42. Desire

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Warnings: Mamoru gets a little carried away with touching.

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The train creaked noisily and the mindless chatter of people around them were deafening. The car had broken down and considering the time, the newlyweds decided to take the train instead to the mall to buy some furniture.

"Next stop, Crown Mall. Next stop, Crown Mall." The speakers blared. The train jerked and almost everyone flew forward. Mamoru held tightly onto Usagi so that she wouldn't fall and nudged her closer to the door of the train, effectively trapping her in a safe space.

A voice came over the speakers again. "This train will be delayed due to a train fault. We apologise for the inconvenience caused."

This time, the train jerked harder, causing Mamoru to press his entire body against his wife's. Not that he minded. Smirking, he let his hands linger around her waist, waiting for the next jerk from the train.

Like clockwork, the train jerked and finally managed to move a few feet. A collective groan rose from the crowd in front of them. Mamoru's lips attacked the nape of her neck, holding her close and catching her eyes in the reflection of the train's glass windows.

Usagi bit back a moan and glared at him through the reflection. It was true no one was watching them but in the train?She felt his hand moving downwards and worked to grab his hands together, trapping the both of them against her own body.

Mamoru's eyes were dark with desire as he nudged Usagi's head with his chin. He could break free of her grasp anytime if he wanted but it wouldn't do to have his own wife screaming. He pecked her on the side of her cheek and relaxed, waiting for her to do the same.

Finally. Usagi relaxed, thinking that he had gotten some semblance of control when he turned on her, taking the chance to slip his tongue into her mouth. A familiar zing of desire shot down to her toes and she moaned into his mouth. Usagi turned her back towards her husband, cutting off the kiss in an attempt to stop his advances on her.

Another jerk from the train finally moving caused her body to be pressed against the cold glass. Mamoru stared hungrily as her body pressed against the glass, pushing her cleavage higher than intended.

"Stop it." She whispered harshly to him. "Not here!"

"Oh?" Mamoru let his hands settle over her stomach again. "But I like it here." He rubbed himself against her body, letting her know in no uncertain terms that he desired her very, very much so.

Stupid men with one track minds.

She wasn't going to admit that she kind of enjoyed it. Irritated, she stomped her foot harshly down on Mamoru's and squeezed through the crowd to get out of the train as the voice came over the speakers again.

"Crown Mall. Crown Mall."

Her husband hobbled quickly behind her, muttering something about violent wives and sleazy train rides.

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