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...All right, let's get this over with...

"You guys did WHAT?"

The glee club were in the choir room. They told Kurt what happened over the weekend. Needless to say Kurt was horrified.

"Why are you so mad?" Santana asked. "He got what he deserved!"

"That wasn't the answer, though!" Kurt argued. "Don't you think beating him at Regionals would be a better way to get back at him?"

"He got kicked off the Warblers, anyway." Puck put in. "He ain't competing."

Kurt sighed, shook his head, and rubbed his forehead. Yes, Sebastian deserved to be punished, but not by torture! God...

"Are you going to tell Blaine?" Sam asked.

"I might as well. He would find out otherwise." Kurt shrugged. He was not going to take it well...


Blaine felt the warm sunshine through his eyelids. He stretched, yawned and opened his eyes to see Kurt sitting on his bed wearing nothing but a pillow covering his front. He was holding a bowl with one hand, and a spoon in the other.

"Morning." Kurt smiled.

"Morning." Blaine raised an eyebrow at his boyfriends'...gesture. "What's this?"

"I'm feeding you breakfast in bed." Kurt replied. He spooned some cereal and aimed it towards Blaine's mouth. "Open wide. Here comes the train."

Blaine rolled his eyes and obeyed. "Hmm. Tasty. One hundred calories?"

"The very best." Kurt nodded.

Blaine chuckled and smiled. He sighed and sobered up. "Kurt...does this mean...are we...back together?"

Kurt closed his eyes in thought and opened them. "Only if you want to be."

Blaine smiled again. Tears formed in his eyes. "I do. So much. I've missed you like crazy!"

"I've missed you too." Kurt admitted. He set the cereal down and launched over to kiss Blaine.

"Hey, Blaine, you have a- OH MY GOD!" Rachel opened the door to Blaine's room only to be met with Kurt's butt on his bed. She quickly ducked out. "...Naked Kurt..." She turned to her guest. "Um...Blaine's a little busy right now."

"Oh...that's okay. I guess I'll just come by later." Nick said.


A couple hours later, Kurt left, and Nick went to visit Blaine. "Hey. How are you doing?"

"Physically or emotionally?" Blaine said testily. "Physically, I'm fine as long as I don't move so much. Emotionally? Well, on the plus side, I fixed things up with Kurt and the rest of our glee club. On the negative side, I feel betrayed by my Warbler 'friends'."

Nick dipped his head in regret. "I'm so sorry."

"I get slushied and put in a hospital. You guys don't even stay to see if I'm okay." Blaine ranted. "What happened to 'once a Warbler always a Warbler'?"

Nick felt guiltier. "You don't understand. After you left, things began falling apart. We didn't elect a council. Then Sebastian joined us, and took it upon himself as our leader. He...he manipulated us into thinking it was Kurt's fault things fell apart because you transferred to McKinley to be with him. That's why that slushy was meant for Kurt. Sebastian manipulated us into believing it's Kurt's fault things fell apart. I mean...God, Blaine, last year, our biggest argument was over what ties to wear for Regionals! Look at what we've become."

Blaine just shook his head in dismay. "So...what, did you think that if Kurt- my boyfriend- got slushied, I'd run back to you guys? What the hell kind of world are you living in?"

"I guess...we were just...easily manipulated." Nick admitted. "Can you ever forgive us? We were horrible friends to both you and Kurt. We'd give anything to turn back the clock."

Blaine sighed. "Me, too. And...I forgive you guys."

Nick smiled widely. "Thanks. I can't wait to tell the others!" He stood up and sobered up. "Listen...there might be times when I would need your advice on how to run things..."

"I'm flattered, but shouldn't you go to Wes or David for wisdom to lead?" Blaine smiled.

Nick shrugged. "Sure, but...the more the merrier, right?"

"Right." Blaine smiled and nodded. Things were starting to look up again. The Sebastian drama was over for now, he and Kurt are back together, New Directions likes him again, and he's friends again with the Warblers. good.

For now, anyway.

THE END! I wasn't sure how to wrap this up, but, this was the only way I can think of. Sorry.