On the early morning of July 31st just after the clock struck midnight a young man with unruly black locks was tossing and turning on his small bed. He was dreaming, or rather he was receiving visions of another who looked quite similar to him. The young man recognized him from the dairy of his second year. The visions showed suffering and pain, triumphant and defeat. What the man didn't know was that a pale snake like man was also receiving visions of past sufferings and the like. When the two men were caught up to the present memories of other's life, they both whispered into the still night, "No brother of mine shall suffer." Another voice, almost ethereal whispered, "And so shall ye be, brothers of magic, sons of magic."

A golden light encompassed them, changing their bodies erasing the scars, malnourishment and any lingering pain giving them stronger human bodies of similar stature to each other. Both of them would be standing at 6'2" now with wavy black hair although the younger of the two had slight more wild hair while the older still had his red eyes although a hint of emerald could be found near his pupil. The older one did have a few wrinkles denoting the fact that has lived longer other than that they were both lean with muscle with unblemished tan skin. When morning dawns The Savior of the Wizarding World and the Dark Lord of the Wizard World will find quite a shocking surprise concerning themselves. Mwhahahahahaha.

"LUCIUS!" Voldemort screamed. When he had woken up this morning, he was confused over the dreams or memories that he had over the Potter brat, or well his younger brother if his memory served correct. It seems that Potter and he had similar if different upbringings, but apparently it was enough for magic to make them brothers and was also fond of them. Which brings up more questions but currently that was no concern until he figured out why he now looked like he did when he was twenty-five with a larger magical core.

"Yes my lord?" Lucius asked as he opened the door to his Lord's chamber bowing before standing up letting his mask slip as a gasp made its way through lips.

"What happened?" Voldemort asked angrily although he felt as if he shouldn't harm Lucius. That if he did his brother would be furious him. Why would he be worried about that? He has never been concerned before.

"Crucio!" Voldemort yelled at Lucius. As Lucius felt the overwhelming pain and burning Voldemort grinned viciously before he felt an anger that wasn't his and it over-ruled his senses and was in pain, blinding pain as he fell to ground shaking and gripping his hair before he was able to cancel the spell on Lucius. Thirty seconds later the full body pain finally left and he was left gasping on ground not noticing that there was another in the room holding Lucius in his arms pressing soft kisses to the long blond hair.

Finally regaining his senses Voldemort looked up from his spot on the floor to see another man looking eerily similar to his self holding Lucius.

"So Potter, care to explain why you and I look similar? As well as how you are here? In my rooms? Holding my second as if something precious?" Voldemort sneered at the last bit.

Harry looked up from his still slightly shaking bonded to look at his older brother?

"Riddle, I can only assume that magic has deemed us as family. I'm here because I felt my bonded in horrible pain. Hopefully when I said bonded, you can draw the correct assumptions plus you should have seen my memories of the bonding since we were exchanging memories," Harry growled still angry at the fact that his beloved was hurt.

"What do you mean magic deemed us family?" Voldemort narrowed his eyes, glaring at Harry.

"It means that upon my inheritance, magic decided that we shouldn't be enemies working towards destroying each other and our world but rather working together to bring back magic to her full strength," Harry explained running his fingers through Lucius's hair long hair causing his bonded to finally relax.

"And how would you know this?" Voldemort demanded watching his brother care for his bonded with a small hint of jealously.


"Hogwarts," Voldemort sneered.

"Yes, she had been speaking to me since my first year. She told me that she tried to speak to you as well but your heart was already closed to hear her. But you were still one of her favorites just like me," Harry explain smiling slightly when Lucius straighten up pulling from Harry's arm to stand but Harry stood up faster and helped his beloved to his feet.

"You said magic yet you speak of Hogwarts," Voldemort asked curiously still with a hint of jealously at watching his now little brother with someone else. He had wished for a brother, for a family and now that he had been granted he couldn't even to keep him to his self.

"Hogwarts has the most concentrated magic that magic, herself could take form and speak but it is all around us just not as strong. I've been working on journal to communicate with her but it takes quite a bit of magic, so yeah," Harry trailed off looking sheepish and smiling slightly at his beloved's eye rolling.

"Harry, while its nice to see you grew taller, care to explain why you look like a twin to my Lord?" Lucius asked cautiously. He knew Harry would defend him, but this was still his Lord.

"Magic wished it and we already looked similar beforehand," Harry shrugged, "Lucius would you mind giving my older brother and I a moment? We can meet you in his study?"

Lucius looked like he wanted to protest but thought better of it and simply nodded to his bonded and a slight bow to his Lord before leaving the room.

The two brothers stared at each other for several moments processing everything before they both moved in sync to embrace each in a hug saying nothing but hugging each other tightly. A few moments later they broke away and Voldemort asks rather stonily, "Why is it that I finally have a younger brother, he is already bonded?"

Grinning Harry answered, "Love at first sight?"

Voldemort just stared at him with an eyebrow raised.

"Right, we felt a connection in my second year and we have been secretly exchanging letters and this past school during the winter break we bonded. Funnily enough the older I became the more dominate I became," Harry explained with a rather smug smile.

"I do not want to know your sex life brother, were you planning to turn my second against me?" Voldemort asked hoping for the first time that a family member wouldn't let him down. It was a strange feeling.

"No in fact after my birthday, Lucius was going to ask an audience for me. But this works rather well too," Harry told him.

Voldemort felt relieved and smiled. His little brother was going to join him anyways. It was weird this happiness that was surrounding him.

"So what are we going to do about Dumbledore?" Harry asked with a malicious smile.

Voldemort felt for the first time truly happy and returned the smile ten-fold thinking, Watch out Dumbledore. Your time has come!

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