"Sebastian... Stay here until I fall asleep.." The butler smiled, "As you wish, my lord." He took the liberty of sitting down on the bed next to the child. With a final glance at his master, he leaned back on the wooden headboard of the large bed, and fell into what he thought would be a dreamless sleep.

He's being taken away.

The demon shifted in his sleep, "Master..." He whispered in his sleep.

He'll never come back to you.

Voices kept whispering in his mind. He wanted the voices to stop. "Shut up!" Yelled his dream self. That only earned a laugh from said voices.

Weak demon.

He told the voices to shut up, but that was, once again, ignored by them. A shadow started to appear in front of the demon, it looked like the shape of a human. But seeing as how it was completely black it was impossible to tell if it was someone he'd seen before. Once the shadow appeared, the demon attempted to punch it, but the attack failed to connect.

Your eyes are clouded, aren't they? They no longer glow to their full capacity. Indeed... He's clouded by human feelings.

"Shut up already!" Another failed attempt to make them stop.

We're taking him... Until you remember what you are.

"Don't take him from me! He's mine!" Little did he know that everything the demon said in his dream, he said out loud in his sleep. The fact that his master had woken up and was hearing everything he said, was also unknown to the demon.

Do you know what he is?

"He's my lover!" He yelled with all his might.

Wrong. He's your food. Nothing more, nothing less.

"You're wrong! He's more than that!" He attempted another attack, but was, again, a faliure.

Do you feel no shame? You know what happens to demons that fall in love with humans. They get punished. Severely.

The way the word 'severely' was said with so much malice laced inside it sent chills up the butler's spine. "I... I know very well what happens!"

Then perhaps you should re-consider you and your prey's relationship.

Suddenly, a misty shadow appeared next to the much darker shadow. He didn't need to look twice to know who that shadow was. "Master!" He reached out to the shadow of the boy, but it was if he kept moving farther away...

We'll take care of the boy's soul.. Don't worry.

" Don't take him from me!" Suddenly a thick fog started to form around him.

Will we meet again? Perhaps. Just not here... Sweet dreams, demon.

With that, both shadows disappeared. That caused the butler to fall to his knees as everything disappeared around him. "Don't leave... Master, don't leave..."

"Sebastian, wake up!" The boy shook his butler in an attempt to wake him from his nightmare. With yelling and shaking not working he flicked the demon's head, and was pleased to see that it had woken him up. "Nn... Master?" The butler held his head. The earl looked at him worriedly. "Are you alright?" The demon shook his head. "Yes, I'm fine; just a nightmare." The child gave the oldest a small smile. "Good." He then wrapped his arms around the earl and pulled him into a warm embrace. Whispering under his breath, he said to the child, "Don't leave. Ever." He kissed his master's head and fell back into a dreamless sleep.


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