Voldemort was currently drinking his evening chamomile and honey tea trying to sooth his frayed nerves. You may be asking why? Especially since his number one enemy Harry Potter has became his brother and no longer a threat? Simple: Severus Snape. His Potion Master. It has been a long time since Voldemort felt true paranoia. Worried about Harry vanquishing was merely a worry not paranoia but Severus is bringing back in full force with constant stalking. At first Voldemort had merely dismissed the growing presence of Severus due to his brother and his brother's bonded, but that only explained the meals and tea time and occasional snacks. It didn't explain why he kept bumping into him in the hallways and library, especially since some of those hallways were for family. The Potion Master was always nearby and his traitorous brother and brother-in-law didn't find it odd at all! It was like they expected Severus to be there. They would begin conversations or ask his opinion! That's not even the worst part. The worst was the secret leers when Voldemort caught his eye and the subtle roaming glances when no one was looking or was preoccupied. Don't get him wrong, Voldemort was doing the same to that toned lithe body and the smooth silky voice that drove him insane with desire but he didn't go around stalking the Potion Master! Voldemort was so jumpy that he was actually taken to sneaking around his home. Peeking around the corners, glancing at mirrors, hell, he was even resorting to adapting muggle spyware to fit his needs! Muggle SpyWare! Of course he reconfigured it so that the hidden cameras that could be viewed from a small sphere. The camera and the sphere were linked to his magic and he was the only one that had access to it. Well those pairings anyway. They had discovered that they could connect five cameras to one sphere and only one sphere could be zeroed in on one magical signature. So Voldemort had five cameras at his use and his brother had five as well. Unfortunately he hadn't figured out how to add the voices yet…..Ok he lied, he had his brother do it, since Harry knew more about muggles and their inventions. He had used the excuse of having Severus plant it in the headquarters of the Order which took out 1 out of the 5 he had to spy on Severus. So what if he lied, but he had a good reason DAMNIT! Severus was freaking him out! And he was also the Dark Lord. He could get away with that stuff. It was practically mandatory for him! No judging!

Severus on the other hand was sitting in his favorite black leather chair eating a slice of Harry's delicious triple layered cake with cream cheese frosting and washing it down with a glass of ice cold milk. Oh yes his friend/brother/son/whatever he is made the most mouth-watering cakes. He did not envy Lucius who had free access to this vice. Severus feared in three months all of this cake will go straight to his middle. But, oh Merlin, it was worth it. Maybe the scrumptious desserts were the main reason his friends participated frenzy sex workouts. Thinking of sex, his little bunny, was too adorable and sexy. Maybe not bunny, he couldn't see Voldemort as a cute little bunny rabbit* if even one of Harry's movies suggested otherwise. His prey was more like a scared kitten that could grow into a vicious lion, hmmm maybe panther or cougar? No cougar was for women and his oh so luscious Lord was all man. Tall, dark wavy hair, beautiful ruby eyes with a hint of emerald in them and that strong body. Shivering slightly in lust Severus couldn't wait for that manhood to pound into him. A delightful tremor ran through his body just thinking of the different possibilities and positions and even location in which they could just release their pent of sexual frustration. As there was quite a bit built up on Severus's side from the long sexual day dreams as he stared the muscle flexing whether eating or writing, hell even turning a page in a book. Unfortunately his Lord was being a slippery snake, wiggling out of his grasp. Perhaps he should start adding in slight touches to help get the message across.

The next day, Voldemort peek into the dining room and saw his brother with his bonded sitting at the table and no Severus! Breathing a sigh of relief, Voldemort strode into the room and sat at the head of table greet his family with a relieved smile.

"Good Morning Harry, Lucius," Voldemort said grabbing some buttered toast and jam.

"Good Morning," they chorused together and for once they weren't have a sickening display of P.D.A. they were merely holding hands as they eat their breakfast.

"Since we have Dumbledore's demise all planned out, we just need a way to knock him off his pedestal," Voldemort mused out loud taking a bite of toast.

"Why don't we use the newspapers? And the rumor mill?" Harry suggested eyeing Lucius from his corner of his eye, "I mean if we get a few things out there it would quickly sink his fame."

Even though Severus had taken to stalking him, he was right about his brother's intelligence increasing.

"If you don't mind love, we could have Skeeter interview you about those horrid muggles," Lucius suggested rubbing his thumb across Harry's hand in a gesture of comfort. He knew that those vile disgusting muggles were the very reason most purebloods, hell most magical kind hates and why his Lord and his Bonded was campaigning against them.

"We could, as long as we omit some stuff. Or at least toning it down. I don't want most of my unsavory history out there. I already have enough fame, that I don't want pity on top of it," Harry huffed thinking of all of the pitying glances he would receive, if the Wizarding world learned of just how un-pampered their Savior was.

Voldemort was in agreement with Lucius but he could understand how his brother wouldn't want that, but maybe if he allowed the Skeeter woman to find out his past it would help counter act his brother's. He wouldn't mind the pitying looks as he would use it, and gain control of population. He could he twist to his advantage making Dumbles the monster. It has potential.

"I could talk with Hogwarts and find out the dirty secrets of Dumbledore and we could expose him like that as well without having to reveal too much of our own history," Harry offered hoping that he wouldn't have to expose himself. He had already exposed himself to two people, his bonded and his brother and Harry frankly thought that was two too many. He would have preferred them thinking that he had a mediocre childhood. Unfortunately magic in both cases decided that Harry should share, at least he learned about his bonded's childhood in farther greater depth and he the more thought about the patriarch of a certain red-headed family, the more his blood boiled!

"I like that idea Harry. Speaking of speaking with Hogwarts, have you finished that journal you were talking about?"Voldemort questioned. He was honestly curious as it would be beneficial to be able to speak with magic herself and see what she wants the Magical World to become.

"Almost, I can get a few words here and there, but for the most part to be really helpful, no. I've taken to carrying it around with me so that all of my extra magic soaks into the journal," Harry answered with a shrug pulling Lucius's hand up for a kiss.

"Excellent. Have you learned anything from your hidden cameras?" Voldemort mildly curious seeing as his brother had planted them in various crowded areas.

"Most people are just scared due to the fact that you have been quiet. Also now that I think about it, people seem to be questioning the Old Goats influence," Harry replied frowning, "We may not need too much information to bring him down."

"How do you know they are questioning his influence?" Voldemort asked bewildered

"I told you a few days ago after I spent more time tinkering with our cameras to included sound. But you have to cast the spell yourself," Harry explained slightly puzzled. He had explained to his brother before, but maybe he hadn't been clear.

"Oh! Right. Well, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go do some reading," Voldemort said excusing himself, he was almost out the door to hide his embarrassment for his blunder when he heard his brother say, "You know, you should try to let Severus in. He really does like you."

Voldemort paused when he heard that but continued on to his study. Sitting at his desk, Voldemort pondered what his brother said. Should he let Severus in? Severus wasn't bad looking and has always been loyal to him. Plus he is already friends with his family and apparently Severus has Harry's and Lucius's approval. What could it hurt? But what if Severus just wants coitus? He doesn't want short term. Maybe if he spent some time with Severus, he could subtly find out Severus intentions. Is it worth it though? What if he fell in … you know with Severus? Sure he lusts for Severus, but what if the word 'L' happened? Could he do it? Could he be like his brother and brother-in-law? From what he knew of Severus, he knew Severus wasn't big in displays of affection. Would a subtle touch to the hand be enough until they were alone? Could Severus handle being ignored during meetings? So many thoughts were running through Voldemort's mind that he finally stopped himself and decided that he would give Severus a chance. IF the smallest amount of affection in public could appease him, then Voldemort would definitely give the Potion Master a chance. Nodding his head once in affirmation, Voldemort focused on his book on the differences the effective way to cast a spell.

The next morning Voldemort made his way down to dining room for breakfast and spotted Severus in one of his new form fitting robes with his hair pulled back, talking to his family. Smirking, Voldemort began to implement his testing. As he walked by Severus's chair, he gently swiped his thumb along Severus back, so others couldn't see the action. He saw Severus freeze for a brief moment and would have been caught by his friends if they hadn't been making googly eyes at each other and feeding each other bits of fruit. Seriously watching them do that nearly every day was getting tiring, but if it keeps Harry focused as he researched and prepared what they were going to say to Skeeter then he will just have to put up with it. Thankfully though they were only lovely dovey when the privacy of their home, and hopefully not during Death Eater Meetings, thinking of which, they should have one here soon to introduce his brother.

With his smirk still present, Voldemort sat and began to eat his breakfast. For once, his breakfast was wonderful excluding Harry and Lucius who he was slowly becoming immune to. No dirty leering glances from Severus, no subtle innuendos, just nice subjects for discussion.

After breakfast, Voldemort noticed Severus following him, but he kept a respectable distance until he reached the library. Once in the library, Voldemort decided to once again test the waters. As he was pouring over the maps, planning certain raids he felt Severus shift closer. Raising his eyes, he carefully brushing a loose strand of hair from Severus's face and tucked behind his ear, Severus inhaled sharply slowly backed away until they were once again respecting each other's bubbles. Voldemort mentally grinned.

Later that afternoon when the four of them where going over the truths and facts that Harry and Lucius have found to use in the newspaper, Voldemort noticed that Severus kept staring at him, almost leering, so Voldemort winked and caused the Potion to turn pink but Severus avoided continuously staring at him.

That night in his study after his brother and his bonded made a quick escape to their manor, Voldemort reflected over the day. All in all, it was a good day. Severus was held back by the slight advances and Voldemort was actually able to concentrate on his work. If Severus continued to response well to the faint touches and looks, then he would talk to the man about a relationship.

Severus on the other hand was in heaven! Not only was he enjoying his second slice of Harry's cake but his sexy love interest was returning the flirting! Albeit it was subtle to the average eye, but to Severus it was like Voldemort had wrapped his arms around Severus or caressed him. Maybe he didn't need to up the ante, maybe if he backed off, his soon-to-be lover would gift him with more touches. That night Severus went to bed happy dreaming of those soft but firm hands all over his body.

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