that the group of men was a pretty large group; a lot of them situated on the rooftop, while some were stationed at the front door of their building. "If we want to get to my house we're going to have to make a detour." With that he made a left and kept straight.

After about two minutes of driving the gun shots stopped as the two teens were now out of range. Yuji made a sharp turn as he braked, the squeal of the tires could be heard from about a mile away. "Thank God…" Yuji was relieved that the sound of gunshots was no more, and that the only sound for miles was that of the bike's idle engine. 'Guess we're not much of a threat to them as they aren't following us.'

The light haired girl sighed as she brushed a hand through her short locks. This was defiantly more excitement to last a lifetime, but something told her that there was still much more to come. "Where do we go now?" Kazumi asked as she calmed down.

Yuji looked around the street he was on. "Uh…"He groaned over the sound of the bike's idle engine. "Well that detour took us down the wrong path." He said as he read the street they were on. "I've hardly been through this part of town. But I know how we can get back on the right path. We'll have to take-."It was at that moment that a lazy groan was heard.

Looking behind them the two teens saw about five of Them coming out of a building. "I don't care about the directions, just drive!" Kazumi yelled as They turned their attention onto the two teens.

Not being needed to be told twice Yuji drove forward. Quickly the brown haired teen made a right and changed lanes. "We'll have to get on the highway," Yuji muttered to himself as he drove. "Once on we'll circle around the area we just pasted, and that will lead to Daitetsu Bridge," Yuji paused to regain his breath. 'But once we get there, then what?' Yuji wondered to himself as he bit his lip. He knew how the situation was in Misaki City, the possibility of the police having some sort of barricade was very likely. 'I guess we'll figure that out later.' He thought to himself.

While on the highway the pair was met with a tragic sight, cars and cars smashed against each other. Bodies littered the ground, a number of which were still animated. The smell of death was strong, Yuji couldn't even imagine what had caused such chaos. All he could do was bare the stench of death and move past the many wrecked vehicles and dead bodies.

The two rode on in complete silence for a good twenty minutes before Yuji decided to get off the highway. Yuji didn't even need to look at his watch to know that it was too late to get to his house on this day. And he was certain that the bike was running low on fuel; Yuji knew that he needed to go about finding a temporary shelter for him and Kazumi.

"It's starting to get late." He called out while looking at his watch which read that it was already well past eight. By the time that he and Kazumi had gotten separated from the other's the sun had already begun its descent and now the sky was black with specs of white. "We'll stop off get some gas, and then we can hold up in a motel or something." He explained while getting off the off ramp. Kazumi wordlessly nodded at his words.

The two teens drove through the dim-lighten deserted streets, going pasted old stores they had been to a number of times. Yuji sighed when he saw the old arcade he would hang out at with Takeru had been smashed in with a car.

"Man this sucks." Yuji muttered dejectedly as he continued on.

Kazumi nodded as she looked forward. 'What the?' She thought to herself as she saw a small flash of red and blue. "Yuji look! Up ahead, look!" She said excitedly.

Looking forward Yuji felt a slight bit of hope in his chest. "A patrol car?" He said as he got closer to the car. 'They might be able to give us a hand. Or something.' He thought as he sped up slightly. "Man I'm just asking to get arrested, I have a stolen bike, no license, no helmet, and I've killed a bunch of people in the last few hours alone."

Kazumi rolled her eyes at his words.

"I knew I shouldn't have gotten my hopes up." Yuji said as he looked at the crashed police car. The scene was quite tragic; a SUV had apparently driven into the cop car some hours ago. Even Yuji couldn't look at the crushed bodies of the policemen for long. He didn't even want to imagine the sort of pain the pair of officers had felt upon being ripped away from the world. 'At least they were lucky not to suffer by being one of Them.' Yuji said in his mind as he stared at the wreckage.

Kazumi sighed at the horrible sight that lay before her. The car was smashed in on the right side, blood was pooled up around the patrol car."Well this sucks…" Kazumi said as she moved over to the car, grabbing the door handle she wretched it open. Reaching inside she began grabbing anything that might be useful.

Yuji put his hands in his pockets. "Yoshida, what are you doing?" He asked with curiosity as he watched her dig around in the police car.

Kazumi turned to look at her friend and gave him a look that showed slight annoyance. "I'm taking some of their stuff. There might be something useful, like say a gun." She said as she resumed poking around the car.

After a few minutes Kazumi had found two pairs of handcuffs, two nightsticks, and a gun. "Do you know how to use one?" Kazumi said as she took the gun and placed it in his hands.

The brown haired teen examined the gun which looked like a revolver type gun. Yuji shook his head. "No, but I've watched a lot of TV, how hard could it be?" Yuji asked as he looked at the gun from top to bottom. "Aim and pull the trigger." He said as he aimed the gun. He moved the gun up and down slightly. Yuji wiped the sweat from his brow as he stared at the weapon, it was the real thing. A huge leap from the toy guns he would play with when he was a kid. "I gotta admit that it's heavier than I'd imagine it to be."He raised it slightly as he opened the compartment that held bullets. 'Only five shots?' That worried him slightly as there were only five bullets in it.

Kazumi sighed at her childhood friend. "Of course, it is the real thing." The girl said as she took the two nightsticks. "I doubt we can do anything with the handcuffs, but these nightsticks might prove useful." She said as she gripped the handles and held them forward in a reverse handgrip. "Yeah this would work okay,"

Yuji nodded as he looked at them. "Maybe Hirai or Margery-sensei could make use of those when we finally meet up with the rest of the group. Besides you really don't need those sticks, you've got your pole." The blue eyed teen said as he pointed at the pole that Kazumi had placed near the bike.

Kazumi nodded as she grabbed a bag that she had found inside the car. "Alright, sounds like a good idea." She said as Yuji placed the gun into his pocket. "Do you want to keep the bat, Sakai-kun?"

Yuji nodded. "Yeah, it'd probably be a good idea since I've never shot a gun."Yuji commented. 'And also, I don't feel too comfortable with the prospect of only five shots.' Yuji thought to himself as he subconsciously placed his hand over his pocket where the gun resided.

Kazumi nodded. "Well since you'll be carrying the gun take these." Kazumi said as she handed him the extra bullets. "There was another gun in the car, but the handle had been torn off." Kazumi explained the extra ammo's origin. "They're from the same type of gun so they should work."

Yuji nodded as he placed the bullets into his other pocket. "Alright then let's go." He said as he got onto the bike. Grabbing the bag that had the nightsticks and the bat in it, as well as grabbing her poke, Kazumi jumped onto the bike and Yuji took off.

After a few minutes of driving they found a gas station that sat alone near no buildings. "Is there even any gas?" Kazumi asked as Yuji brought the bike up to the one of the stations.

Shrugging, Yuji looked between Kazumi and the pump. "I've heard that these stations can fill up 1000 cars without having to be refilled. So we should be okay with this." Yuji said as he looked at the station. "Oh no." He moaned as he saw that it was self service.

Kazumi looked at her friend who appeared to be slightly crestfallen. "What is it Sakai-kun?" She asked while looking at the cause of his changed mood.

Yuji pointed to a small plate with the words "Self-service" on it. "It's self service." Yuji grunted out as he kicked the gas station.

Kazumi shrugged. "Then put some money in it." Kazumi said as it wasn't that big of a deal.

Yuji shoved his hands into his pockets; the cold metal of the gun met his equally cold right hand. "Are you crazy? I have no money; I didn't even have a job." Sighing he looked at her. "Do you have any money on you?"

Kazumi shook her head. "Sorry, I kinda dropped my wallet at school," Kazumi said with a sheepish smile.

Yuji couldn't contain the sigh that followed after her sentence. "Damn."Yuji crossed his arms as he tried to figure something out. Suddenly his eyes caught sight of a neon sign with the words OPEN in bright blue neon. Nodding, Yuji knew what to do. "Wait here, if something happens…" Yuji paused as he thought of what to say. "scream." He added on before walking over to the building.

The brown haired girl could only release a sigh of boredom as her friend went inside the building. Crossing her arms she looked up at the full moon which looked slightly eerie in the dark night.

Walking inside Yuji looked around the room. Inside the station was rows and rows of what would appear to be traveler's snacks. "Hello?" Yuji called out as he put his bat up in a defensive stance. "Is there anyone in here?" The only answer to his words was the sound of some irritating music that was playing inside the store.

A groan was heard from his left, Yuji turned just in time to see one of Them coming at him. It was limping after him, hands reached out for his throat. Yuji quickly sidestepped it and slammed his bat into the back of its head. Yuji didn't even flinch when he heard the sickening crunch of the man's skull as he had swung with enough force to shatter bone.

The undead man, whom Yuji suspected had worked at the gas station, due to his blood and vomit stained uniform, fell to the ground with a groan of pain. Yuji not wanting to take chances smashed the bat into its head once more. Blood sprayed all over the floor and on the nearby walls. "Anyone else want to take a crack at me!" Yuji asked while looking around the ransacked room.

After a few moments of silence Yuji came down from the slight adrenalin rush. Giving a cautious look around he made a move for the registered. "Guess no one's working at the moment." He said before giving a little whistle.

Reaching behind the registered he raised the bat over his head. "Another thing to add to my criminal record," He said he slammed the bat into the cash register. Giving a battle cry he smashed the metal bat into the money filled machine once again.

Kazumi turned her head as soon as she heard the noise. A part of her wanted to go and see what he was doing, but her mind already knew. "He's having fun…" She muttered a few seconds after the banging stopped.

After a minute or so Yuji came out of the store with his pockets filled to the brim with enough money to fill up the bike. "Did you have fun?" Kazumi asked with a tiny grin. Yuji had the decency to blush as he gave a nervous laugh. Yuji cleared his throat before walking over to the station and placing the money in the machine.

After a few minutes the bike was gassed up and the two were ready to go. Yuji pulled out a piece of paper from his pocket, a map that he had gotten from inside the station. "Let's see," Yuji said as he angled the paper map so that the bright lights the nearest motel is not far, actually it's just a few blocks from here."

Kazumi nodded as she got onto the bike. "But we'll probably have to fight our way to our room. And it would be a good idea if we got a room on the second floor if possible." Yuji nodded as he put the map back into his pocket.

After driving for a few minutes they arrived at an old motel that actually looked pretty well off despite the current state of the city. Yuji and Kazumi noted that a few of the rooms had lights that were on which was an indication that a few people had taken refuge at the residence. "Let's go." Yuji said as he rushed to where they would have to buy their room.

When they got to the front desk they saw that there was no attendant to greet them, but a small note had been left on the table. Yuji picked up the paper which had a sloppily written message on it. "All rooms are free until further notice, just grab a key." Yuji said as he read the note.

"I guess with all that is happening this place wouldn't be able to refuse those looking for a safe place." Kazumi whispered as she went behind the desk and grabbed a key. "Room 213." Kazumi said as she read the tag on it.

Yuji nodded as the both moved to leave the room only to pause as they heard a groan. Both snapped their heads to a door which was labeled bathroom. "In there?" Kazumi muttered to herself as she gripped her pole.

"Looks like it." Yuji said as an undead man who wore the attire of a janitor walked out of the room. His hair was a mess, his eyes wide and unfocused, and the ranched stench could be smelled from miles away. "Well we can't just leave him." Yuji said as he grabbed his bat out of the bag that Kazumi had been holding.

Taking a deep breath Yuji rushed forward with his bat; giving a loud cry he slammed it into the undead man's head. Kazumi watched with wide eyes as the man's head became lodged between the bat and the doorway. Blood poured out of the man's head and stained the white doorway before sliding down towards the rugged carpet.

Compared to Kazumi's wide and surprised expression Yuji wasn't even all that effected by the fact that he hadn't even hesitated in the art of head smashing. "We should get moving." Yuji quietly said as he walked away from the dead undead. "For all we know there could be more." Kazumi swallowed as she stared at the blood stained bat. She could only nod as she didn't trust her voice.

As they got back outside they quickly went up stairs to where their room was. While walking towards their room they were both on high alert, any sound they heard made them slightly jump or turn only to find it be nothing.

They eventually reached their room; Yuji placed the key in as Kazumi stood on watch with her pole ready. Luckily they were undisturbed as Yuji opened the door and led Kazumi in. As soon as both teens were in the room Yuji closed the door and locked all of the locks. "This will do." Yuji said as he looked at the two beds.

Walking over to the one that was right in front of the TV he shrugged off his blazer which had a few stains of blood on it from the day's events. "You can take the shower first." Yuji said as he stretched his arms.

Kazumi smiled as she walked towards the bathroom. "Thank you, Sakai-kun."

Yuji gave a nod as she disappeared into the restroom. Once the door had closed Yuji released a pent up breath of exhaustion. Truly the day couldn't have ended any faster, the school day had been average at best but when he saw the murders of the teachers despite time speeding up it also seemed to drag on. The day had been hectic and frightening, many times Yuji had thought that death was right around the corner for him and his friends but they had prevailed.

"The others…" Yuji whispered as he reached into his pocket for his cell phone. He had forgotten that even in hell he had his cell phone. Just as he was about to start dialing he paused. 'Who would I call?' He thought to himself as he remembered that Yukari's phone had been abandoned in all of the commotion in the school.

Yuji sighed as he decided to call his mom, hopefully she was still okay. Quickly he went to his contacts and pressed the title labeled 'mom.' Pressing the phone to his ear Yuji waited for what felt like an eternity as the phone rang.

"…" The receiver picked up. "…Hello?" The voice of Yuji's mother entered his ears. Yuji opened his mouth to say something but paused as he found it impossible to say words, he had never been so happy to simply hear his mother's voice. "Yu-chan is that you?" Chigusa asked hoping to god that her son was alright.

His eyes watered a bit as he found his voice. "Mom." Yuji said happy that his mother was still alive and not one of Them. "Are you alright?" He said a little louder than he intended.

On the other side Yuji heard his mom release a sigh of relief. "Yes Yu-chan, I'm alright. I'm glad to hear that you're okay too. I've been so worried all day for you and you're father."

Yuji began pacing around the room still slightly worried for his mother and father. "Mom where are you? Are you at home?"

"No," She calmly said. "Yu-chan right now I'm at the school." She said much to the silent horror of her son. "…" She waited for her son's response. "Yu-chan?"

Yuji's eyes wide spoke. "Mom what are you doing there? You need to get out soon! Who knows how long you'll be safe there?" He yelled hoping that his mother would understand just how dangerous it was inside a school.

"Yuji." His mom said which caused her son to shut up. "Listen to me, I am safe. The school is on a complete lockdown; thankfully none of the students or teacher's have been bitten." She said softly. "Earlier during the afternoon a man who had been bitten came to the school. He stopped at the front gate and told us that under no circumstances were we allowed to open the gates."

Yuji wiped his hand on his pants as he sat on his bed. "What happened?"

"He fell to the ground in pain. We were going to open the gate to help him, but he told us not to." Chigusa paused. "…Then he died, after five seconds or so of being dead he stood back up. He was a completely different person almost like a zombie or something." Yuji could hear the sadness in his mother's voice. "So all day we've kept away from the gate and no one has left the school. We tried calling the parents but have received virtually no responses."

"Alright." Yuji said softly as he stood up. "Listen mom I'm glad that you're safe, but I have to tell you a few things you need to know."

Yuji's mom could sense the seriousness in her son's voice. She tightened her grip on her phone. "I'm listening." She seriously said.

"Those things are like the undead. They are dangerous more so than you might think, when one grabs you the only thing you can do is pray. Because once you're bitten it's over, you might as well be dead." Yuji's eyes narrowed as he thought about Takeru. "I've seen it today, people who were once my friends eaten by their own classmates before coming back to life and doing the exact same thing."

Chigusa's eyes were widely alert at those words, she could only imagine what the scene of her son's high school must have been. "Uh huh." Was all she could manage as she nodded her head.

"There is one thing you need to know about Them that will prove useful in avoiding Them and staying alive if they do break into the school." Yuji took in a deep breath. "They're senses except for hearing are all dead. They cannot see you, They cannot feel you, and They cannot smell you. When around Them you must be as quiet as a dead person, because if you are too loud They will attack you."

"I see." Yuji's mom said taking in the information. "That is good to know, we might be able to get the kids out…" She sighed as she knew just how dangerous that would be. "No it'd be too risky…if one kid or even a teacher were to so much as sneeze it would be the end of us all…" She muttered.

"Mom." Yuji said interrupting her internal thoughts of how to get the kids out of the school. "Listen. Right now I'm at a motel with a classmate, tomorrow we're going to our house to get some supplies; once we're stocked up we're going to regroup with some other classmates who we got separated from." Yuji explained his situation to his mother. "Once we're done there we'll come get you and hopefully get you and the kids out of the school." Yuji promised as he stood up. "Just hold tight, and we'll be there soon, the Special Defense Force won't help us, they're too tied up with Them. So we'll come save you guys,"

"Thank you Yuji." Chigusa said proud of her son's courage. "But don't worry, we have a lot of food and water to last us a while. We'll be okay, just worry about staying alive, and if you're able to get in touch with your father tell him that I hope he's okay."

"…You can't get in touch with dad?" Yuji said in fear at the implications of this.

"No. That's why I'm worried."

"Don't worry I'm sure dad is okay, and soon all of us will be together again. Me and my friends will get you guys out of there, then we'll find dad."

"Yu-chan that's-." Suddenly she was cut off.

Yuji's eyes widen as he pulled the phone away from his ear. He was disheartened to see that the phone had died on him in the middle of his conversation. "Damn it!" He yelled as he threw the phone onto the bed. 'I knew I should have charged the damn thing last night!' Yuji yelled in his mind as he fell back on his bed.

Sighing he sat up and reached for the remote that was next to the TV. Pressing the red power button the TV blinked to life as pictures filled the box, Yuji quickly changed the channel to the news.

"So far the death toll of this 'killing virus' has yet to be revealed. But it is believed that so far over 500,000 people in Japan alone have been affected." An older gentleman said. His hair was white with thin gray lines. "Unfortunately it seems that the death toll and damage collateral won't stop rising. Researchers are looking into what caused the outbreak of this disease and are hopeful in finding a cure."

Yuji scoffed at those words, from the look on the man's face it seemed as if he didn't even believe those words. "There's no hope, no way this can be cured. How can we save them when they're trying to kill us?"

The man gave a cough as a small square appeared behind him. Inside the square was a picture of Daitetsu Bridge. "In the city of Misaki, police have set up a block at Daitetsu Bridge. All people who have been bitten are not allowed to cross the bridge into the suburb part of Misaki. Those who are infected are to remain in the business side of Misaki."

Yuji sighed in depression as he flipped the channel. "Man this is insane." He said as another news channel appeared.

A young and a very shaken man was being interviewed. "So tell me." A woman who appeared to be in her mid thirties said. "What happened next?"

The man dropped his cigarette to the floor and stepped on it. "We…" He paused to take a breath. "My girlfriend and I had hidden ourselves inside my father's restaurant because it was closed today." He took a deep breath as he thought of what to say next. "Everything was okay for a few minutes, but I had to go to the bathroom. So I left my girl alone for a few minutes to go to use the restroom, and as I was finishing up I heard her scream."

He paused for a second almost as if he were reliving it. "When I came out a man who had broken in through one of the windows had my girl pinned to the ground."

"What happened next?" The woman asked the young man.

The guy stopped for a second to glare at the woman. "What do you think happened? The guy was trying to have his way with my girlfriend, he was trying to rape her! I knew him, he was a classmate of mine at the university, and he saw this as a perfect opportunity to take my girl!" He yelled at the woman. "But he didn't have a chance." He quietly said as he remembered what had happened next. "They," From how he said the word Yuji knew immediately who the man meant. "Broke in, they must have heard all of Miku-chan's screams and as well as all of Senji's yells." He heaved a sob as he covered his face in his hands.

Yuji having seen enough turned the TV off. "God…" He whispered as he walked over to the window to the motel. Pulling the curtain to the side he looked out at the dark streets before he closed the curtain and walked away from the window. "We'll have to leave tomorrow morning immediately. There's no permanent safe place." Yuji whispered as he walked to the bed.

Some ways away from the motel that Yuji and Kazumi had taken refugee in Shana sat in her seat, she was the only person on the bus that was awake. She had taken guard duty for the time being, as she didn't trust Friagne or any of his followers.

Looking at the seat adjacent to her she spotted Yukari, asleep with her head on a sleeping Ike's shoulder. Glancing to the front of the bus she saw that Margery was sleeping in a seat behind the driver's while Keisaku was fast asleep in the seat behind her.

At the back of the bus all of Friagne's students slept soundly, as did he. Shana considered the possibility of killing the man in his sleep. She knew that there was something wrong with him, she was certain that he was a terrible human being. The feeling he gave her was that of a sick individual, someone who took pleasure in having power over the weak.

Shana shook her head. "No." She softly spoke as she looked back through her peripherals. "Not tonight." She quietly said as she looked out the window. 'We have to get away from him and find Yuji and Kazumi.' Shana silently said.

Well I hope that this was worth the wait, I did my best, and I'm really sorry that it took so long, until next time.