"Now, remember, the stage has to be right where this table was," I pointed to a picture on my ipad of the table that the PC had made claims on when we first got to OCD.

It was amazing how the school had barely changed but felt so different.

It felt different because they had new Alphas.

New fights. New boy drama. New Friday night sleepovers to make up everything. And new shopping sprees to relax them after a big blow-out with their Alpha or Beta.

In just a week even, there would be a new alpha parading around in her best Prada with her best girls by her side to rule OCD.

I thought back to my first year when I came into the lunch room for the first time. I almost went into fashion-overload after having to wear those icky uniforms for so long, and I almost lost my nerve. But I refused to become Beta again.

So, I marched in the school in my cutest leather ankle-boots and my hottest Gucci tote, and I had my fashionable friends behind me. It took me an entire week to rule OCD as the unquestionable leader, stealing away from some girl who wore way to much pink.

It was weird to think that it was over.

All of it.

Not just my time at OCD.

But my time at KISS, too.

I remembered my first day there perfectly. With James on my side, it was obvious that I would become Alpha, even if I did have to wear the uniform. I had to have my uniforms taken in to fit me better, and I happily walked into the school with my Chanel on one arm and James on the other.

Then he introduced me to our friends, and, suddenly, I didn't care as much about whether people accepted my rule or not. I preferred laughing with my friends at lunch instead of starting rumors, and I usually dressed cute for James, not so that I could stay Alpha.

And now this summer was ending.

What would I find in New York?

In this new life that I was starting?

I knew I could take NYC by storm, but what came after that?

I wasn't sure, and I didn't like not knowing. Somewhere inside, it scared me.

Here, I knew who I was. I knew that my girls were by my side. I knew that James was mine, and I knew that I was the luckiest girl in the world.

But, a few months ago, everything was different…

"Yes, Mam," the men began working on the stage, and I looked back to my party planner, Sienna Beau, Maggie's mom.

"When is the band getting here?" Sienna asked in her Italian accent.

Maggie looked like a younger version of her mother. Sienna was party-planner to the stars, who married southern businessman, Jackson Beau. Three years after their super-amazing wedding, they had a daughter named Victoria, who just graduated Berkley and got engaged. Two years later, they had a son named Lucas, who was following in his father's footsteps. And then they had Maggie.

Everyone knew the story, and Sienna had spent years and money trying to look as young as her daughter, but it had only shaved two years off her age.

"They got in last night," I smiled, not telling her just who was playing.

I didn't want her to accidentally release it to get business because she got them at her event.

"They're sleeping off some jet lag," I smiled apologetically, "Long flight. I got the on the phone earlier though. They'll be here in a few hours. I'm going to go pick them up."

"Who are they again?" Sienna asked hopefully.

"Old friends. We knew each other in high school."

Sienna was disappointed that I was keeping it such a secret, but I didn't care.

"Can you refresh me on the plan?" Sienna asked, and I brought out my Galaxy X III, a gift from James.

I brought out my stylus and pressed a few buttons, emailing my schedule to Sienna.

Sienna brought out her iPhone and looked through.

"So, for two hours, you'll be getting ready?" Sienna stared at me as if I was being a selfish bitch.

I was calming my anger to not remind her that I was paying her and that she needed to get back to work when someone tapped on my shoulder.

"Massie? Can I speak to you?"

There it was.


And her sickly, fake New Yorker accent.

I slowly turned around to look at her, and I forced myself to smile.

"Of course, Alyssa."

Alyssa's hair had just been dyed honey blonde and was fashioned into the updo that she would probably wear tonight. Her Rag and Bone suit fit her petite body well, and her heels added well-needed height. And her lips were a cherry-red that looked like Dylan went she had that cherry-diet.

But I wasn't looking at Alyssa.

I was looking at CeCe.

She looked like she had just come back from the spa, and she probably had.

Her hair was newly touched-up, and it had been put into a swirly up-do. Her shorts reminded me of the boyshorts I wore to bed instead of shorts I wore around, and her sandals looked almost impossible to get out of. Her skin was shiny from a quick facial, and her spray tan hadn't dulled to look natural yet.

I crinkled my nose at the sight of her, and she narrowed her eyes.

"Before the final votes go in, you have to show your changes in the Click."


"They may want to change their votes if they know about… certain changes."

I stared at Alyssa, my anger bubbling over.

"By certain changes, you mean Alicia."

"It's not just Alicia. It is April, too, the new member of the itGirls."

"So what? You'll take away our old votes?"

"No," Alyssa stared at me as if I was being a difficult child, but I didn't care.

I was pissed.

"We will show the new clique members before final voting."

I crossed my arms and stared at her.

"This was CeCe's idea, wasn't it?"

"CeCe did bring this up to me. But that doesn't matter. You're both doing it. Have your cliques ready at seven."

Alyssa nodded goodbye to both of us before leaving, but CeCe didn't leave.

We waited until she was out of earshot before opening our mouths.

"Scared?" CeCe sneered, and I rolled my eyes.

"Look who's talking. You and I both know you brought that up to her because you didn't want to lose."

"You just know you'll lose now that the bitch is on your side."

"No, the bitch is standing in front of me. Or are you the slut? I can't remember."

"Wow, is that all you've got? I remember you having all the comebacks in middle school."

"See? That's our difference. I graduated from middle school. You didn't."

"Are you saying I'm stupid?"

"No, you're an evil genius. I'm telling you to grow up."



I was two seconds away from bitch-slapping CeCe right back to hell when Sienna quickly broke us apart.

"Massie! Which room did you want as your dressing room and which as the itGirls?"

I turned back to Sienna.

I made a silent thank you for her annoying ways, and I smiled goodbye to CeCe.

"Your dressing room is in room 204," I walked over to Sienna, and CeCe narrowed her eyes at me as I left.


"Who are these boys?" I asked as I impatiently tapped my foot.

I wasn't even close to being ready, and I refused to make my last real appearance in Westchester not looking the best I have ever looked.

"They're old friends. Relax, Alicia. We'll make it," Massie reached for a flute of Champaign and smiled her perfect smile as she handed me a glass.

"Why are we hiding them, hmm?" I asked as the bubbly began to go to my head.

"Because," Massie shrugged with that devilish smile that told me she had a big secret.

But I wasn't really thinking about this.

I was thinking about CeCe.

"So, CeCe seriously called you a whore?"

"Calling the kettle black, eh?"

I laughed, and Massie's smile widened as she waved to someone.

"Come on. I've got someone I want you to meet. You are single, right?"

"Yeah," I answered hesitantly, not sure what my friend was up to.

"Then come on. Just remember that Liam is taken."

"Liam? Wait, did you get-?"


"Liam," Massie set her Champaign flute on the table and stood just in time for a guy to wrap her up in a hug.

"God, it's been forever since we've seen you."

"Thanks for coming. I know it's a little petty, but-"

"Hey, this got me out of a weekend at my girlfriend's parent's place. I'm so cool with this."

I was frozen, sitting in a big arm chair and holding a glass of Champaign.




"Hey, this is my best friend, Alicia," Massie smiled, motioning for me to stand, and I looked to the boys one more time.

Then I looked to my alpha.

"How? How on freakin' earth do you do it?"

Massie smiled proudly.


"Hell yeah. You got One Direction to end your summer. I have a pair of painful heels and my little sister's crying in the morning to greet a hang-over."

I heard a bunch of cute little English chuckles, but one stuck out.

Now, I was a strict club-music girl.

But everyone has a crush on at least one guy from One Direction.

And my secret crush was Zayn.

I felt my heart skip a beat, and Massie looked to her cell phone.

"Hey, Sweetie," Massie smiled as she picked up her drink, and Liam went back to talk to his band, "James, I did not forget to pick up your shirts from the drycleaners. You told me like a million times. I know they close in an hour."

Massie hurriedly looked at her watch and mouthed a curse.

"Baby, I have to go. Just picked up the guys. Love you," Massie kissed the phone before hanging up and putting it in her pack pocket.

Liam smirked.

"You forgot his shirts, huh?"

"Just for that, Liam Payne, you are driving with me to the cleaners. And, for laughing, Niall you might have to ride with me, too, because Alicia may not have room for you in the car."

"We could throw him in the trunk," Harry suggested, and Niall rolled his eyes.

"Come on. Bay said she was picking up pizza and bringing it for us," Massie quickly put a red beanie and a black scarf around Liam, making him glare at her.

While Liam complained about how it would just bring attention to him instead of hiding him, Massie nudged me.

"Or she's just picking up the pizza boy."

We laughed as we walked out to the parking lot, where the boys piled into my BMW, and Massie pulled me aside.

"You know he's coming, right?"

I knew who she was talking about even without the way she whispered and looked at me like I was that girl.

The one who stared at pictures of her with her ex for hours. The one who had a mad fit and threw out everything that was his but regretted it when the anger passed. The one who people whisper about and shake their head at, saying how sad it is that such an amazing girl became so hollow.

I was that girl.

I was open to change, I prayed for it.

But I was still that girl now.

I just didn't think anyone knew.

I thought they thought that, when I became vibrant again thanks to Massie, no one would notice that I still had something hollow in me.

"I guessed it."

"Are you going to be okay?"

"Sure. I'm fine, Mass. This was two years ago. That's one-ninth of my life."

She knew I was lying, but there wasn't much she could do.

"By the way, Zayn's single," Massie smirked as she nudged me, and I rolled my eyes as we parted ways, each to our own cars with our own One Direction boys.


As Layne put in my extensions, using the procession she used to get ready for her own shoes, where she usually paraded around in shoes that were too high and hair that was too long, she smacked her gum and shook her head at Alicia.

"No remorse over Brandon, eh?"

To make sure that Sienna didn't screw anything up, Massie put cameras up and had it streamed to her macbook.

She was out there now, walking around in a button-up and her baggy pajama bottoms, with her hair in curlers, and no one gave her disrespect.

Even like this, she looked great…

Am I jealous?



"Not everyone can be as true as you are to Baze."

Bazil was her best friend from Music School. Everyone knew that they were in love with each other. Everyone but them.

"You're forgetting that I am the one holding the dye, Kristen."

I raised my hand in surrender, and Layne's fast fingers kept working on my hair as I stared at the screen.

As Alicia waited for the hot rollers to turn her newly straightened hair into voluminous curls we knew her for, she had gone to help Massie and to get away from the strong smell of burning hair and skin as Claire tried her hardest not to burn herself before Jakob stepped in and began on her. When she got there, the band was taking a quick break while Niall went back to the hotel to grab something.

So, she and Zayn started talking.

That was thirty minutes ago.

And they were still flirting.

I was jealous of her.

That she could move on that fast.

I knew she still had something for Derrington, but time would heal her wounds. Well, that and a new super-cutie to call her beau.

I just couldn't give up.

I desperately tried, but it hurt me to think that things could be over for me and Dempsey.

After everything we went through, this was how it ended…

Me packing up and leaving for soccer again.

Maybe that was the part that hurt most of all.

"So, are you nervous to go on tonight?" I asked Layne, looking away from the screen and to my hot pink nails that weren't dry yet.

Layne had been asked to perform her new song, Supposed to Say.

She wrote it a year ago, and it was a hit on youtube and through the local scene. But Layne wanted more.

So, with a One Direction boy singing the male lead, she was performing it.

We were all scared for Layne since this was her big chance, but she had shown no sign of fear since she first signed up for the project.

"No way. I'm only a little worried that he won't be able to carry it like Baze does. But I'm fine," Layne finally finished curling my hair to match my extensions, and she sprayed the strong hair spray once again, making me cough for air.

I blew on my hot pink nails.

"Are you scared for tonight?"

"What are you talking about?" I asked, hoping that we were thinking about different things.

"Dempsey. Saying goodbye or, well, doing whatever you're going to do."

"I'll be fine, Layne, just like you," I told her as I looked at my dress hanging on the wall next to all of the others.

We had set up stations.

There was the nail polish table, and Massie had a professional come in and paint all of our nails.

There was the shoe table, full of enough heels and boots to fill my closet.

The jewelry table.

And then the dresses hanging proudly with Layne's performance outfit beside it.

"Alright then, I need to get to rehearsal. I'll see you later, Kris."

"Don't worry. I won't tell Blaze about how much time you're spending with that Super-Hot Harry."

"Shut up, Kristen," Layne rolled her eyes as she turned to put on her shoes to hide how she was turning cherry-red.


"You have such easy hair to work with," Jakob smiled as he sprayed my hair with some hair-friendly hairspray that he created and sold to every amazing salon in the country, which my hairstylist was completely in love with.

I smiled thanks.

It was really since Kat-Kat, my hairstylist, had given me the works. She touched up my carnation red hair and made sure that my kinky curls would be manageable for the next few weeks, and she made sure that I looked my best for the episode we were shooting where my mom and I cried as I packed up my room.

Though it had taken an hour last night to undo the hair-spray braid, I loved Kat-Kat for doing my hair.

What am I going to do when I move to the city without Kat-Kat?

I have Massie, I'll be fine, I reminded myself.

"I love these gloves. I bought some for myself," Jakob smiled as he looked to my spiked gloves, and I smiled my thanks as I watched his fast hands work on curling my hair.

"Gawd, Alicia, show off for Zayn, huh?"

"I didn't know Zayn was here, remember?" Alicia looked to Massie, who smiled proudly.

"How did you meet One Direction again?" Claire smirked, sitting in her chair while her hair got braided into a half-up half-down sweetheart look.

"Liam Payne and I both auditioned for X-Factor together when we were younger. Neither of us got in, but Liam kind of had a crush on me back then. So we stayed in touch, and I introduced him to his girlfriend. So he kind of owes me," Massie smiled as she sipped at her glass of Chardonnay, "James and Zayn are mates, too."

"Gawd, why didn't I move to England?" Alicia complained with a smile as she applied her eyeshadow.

"Hey, I could have gotten Nick Jonas here," I smiled.

"I tried. He's in FiGi."

I stuck my tongue out at her.

"How the heck do you do all this?"

Massie reached into her wallet and brought out a KISS ID.

"I worked for some powerful people. Proof that I'm Massie Block, and everything on the Eastern Hemisphere is mine."

"How do you freakin' do this? Can't you be a little normal? Just a little. Maybe not have a perfect boyfriend who loves you more than anything. Or not being perfect all the time. Or not getting everything you want when you just snap a photo of your school ID."

"Who wants to be normal? Besides, you're the Dylan Marvil, America's sweetheart. You're not exactly normal."

Massie looked to Claire.

"And you? After everything that you have put Cam through, you still have him coming back. James would have given up on me for his own sake years ago," Massie shook her head and looked to Kristen, "And Miss Professional Soccer player over there."

She turned to Alicia.

"Beautiful ballerina with Double-D's. You're sooo normal, Alicia."

Alicia smiled and unbuttoned her white top two buttons to show the lace on her bra.

"Hey, my B-Cups are just as good," I crossed my arms, and Claire hugged her knees.

"I'm basically an A. Stop bragging."

We all laughed, and Alicia looked to the clock.

"I think it's time girls."

We all looked to each other.

It was time to get ready.

It was time to really end the summer.

"Okay," Massie took the stand to be the brave one, "Pon De Replay anyone?"

The song we danced to before Massie moved to England.

We all nodded with gentle smiles, and our alpha pressed the button on her cell phone and the ancient song began to play.

Yeah, so I chickened out, okay?

I realized that I had left some things undone, including One Direction (And Alicia and Zayn). So here it is. On polyvore, I had a big glitch, and many of my sets were lost. So I had to make Layne's big bash outfit all over again, and I decided to make one for just about everyone. And that has been taking me awhile (I only have Bay left though).

Anyway, tune in next time!