A/N this is my first Code Lyoko fanfic, so I apologize for out of characterness. But I hope that this story I'm making up as I go along makes up for it.

Our Biggest Secret

"Ulrich…." I moaned into Ulrich shoulder as he held me closer. We were in the "catacombs" of the academy, hiding our little moment of weakness from everyone.

I grinded against Ulrich's hips and he moaned. He grinded back and I moaned too. He gently moved my chin up and stole a kiss from me. I looked at him and blushed deeply. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and kissed him again. He grinded me again and I gasped.

"U-Ulrich…. We should stop… I don't want to cum in my pants…." I gasped. Ulrich smirked into our kiss and grinded against me again, I gasped and held him closer. I moaned loudly and sighed.

"Great…. My pants are ruined…." I remarked. Ulrich smirked and I looked up at hm.

"oh, I won't be the only one who gets this." I said. I got on my knee and removed the offensive clothing and took the member into my mouth. Ulrich let out a gasp and his legs wobbled. His member popped out of my mouth with a pop and I out his pants back on and smiled at him. He glared at me.

"You tease." Ulrich said. I smiled and cuddled up to him.

"you know you love me." He smiled back, but his phone started ringing.

"It's Yumi." He said. I looked at him.

"Don't answer it, please…." I asked him, looking at him with puppy-dog eyes.

"I have to…. We're dating." He said. I nodded and removed my arms from their place draped over Ulrich's shoulders and he rushed off, answering the phone. I sighed and held my arm.

"Why can't we be dating?" I asked him, even though he wasn't there anymore. I walked off, returning to our room, until I got a call from Jeremy.

"Get to the factory right away! Yumi is already here and Ulrich is on his way. Xana is attacking again." Jeremy said quickly before hanging up. I rushed to the factory, avoiding being caught by Jim on the way there.

I walked out of the elevator to be rushed into the scanners by Jeremy.

"You're going to land in the ice sector!" He shouted before beginning the scanning.

I landed in the center of the empty ice sector and looked around.

"So what's with the drama Einstein? I don't see anything to be worried about here." I said, looking around.

"At first it didn't seem like much, just this unknown figure walking about the sector. But once the thing started fighting Xana's minions I decided it would be worth looking into. The moment I tried to learn anything about it, it crashed the program I was using and talked to me!" Jeremy said frantically.

"I sent Yumi, Aelita, and Ulrich in to see if they could communicate with it, but it mistook them as allies of Xana, mentioning have met a similar person, who I guess was William, like them and it attacked them." Jeremy said, out of breath.

"Calm down Jeremy, I'll go help them. How many life points does this thing have anyway?" I asked as I spend towards the direction Jeremy pointed me to.

"I don't know, remember, I tried to obtain information about it but it refused to let me?" Jeremy remarked.

"Ya, right, we'll just see how much it can take." I said. I reached a large icy mountain and dashed up the side of it and saw the thing. It looked like a women, a really tall women in green clothes. She was surrounded by bloks and I saw Ulrich, Aelita, and Yumi all hiding behind a rock, observing it. I rushed over to them.

"So is this thing strong?" I asked. All they could reply with is a nod. I looked at Ulrich and he blushed and looked back at the identified creature.

"Have you managed to get any information on it, Jeremy? Or should we go to Sector 5 to see if there's anything there on it?" Aelita asked.

"It may lead to that; I can't seem to get anything about it other than that it can't seem to leave the ice sector." Jeremy said.

"At least we know it can't follow us." I said, shrugging, "If this thing was following us it'd make Sector 5 even more of a hassle."

Ulrich nodded in agreement.

"Alright everyone, proceed to the elevator." Jeremy said. Everyone got up and hopped on their rides. I stayed for a second; just long enough to witness the thing take out the 6 bloks surrounding it with a single attack.

-X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X-

"I got the button!" Ulrich shouted from his perch beside the life-saving button. We all let out a sigh of relief as the crushing walls let out.

"Ok Aelita, work your magic." Jeremy said. Aelita rushed to the screen and started searching for information. I looked around.

"There's a strange lack of Xana's minions around here. No Creepers or Mantas anywhere." I said.

"It's ominous." Yumi said. I glared at her and she just gave me a confused look.

"More of Xana's creeps eh, I think I'll just take ya out real quick before returning to my home, the siblings must all be busy if there's these things running around." We all turned and saw a large lengthy being standing there in front of us. It had long hair covering its face and elongated (I didn't even know I knew that word) fingers and appendages.

"Who are you?" Ulrich asked, standing in front of me, no one else. I blushed… He's protective… it's sweet.

"I am Sloth. One of the guardians of Lyoko, awakened from forced slumber." The women said. "I reside in a hidden home in an unreachable sector for those like you…"

"Sloth, like the sin?" Yumi asked, everyone standing in the things way so it couldn't reach Aelita.

"Yes, and I'd really rather not have to trouble myself with you, so leave and there will be no harm done." I said, shooing us away with a long hand.

"We will leave as soon as our business is done." Ulrich said.

"Xana's minions have no right to negotiate here. I'm rather surprised you things can even speak my language." Sloth remarked.

"We don't serve Xana! And we're the protectors of Lyoko; we took over while you slept!" I shouted at the thing. He looked at me intrigued.

"The new protectors of Lyoko, I suppose it's the siblings may have raised heirs for us as a backup plan. It's something Avarice would have done…. I shall let you live, but I must bring you to speak with the others." Sloth said.

It turned and began walking on a path that seemed to only appear for it. Just then, a large explosion erupted from the main base of sector 5, sending us flying away from the sector and out into the normal sectors.

I landed with Ulrich in the Forest Sector. I stumbled to my feet and immediately looked around for Ulrich.

"Ulrich! Ulrich!"

"Up here…."

I looked up and saw Ulrich stuck awkwardly in a tree above. I sprinted up the tree and helped Ulrich free. He smiled and hugged me.

"Thank you Odd." He gave me a peck on the lips and I blushed. I made a little whiny sound.

"I want more than just a peck…." I said, blushing slightly, but smirking at the same time.

Ulrich sighed, "not while Jeremy is watching."

I shook my head, "I haven't heard from him, so I use that we've been cut off from Jeremy. Can I have my kiss now?"

Ulrich sighed, but smiled and took my hand. He pulled me close to him and pressed his lips against mine. I immediately felt unsteady and wrapped my arms around Ulrich's shoulders. I felt him smile into the kiss and I smiled to.

"Ooooo, this is absolutely wonderful! Such love! Oh, it's absolutely fangirl worthy!" Ulrich and I immediately ended to kiss and looked into the trees. We saw a women with brunette hair that could be Ulrich's older sister jump down from the trees. Why would a lady like this, long brown hair, a purple multi-layer dress (damn… I've spent way too much time with fashion designer mom) with all sorts of weird decorations.

"Who are you? Another one of those guardians?" Ulrich asked, his arms still wrapped around me.

"Of course I am! How'd you know about the guardians of Lyoko? Are you with Xana?" She shouted. We both immediately shook our heads no and the girl smiled.

"I am Lust! And I can tell you two just have chemistry, and a lot of it! But blonde over here has a few worries! Ooooo, I can just tell! But, you two seems so in love, it doesn't matter." Lust said. "cute lovers like you should be out enjoying yourselves! Especially when ones a cute little neko like this, oh that just warms my cockles you know!"

"thank god I know what cockles really means…" Ulrich muttered under his breath.

"It means heart right….?"


"I'm going to take you guys to the hidden sector! This is no place for a date! The big city is the proper area for something like that! Whoever is seme, treat your little neko to a nice dinner!" Lust said, before turning around a creating a purple swirling portal.

I looked up at Ulrich, blushing, "Ya… treat your uke to a nice dinner…."