She's a Star

An: so I'm a huge fan of teen titans and I have been for a long time, so when young justice came out I was little concerned. Though I love the animation over that the Teen titans cartoon I miss the characters of that show in comparison to young justice' (which in a way just mirror the cast of teen titans in personality and group structure.) Either way I thought it would be cool to combine the two and write out a version as if Starfire was discovered in young justice and had to deal with those characters. So here it goes, let me know what you think. Thanks! 3

Chapter One : The Discovery

Richard was sitting in the kitchen, watching as M'gann tried for the hundredth time to make cookies for the group of them. "You know you can just buy cookies from the grocery store right?" he pointed out, a sigh waiting to pass through his lips as he listened to her as she rambled on about her love of cooking and how she wanted to make something special for them.

"I mean, what's so special about cookies from a store?"

"They're edible?" he added shortly, standing from his place at the stool and walking over to the oven, turning down the heat. "Now leave it at that temperature this time and actually pay attention."

"I did!"

"Running off to suck face with Connor is hardly paying attention." Richard set a timer before leaving the confines of her kitchen as she began to clean up from the prep work. He ran his fingers through his hair as he headed to the garage; maybe working on his bike would help clear his mind a little.

Things just weren't making sense of lately. Sure there was the protection of the city, and the Justice League's usual run about jobs they had to handle but something had Dick restless and it was driving him nuts. Flopping down on the cement next to the R-cycle he reached for his tool box and started tweaking some the parts, working out the kinks in some new programming but it was more like aimless boredom than actually work. The team had been together for five years now, five fucking years. He had turned eighteen a few months ago, how could he forget with the mess of a party Wally tried to through him and that thing M'gann tried to call a cake. It had been a disaster but they meant it with love. You had to love someone to throw them a party that bad and still expect them to smile through it. Either way things were on edge for him and if he didn't figure it out soon he was going to run out of things to add to his bike.

Before he could finish running the final tests, Wally came speeding into the garage, leaning on the opposite wall with that stupid grin on his face. "What's up Dick?" he asked, putting way too much emphasis on his name.

"Not much of anything...what brings you over here? Other than to torment me as per usual."

"Well, M'gann burnt her baking again so the whole place smells like shit."

"I told her not to go running off again..."

"Whatever. Anyway, we're expecting a call from you know who pretty soon so I thought I'd come grab your scrawny bird butt so you wouldn't be late."

"Oh the joys of conference calling. I wish I had one of those parents that didn't know how to work a cell phone, let alone a super computer."

"That's what you get for being the son of Bruce Wayne."

x x x

"Afternoon." Greeted a stoic voice from the computer screen as the team gathered around it, uniformed and ready as always.

"What's up Bats?" Flash chuckled, only to be elbowed harshly by Artemis who stood at his side.

"Report," Batman said simply, causing Robin to pipe up.

"Three attempts at a bank robbery but suspects were handled and placed into custody. Crime rate seems to have levelled itself out for the time being."

"Good, I have a mission for all of you," he paused for a moment as a map came into view on the screen. "We have gotten word that an alien lifeform has crashed in this region of eastern Africa. I'll send you all the co-ordinates. We need you to go and scope out the situation. It's not considered to be dangerous, simply apprehend it and contact us to make the pick up."

"Gopher work as usual," Connor droned.

"Any information on the lifeform?" M'gann asked, trying to lighten the team's spirit even a little.

"From what we've gathered there was a slave trade ship passing through the quadrant on its way to the next hand off, we were set to interfere and complete a rescue mission but it was botched quickly, they caught on and changed course. Either way, one managed to escape and we tracked her as far as we could before she landed."

"It's a her?" Flash squawked, "Sweet, damsel in distress! Alright!"

"Babysitting..." Robin glared before the screen went blank and Batman was gone, leaving them with the last known location of the girl. "Well let's get this over with." He said, looking to Aqualad who was already looking over the map and waving him over, wanting help about how to split up to cover the area.

"Robin, we'll start here near the closest village, we'll make that our meeting place. From there I want M'gann and Connor to go south, follow the rivers and see if you find anything. Artemis and I will go to the north. Flash you take the east then make a perimeter for any signs of her. Robin, take the west. Let's make this a quick one people." Once in agreement they made sure they had the supplied needed and boarded their ship.

Aqualad was shocked as he saw M'gann bringing extra clothes on the ship. "Umm, we aren't going on a vacation, what are those for?"

"She's an escaped slave girl, chances are she's going to need something clean to wear when we find her. So I'm being prepared." She said with a huff as she walked past the guys and took her seat in the pilot's position.

The trip itself wasn't all too eventful and upon landing Robin set off in his direction without another word to anyone. He was glad to have the time to himself, sauntering through the jungle. It was a bit of a pain to go through the forest like vegetation but at least it wasn't the desert. Taking to the trees the youth kept up his search, letting his mind fall to ease as he soared through the trees.

x x x

The rest of the group was off in their set directions and M'gann was walking along side Connor with a worried expression on her face. "Connor, have you noticed Robin acting a little...funny lately?"

"You mean brooding, quiet, and avoiding everyone?"

"Yeah, I mean it's just not him. I haven't heard the guy laugh in what seems like ages."

"Yes because who wouldn't miss that evil laugh he's got going."

"Connor please, be serious."

"What? He's just taking after his dad...but it is odd. Maybe when we get back Flash and I can get him out of his funk."

x x x

Robin had been searching for the better part for five hours, having stopped for something to eat and drink, thank goodness for rations in his belt. As the sky grew dark he tried to get in touch with his group but the radio signal kept cutting out. "Fucking fantastic..." he whispered in a hiss as he tried to figure out what to do next. He didn't mind working in the dark but he didn't want to have to listen to the whining about how he wasn't communicating properly when the others found him. Either way there wasn't really a viable option at the moment so he felt he might as well keep going.

As he came to a small clearing he noticed a soft glowing green light in the distance. "Well that's certainly not natural," he whispered aloud as he carefully approached.

That's when it all changed. At first he just saw a small figure sitting there in front of a green tinted fire being it by what seemed like energy radiating from her hands. Long auburn hair flowed over her shoulder to pool like scarlet satin around her. Her skin was an odd tint but she had a warmth to her that he didn't recognize in anyone else. Then her eyes, the moment they locked with his he was lost. The greenest, most pure orbs he'd ever seen in his entire life, he was sure anyone would agree. The eighteen year old was careful though, this was an alien they were talking about. He wasn't sure what she was capable of. He approached slowly, extending his hands to show her he meant no harm, but she didn't move, she didn't even blink.

"It's ok, my name is Robin. I'm here to help." As he came closer he heard a primal growl come from her and she backed away from him, curling against the trunk of a tree that she had found refuge by. "No it's okay..."

"Rutha da kak mar kar fec!" she was shouting at him in what seemed to be her native language, but she didn't make any violent motions towards him. Instead he heard a whimper and his eyes moved to her side. She was bleeding from a wound and using her clothing to try and stop it. He could see the lacerations all over her ankles and wrists from what he was sure were injuries left over from the bindings they would have had her in.

"You're hurt..." he whispered, scoffing at himself for pointing out the obvious. Reaching into his belt slowly he pulled out a piece of gauze and some bandages to help wrap her. "See? I just want to help." He whispered gently, finally coming to sit next to her. She seemed to relax as he dabbed at the wound. She whimpered in pain but he cooed softly to her, wrapping the bandaged around her mid section to keep the gauze in place and give some support to her aching muscles. "There s-mph!" he didn't get the chance to speak as he soon found her lips on his.

She was kissing him! One minute she growls because he's coming close and the next she's in a lip lock with him. He gasped as she released him and he heard her speak in a soft, almost angelic voice, "Thank you...for helping to heal my wound."


"The people of my planet can learn any language instantaneously through lip contact." She explained, nearly reading his mind as he tried to find the right words to reply.

"Uh, right well that's good to know. I'm Robin, a member of the Young Justice team. We were sent to find and rescue you." He explained, hating to sound like a public service announcement.

"I thank you for your rescue mission, I am...very confused on what I am to do."

"How so?"

"I have...nowhere to go." He watched as the emotions started to get the best of her and she curled up tighter, whimpering as she stretched her wounds.

Placing a hand on her back he got her to ease up and felt her slowly relax under his touch. "It's ok, that's what we're here for. Look we know you escaped...and I...we won't let you get captured again."

"But why?" she asked.


"Why do you wish to help me?"

"Because, no one deserves to be a slave."

"Being a slave is the least of my worries..." she trailed off, looking away from him.

Robin was confused at the moment but didn't want to force the subject as she seemed distressed over it. "Look, if you don't mind me carrying you, I need to start back in the direction of the village. We can get your wounds cleaned and some fresh clothes." He took in what she wearing currently, it was a good thing Flash hadn't been the one to find her.

She was barely covered, his bandage work covered more of her form. She was in tiny little white shorts that barely covered and a tube top. She let him pick her up as they started back to the village, putting out the fire before leaving. "So..." he said, looking down at her with a smile, "you never did tell me your name."

"I am Koriand'r, Princess of the planet Tameran...though I believe in your language it would translate to Starfire."

"'s nice to meet you, welcome to earth."

"I am...very happy to have met you too.." she was starting to get drowsy as she leaned into his neck, clutching the front of his uniform as she found comfort in his warmth and embrace.

He smiled to himself upon walking back to the village, wanting to take his time with this beauty in his arms but knowing better with her injuries than to lag behind his normal pace.

x x x

"Anything?" M'gann asked as she paced beside the ship.

"Nothing. If I wasn't looking at you right now then I wouldn't know you were there. Something must have gone off line." Artemis replied.

"Well this isn't the most technologically advanced place on the planet." Their conversation was interrupted as Robin came walking up to them with a very tired girl clutching him. "Where have you...!" Flash was cut off as Robin glared at him and walked by into the ship.

He looked to M'gann and nodded for her to follow. He went to sit her down in his chair but she wouldn't let go. "Star it's okay." He whispered softly, trying to get her to relax.

Kid Flash gave a small laugh as the guys all looked at each other. "Star?" he asked, only to receive yet another glare.

"Team, I'd like you to meet the Princess of Tameran, Miss Starfire." He said gently, smiling down at her as she weakly smiled back. "now let me set you down, M'gann is going to get you cleaned up and changed before we leave." She finally let go and he promised he'd be right back.

Once he was outside the ship he got a look from his entire team. "Okay explain!" Kid Flash was the first to shout.

"Explain what? I found her huddled up and injured, I brought her back."

"And this whole, won't let go of you thing?"

Robin smirked, "Jealous much?"

"It's only because she hasn't got a taste of this stud yet." Flash teased, striking a pose.

"Whatever man..."

x x x

Within the hour they were on their way back to headquarters with Robin sitting in his chair, Starfire nestled in his lap now dressed in a pair of M'gann's pink shorts and a white t-shirt. She had brought a bra and panties that fit her for the time being but Starfire would need her own bra for sure, M'gann's was much too tight but it would have to do. White shirt and no bra just didn't seem dignified for a Princess.

The girl was completely conscious the entire time and half way through the trip, the questions began. "So are you really a princess?" Artemis asked.


"So how did an alien princess end up on a slave ship?" Connor asked, genuinely curious as to how she got into the situation in the first place.

Robin felt her tense up in his arms and he rubbed her back, helping her sit up a little more. "You don't have to say it if you don't want to."

"I would prefer not to get into the details at the moment."

"Understandable." Robin shot everyone a look that clearly said, 'ask a question like that again and I will go full blown Batman on your asses...'

Changing the subject Flash looked over from his seat and smiled. "So Starfire is it? What do you think of human males?" he flexed an arm and winked her way only for her to look confused at him. "I mean, like what you see?"

"Idiot..." Artemis groaned, along with the rest of the group.

"Actually, yes much so..." she whispered making everyone almost fall out of their seats, but then they realized she wasn't looking at Wally, she was staring up at a now blushing Robin.

She gave a tiny yawn and snuggled back up to him, falling asleep in his arms. Robin was left smiling softly, one arm supporting her back while the other held her hand. She shivered from time to time but the tears dangling from her eyelashes let him know it wasn't from the cold. No one seemed to notice so he drew his cape around, hushing her softly and trying to calm her pain. She needed an actual medical bay and a good night's rest. He just hoped when they got back that the Justice League would cut her some slack.

x x x

So what do you think? Please let me know if I should continue it!