Title: First Kiss

Rating: PG

Genre: Crack/Fluff/Romance

Summary: When Hinata and Naruto are invited to Sakura's thirteenth birthday party, it's only a matter of time before fate decides they should participate in a little game called Seven Minutes in Heaven. NaruHina.

On that short-lived and fuzzy March evening, Hinata would get her first kiss.

She, of course, had no way of knowing. For her, it was just another regular day. She had been invited to Sakura's thirteenth birthday, and she would be lying if she said she wasn't excited. Nothing happened in Konoha, except for the imminent and vague feeling that they were in danger. It came with being a ninja. Danger was a part of every day life.

Once in a long awhile, it was just nice to gather up the rookies and have a nice time together.

So there she sat amongst the Konoha rookies, enjoying a nice cup of punch. "You like it so far?" Shino asked, taking another quick sip from his red cup. "I do. I'm not much of a party person but I'm very glad to be here." She answered with honesty, looking over at her teammate.

Shino muttered in acknowledgement of her reply. "That makes two of us." He commented, triggering a smile to form upon her lips. Music played faintly in the background as she gazed around vacantly around the room, noticing the decorations that Sakura's put so much work into. There wasn't any sort of 'theme' to this party, Hinata noted. But she liked the pink and red graciously adorned on the cups and plates along with the confetti distributed around the floor and ceiling.

Everyone she'd grown up with was here. Gaara was being a wallflower next to Kabuto, Rock Lee was off preaching about how this was the spring time of our youth and we should enjoy it and Sai was drawing a potrait of Sakura as a gift from him to her. Whilst Team Eight sat politely on a nearby couch, conversating amongst themselves. That's how Team Eight was, they were like siblings so they stuck to each other, even when they didn't realize it. However, Kiba was nowhere to be found. He said he would come, it was just a matter of time that he would show up she supposed.

Sakura, on the other hand, was trying her best to be a good host. She came towards Team Eight, holding a tray of snacks. "Thank you so much for coming," She grinned, her green eyes showed genuine happiness. "Don't be afraid to grab something to eat." She suggested. She wore casual clothes, just how she specifically requested on the invitation. She wore a floaty red dress with sandals. It was refreshing to see everyone with new clothes on.

"Oi, Sakura-chan!" Naruto bugged her from behind. Hinata's heart skipped a beat, as usual. Just hearing his voice sometimes was enough to make her jolt, but she was used to it. She just focused on trying to force herself to blush a little less these days. He wore a simple yellow t-shirt with the Konoha leaf symbol in the middle. He held a tray as well. Sakura's smile became hostile, she rolled her eyes. "What, Naruto?"

"Nobody wants to eat these nasty vegetarian meatballs." He furrowed his brows. "Nasty?" She repeated. "Oh-" He laughed nervously, "I didn't mean it." He scratched the back of his head, continuing to laugh until his eyes set onto Hinata who watched him with studious eyes. He was so handsome. "Hey Hinata!" He greeted, not hesitating to flash her a smile. She smiled back, still focusing on toning down her blushing. "Hi, Naruto-kun." She spoke quietly.

"Glad to see you here." He said, giving her a playful thumbs-up. She could only smile wider, feeling her heart hammer against her chest. "Nice to see you too. I don't...I don't see you as often as I'd l-like..." She confessed, biting the inside of her cheek a little. Why was it so hard to speak to him?

"Eh," He sighed, "I know what you mean. We've just been assigned more missions than usual. It's tiring but I love doing it." He explained. "Us as well, it can be exhausting sometimes." Shino pitched in. They continued to converse as Hinata listened intently, looking at both Shino and Naruto as they spoke. Though, she found herself staring at Naruto a lot longer than necessary. She kept her hands busy as she poked her index fingers together. Sakura had waltzed off to offer more snacks to the other guests - specifically Sasuke who sat with a grimace alone at a table.

No more than two hours passed as she spoke with Tenten, Ino and Chouji (who had eaten all of the vegetarian meatballs without complaints) until Sakura blew a whistle that drew everyone's attention. She looked as excited as ever. "Okay, everyone! I have a game we could play together." She announced. Shortly after, everyone gathered around the middle of her living room.

She stood among them, holding a black top hat upside down. "In order to play, I've written down all of your guys' names and put them into this hat." She began, making sure to catch eye contact with everyone in the room.

Hinata watched intently as she rested her weight against a wall next to Shino. "This game is called Seven Minutes in Heaven." Sakura smiled, suddenly flashing her dangerous green eyes towards Sasuke. He sat on the couch next to Naruto, barely paying attention. Hinata watched Naruto quietly, admiring him from a distance as usual. He looked up suddenly, catching her gaze for a few seconds. She froze, blinking rapidly before dropping her gaze to her feet.

She looked up towards him again to see if he was still looking her way, only to find him smiling at her. The whiskers of his face curled up and his eyes followed in suit. She felt the corners of her mouth draw upwards without her consent. His smile lit the whole room.

"Seven Minutes in Heaven..." Shino mummered thoughtfully. Hinata looked over to him, her head a little hazy from the happiness she always got from seeing Naruto. "Shit." Shino hissed, even though Shino wore glasses, Hinata had spent enough time around him to read his emotions - as bland as they were. She could tell he was deeply troubled since he bit his bottom lip, positioning his thumb under his chin and pointer finger above his top lip. Something was terribly wrong.

"S-Shino-kun?" Hinata furrowed her brows, whispering. "Hinata...have you ever kissed anybody?" He asked with a completely serious face. Hinata let out a nervous laugh, "Have I ever k-kissed anybody?" She repeated, narrowing her eyes. "Well, not rea-"

Sakura cleared her throat, "In this game, I will pick out a boy and girl." She spoke slowly, "This boy and girl will be locked in my closet over there." She pointed over to a narrow door, open with only a couple jackets hanging. There was barely any room for one person...how were two people supposed to fit inside? "You have seven minutes to do anything you want." Hinata squinted her eyes, unsure of the point of this game. Were you supposed to practice fighting together perhaps?

"I mean anything." Sakura smirked mischieveously. "But you at least have to kiss your partner."

Suddenly a cluster of giggles and gasps filled the room. Hinata's eyes flashed towards the blonde boy sitting next to the Uchiha. Naruto's big blue eyes blinked repeatedly, he was just as surprised as Hinata was. Sasuke sat next to him gravely, face-palming himself. The Uchiha had accepted his doom. He would have to kiss Sakura today.

The boys weren't very enthusiastic about the game with the exception of Rock Lee who got excited about almost anything. Everyone whispered to their friends, though they didn't have much time to chat before Sakura cleared her throat again. "Alright, since I am the birthday girl, I get to go first."

Of course the game was rigged. Hinata was sure of it, but she couldn't help but stifle a laugh (as nervous as she was) as Sakura pulled out Sasuke's name from the hat. Sakura grinned, grabbing the black-haired boy from the couch. She had to pull stubbornly for a few seconds before he gave in.

Everyone watched, and suddenly Hinata wondered if everyone else in the room was as nervous as she was. Her face was warm but she'd come to terms that she would blush until the game was over. The suspense is what drove her crazy, what would happen if her name was called out?

What if...her name and Naruto's name came out together?

Hinata's heart slipped south into the pit of her stomach. With both glee and worry, she supposed. "What am I to do, Hinata? I don't know how to kiss..." Shino kept his cool facial expression but his voice showed otherwise. Shino was nervous! Shino is never nervous!

She let her hand pat his shoulder affectionately, she hated to see him falter. He was the rock of Team Eight, after all. "Don't worry, Shino-kun. Y-You never know...maybe your name won't even get picked!" She gave him a warm smile.

The seven minutes passed easily. Shino and Hinata had decided to distract themselves by drinking more punch and talking about other topics.

Sakura and Sasuke finally came out of the closet, they were recieved with whistles and multiple thumbs-up. Hinata couldn't help but smile. Sakura looked so happy, she blushed vibrantly. Sasuke followed behind her, having pink lip gloss generously distributed around his mouth. He didn't look happy, but Hinata could distinguish a different look in his eye. Was it perhaps, accomplishment?

With time, Hinata became more calm. Her name hadn't been called and it had been a little more than 20 minutes. Thankfully, neither had Naruto's. Multiple pairs (some expected, others not so much) got called out such as Ino and Sai, Shikamaru and Temari, even Neji had got called out to accompany Tenten into the closet.

Maybe she wouldn't get her first kiss today.

Hinata let herself breathe breezily, she had come to terms with it. She wasn't getting kissed today. 'I hope Naruto doesn't get kissed either though...' She thought to herself. She briefly shook her head, no that was selfish! Naruto could get kissed if he wanted too, it's not like she owned him. He deserved to be shown affectionate. He was such a nice guy...

"Okay, guys!" Sakura announced, seemingly much happier after her turn of Seven Minutes of Heaven. "This is the last round..." Ino playfully pretended to make a artificial drum roll.

It wouldn't be her. It was hopeless. She would never get kissed, much less by Naru-

"Naruto and..."

Thump. Thump. Thump.


Hey guys! Long time no see, haha. I'm sorry I've taken so long to put up another story - I actually have tons of half-finished NaruHina stories in my fanfiction folder but I just want to make sure to give you guys something worth reading. I'm really a perfectionist when it comes to writing. But anyway! I bring you this two part fic :) I really hope you guys like it! Part two should be put up shortly, once I finish writing it.