Okay, I know I already have two Glee fanfics going on here, but I couldn't help myself! Torn and The Wonderful World of Glee will be updated, though. Don't worry.

Anyway, this takes place after Extraordinary Merry Christmas, and contains spoilers for future episodes (but I won't say what they are, and which episodes they're from).

Contains Seblaine (one-sided), Klaine, Finnchel, and some other canon pairings. Also contains mature content.

"Hey, Kurt."

Kurt turned around to see his boyfriend beaming widely with his hands behind his back. "Hey."

"Look, I know we agreed to wait until Christmas Day to open our presents, but I just couldn't wait." Blaine showed Kurt a little red box with a silver bow on it. Kurt gasps softly.

"Is this what I think this is?" Kurt asked. He took the box and opened it. Inside was a ring made of gum wrappers. Kurt smiled and looked at his boyfriend. "You made me a gum wrapper ring. No one's ever made something quite as tacky and thoughtful before. I love it."

Blaine smiled and blushed. "It's a promise ring." Blaine took Kurt's hands not caring they are in public. "Kurt...I love you more than life itself. I promise someday this will be a real ring. Someday maybe an engagement ring." Kurt laughs softly, smiling. "Until then, I promise to always be faithful, loyal, loving, and caring."

Tears threatened to fall from the countertenor's eyes. He sniffed. "Thanks. I love it- really. This is the best gift ever."

Blaine smiled and hugged Kurt.

Kurt smiled at the memory as he drove himself and Finn to school. Kurt, of course, was sporting the ring (with matching clothes). Finn shook his head at his stepbrother.

"I can't believe you're actually wearing that thing."

"Says the boy who wears navy blue and brown together." Kurt quipped. "My boyfriend made this for me. It's only natural I wear it."

"Okay, I'm just saying it's not your style."

"Neither are sweats, but I still like to wear them every once in a while." Kurt stated. He parked the car in the school parking lot. "I'm sure if Rachel made you something, you'd wear it no matter what it looked like."

Finn looked unsure about that. "Uh...yeah...totally..."


"Is it just me, or does Mr. Schue look happier than usual?" Blaine whispered to Kurt. They were in Glee club, and sure enough their Glee director looked happier than they've ever seen him.

"Guys, have I got an assignment for you." He was saying. "Promises."

The group went silent. Rachel spoke up. "Like keeping promises?"

"Exactly!" Mr. Schuester pointed to Rachel. "Keeping promises, being loyal and faithful whether it's to your friend, or significant other. I was going to wait until next month so we could do it for Valentine's Day, but in light of my and Ms. Pillsbury's engagement..."

Rachel and Mercedes gasped. "Oh, my God!"

"You and Ms. Pillsbury are getting hitched?" Asked Puck.

Mr. Schuester nodded. Everybody clapped and cheered for him. "All right, Mr. Schue!"

"I happen to know a terrific wedding planner if you need one." Kurt suggested and winked.

Mr. Schuester chuckled and smiled. "I will keep that in mind, Kurt."

After Glee club, Finn caught up with Kurt and Blaine. "Hey, dudes! Some of us are going to the Lima Bean. Wanna come?"



Kurt, Blaine, Finn, Rachel, Artie, and Santana headed to a table. The Lima Bean was slightly crowded, but not enough for the group to have to wait in line for more than twenty minutes. They grabbed a table. Finn and Kurt stood to take the group's orders.

"Okay, we'll get drinks. What do you guys want?" Finn asked.

"Lemon mocha, nonfat." Santana said.

"Decaf latte." Artie said.

"I'll just have hot chocolate." Rachel smiled.

"Wimp!" Santana taunted.

"Grande cappuccino." Blaine ordered before an argument broke out. He looked around and noticed Sebastian at a nearby table. He groaned. "Make it a double."

Everyone followed Blaine's gaze. "Who's that mofo?" Asked Artie.

"Sebastian Smythe." Kurt spat the words out like venom. "He's the lead singer of the Warblers and Blaine's gay stalker. And that's coming from me, by the way."

"Yikes." Rachel winced. "Is he a good singer?"

"Well, he got into the Warblers. What does that tell you?" Blaine asked.

"Oh, right."

Kurt glared daggers at Sebastian. Finn grabbed Kurt's arm gently. "Come on. He won't bother us, if we don't bother him."

Kurt let Finn lead him to the counter. He was furious. What is it going to take for Sebastard to get the hint? Blaine was his and his alone, dammit! He oughta smack that meerkat-like grin off his face. Was this how Finn felt about Jesse and Rachel?

"Dude, you okay?" Finn asked Kurt, noticing his shaking and scowling.

"I will be when that boyfriend stealing dickhead drops dead slowly and painfully." Kurt muttered darkly.

"Oh...Blaine doesn't have feelings for him, does he?" Finn asked.

"No. And I hope he never will." Kurt said.

"Kurt, he wouldn't have given you a promise ring if he had feelings for someone else." Finn said wisely. "Don't let that jerk Sebastian get to you."

Kurt smiled up at his stepbrother. "When did you get so smart?"


"So...anyone start their assignment yet?" Rachel asked.

"I can't seem to think of any songs that have to do with promises and being loyal and all that." Artie admitted.

"Wheels, I got one word for you: Google." Santana rolled her eyes.

"Try looking up love ballads." Blaine suggested. "A lot of them have to do with that kind of stuff."

Rachel nodded in agreement. "For you, Artie, I'd suggest bands like Green Day, Three Days Grace, and Nickelback."

"Wow, Short Stuff, I didn't think you knew about those kind of bands." Santana raised an eyebrow.

Rachel turned to Santana glowering at her. "As an artist, it is important to know a variety of bands and artists to get a good idea of what aspiring fans are looking for."

"Preach it, sister!" Blaine pumped his fist.

"Amen to dat." Artie chimed in.

Finn and Kurt returned with their drinks. "Hey, guys. Did we miss anything?"

"Rachel beat Santana in an argument." Artie reported.

Santana scoffed. "Please. That was not an argument!"

"Whatever, Satan." Rachel muttered.

Sebastian noticed the group and smiled. He stood up and walked over. "Well, as I live and breathe. Blaine, it's nice to see you again."

"I wish we could say the same." Kurt said dryly.

Sebastian eyed the group and smirked. "So this is Nude Erections."

Finn, Rachel, Santana, and Kurt stood up; their eyes flashing with anger. "It's New Directions, you freaking man whore!" Santana shot back.

"Whatever. We're still gonna kick your ass at Regionals." Sebastian smirked.

"That is really unprofessional behavior, and bad sportsmanship!" Rachel snapped. She folded her arms.

"And what makes you think you'll win, Snicklefritz?" Santana asked approaching him menacingly.

"Simple: the only thing you guys can win is a loser contest."

"That's it! Now you'll deal with me!" Finn shoved up his sleeve and glared at the Warbler. "You ever been to Fist City?" He swung at Sebastian, but he dodged.

"Um, excuse me, I don't remember seeing you at Nationals last year." Rachel said snidely. "And by the way, who the hell beat the Warblers at last year's Regionals?"

"New Directions!" Finn cried and pumped his fist. His friends stared at him. "Oh...I thought you were looking for an answer."

"I'm looking for an answer as to why you let two former Warblers into your little group when they lost last year." Sebastian sneered. "Is it because you haven't learned your lesson on how to win?"

"THAT'S IT! COME HERE! I AM GOING TO KICK YOUR ASS!" Santana screamed in Spanish. Finn, Blaine, and Kurt held her back. "I AM FROM LIMA HEIGHTS ADJACANT. YOU DO NOT WANNA MESS WITH ME!"

Sebastian raised his eyebrow at Santana. "You do realize we speak English in America, right?"

Santana struggled even harder to break free. Rachel and Artie rushed to help. "Santana, calm down!" Rachel pleaded.

Sebastian turned to Blaine. "And this is the group you wanna hang out with? Let me know when you want to have some real fun." He winked.

Kurt fumed and marched to Sebastian. "You know what, Sebastian? If you ever come near my boyfriend or my teammates again, and if you ever flirt with or try to seduce my boyfriend, especially if I'm right there with him, I will put your head through a wall! You can pick the wall, but it's gonna be a wall."

Sebastian only smiled with amusement. 'This is gonna be fun.' "Fine. I enjoy a challenge."

Kurt snapped. He swung his hand back and slapped Sebastian so hard, his head whipped to the side. "Beat it, doofus!"

Sebastian touched his stinging cheek and walked off stealing one last glance towards Blaine. Kurt sighed and turned to his shocked friends.

"Dude...that was epic." Finn said, gaping. "That was like a...Braveheart moment."

"I agree." Rachel said breathlessly. "That was amazing!"

Kurt sat down and smiled sheepishly at Blaine. The former Warbler just smiled, chuckled, and took Kurt's hand and squeezed it gently. "Thanks. I needed that."

Kurt smiled. "No problem."

Santana just folded her arms and slumped into her seat. "I totally could've kicked that sleazeball's ass all the way to Westerville and back."

"I'll help." Finn replied.

Blaine stared at his group of friends, smiling. It wasn't until his freshman year of high school he had a real group of friends who were so caring and accepting. He felt the whole Sebastian thing is under control. However...based on stories he's heard, Sebastian is not gonna stop until he gets what he wants and he wants Blaine. If he gets him, Kurt will end up hurt, and Finn and Santana (and possibly Puck, Mike, and Sam) will go to jail for murder.

He couldn't let that happen...he had to do something.

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