Don't ask. This plot bunny hit me quite quickly a few days ago and primarycolors has chosen to go on this wild, unknown ride with me for shits & giggles. It's all for fun. No betas, no prereaders. As a matter of fact, we won't know what the other has written until we read it with the rest of you. Some will need to hold me.

We'll be attempting to each update once a day. That means you, gentle readers, will get two a day.

Ready? Are you sure? Ok. Don't say we didn't warn you!

SM owns Twilight. I'm sure she'd blush at the stuff we authors make her characters do.

The Whole Package


Ten-fifty-three in the morning.

Every morning.

Without fail. He's here.

My fantasy in brown shorts. Brown shirt. Brown package.

He's holding a package.

Hmm, what did you think I was talking about?

Holy moly, look at those eyes. I can't tell what color they are from where I gawk behind my cubicle, but they're clear and piercing.

And the hair. He doesn't wear the hat that some of the other UPS guys wear. Oh no. It's like he's well aware of the power it yields, how he can totally incapacitate the female species. And probably some men too.

And there he goes flirting it up with Jessica, the assistant to the CEO. His teeth are perfect... that I can tell a mile away. He really knows how to lay on the charm. Look at her, she's practically ready to strip for him.

Total whore.

But then again, here I am having a hard time keeping it together myself and I'm several feet away from him. So I guess I'll join her in the whoring.

But then he's done... on his way out, clipboard in hand, with a wave and a wink towards the bitch.

And it's this way every day. It's been this way for the past two months, ever since I started working here at The Toy Chest Adult Toy Company.

But, what? What was that?

Did he just...

I swear... he scanned the room and locked eyes with me. Just for like a second.

Shit. He did, right?


What the hell is wrong with me?




Alright then! See you soon!