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Chapter 4

World Where Our Enemy is God

"Nya! What's taking so long?!" A black haired boy said, black cat ears poking off his head. He flicked a black tail behind him; looking at the source of his irritation, his partner, with irritated bright green eyes. A black cat tail flailed back at forth with impatience.

"Hurry up Nya!" He shouted again.

"Patience, it is a virtue." The man said as he returned to adjusting the peculiar machine before him. The man pushed his long crimson red hair out of his eyes as he did so.

"Well, Patience, why can't hurry the fuck up be a virtue? Hmm, nya, is it just because you're here?" The black haired cat boy asked, kicking his knee high, cowboy like boots on the ground; the spurs on the back spinning.

"I don't know; why is it that the Virtue of Chastity is the most scandalously dressed thing I know?" Patience remarked back at Chastity. Chastity fumed.

"What! Nya… what's wrong with the way I dress?" Chastity whined. Without turning away from his precious machine, Patience spoke.

"You have a piercing in your ear, which wouldn't be all too peculiar except that you have cat ears. You are wearing a pink midriff shirt, despite being male, which bears your pierced navel to the world. Said midriff shirt is more of a vest, since it lacks sleeves, which has you wearing these strange pink and black checker arm warmers with chains sews along them in hopes of making up for it; then you wear skinny jeans that have been cut down into short shorts, so short that they might as well be underwear, with a black and white checker belt. Then you were genuine leather western boots with the spur and all; I find you sense in clothing strange and unconventional." Patience remarked. Chastity glared at him.

"Unconventional? At least I can move properly enough! In that damned black kimono of yours with its oversized sleeves, and those old fashioned samurai sandals it must be impossible to have quick reflexes; but anything quick is against Patience's 'virtues'." Chastity retorted.

They both turned to look down the way of the green forest near the city as they heard the rustling of leaves. Patience's turned and wrapped himself in a camouflage fabric.

"Nya!" Chastity grunted as he ran out of behind the trees.

"Oi, who are you?" I asked as we approached a cat boy decked out in awesome clothes sitting in the middle of the forest trail.

"Nya?" He looked at us confused. "Who… are… you?"

"Yeah, who are you? What's your name?" Ulrich asked.

"I don't know… Who am I? He asked, his tail swinging back and forth at a slow solemn pace.

"If I knew that I wouldn't have to ask, now would I?" I said, putting my hands on my hips.

"I don't know the answer to that either…" The catboy mumbled in response. I extended my hand out and he looked at it with widen eyes; as if afraid I was going to hit him.

"Nya?" He said confused. I smiled at the amnesiac.

"Here, let me help you out." I said smiling. "Well figure out who you are."

"I don't trust him Odd." Ulrich said behind me, drawing his sword. I looked back at him.

"Aww, how could a little guy like this be dangerous at all?" I asked, leaving my hand extended out. Suddenly I heard what sound like a crack sound and I felt my hand grabbed.

"Chastity will cleanse you of your sins!" The boy shouted with the biggest slasher smile on his face I'd ever seen. He pulled my arm and flipped my over him, drawing a steam punk bow and aiming it at me.

"Odd!" Ulrich shouted, dashing forward with his sword and cutting through the catboy, bisecting him and leaving the two halves to drop onto the ground.

Ulrich sped ahead and caught me bridal style just in time.

"I guess I should listen to you more huh?" I said, smiling and rubbing the back of my head as Ulrich gave me a look.

"Nya! So mean, but it felt good enough I suppose, kihihi…" suddenly echoed through the forest. We both looked over at the body, as it picked itself up off the ground.

"It felt veeeerry good NYA!" The catboy smirked as his separated body parts suddenly re-grew their missing part; making two of him.

"I am Chastity, of Xana's Virtues. Treat me nice ok, nya? Or not, that one's soooo much better..." The two said in unison.

"He's a freaking pain fetishist…." I grumbled in discomfort. Ulrich set me down.

"Looks like we have to just keep cutting him down until he's done enjoying it." Ulrich said, entering a battle pose. Chastity's 1 and 2 smirked and drew their bows, pointing them at us. The arrows fired, turning into rays of pure black. I jumped and dodged while Ulrich sped out of the way. The arrows zoomed past, cutting down several trees before they came looping back. I kept backing away from them, keeping myself faced towards the arrow and the Chastity's.

"Nya! Enjoy the pain, it's good for you." They shouted it unison, aiming and firing more arrows at Ulrich and I. Ulrich sliced one of the arrows and it disintegrated.

"Odd, they have health points! Destroy them!" He shouted, as he destroyed the first arrow that had been chasing him. I fired a laser arrow at the arrow and it vanished. I quickly turned midair and fired another at the approaching arrow, sending a last one directly at one of the Chastity's.

It crashed right into his forehead and he stumbled back, moaning loudly.

"Ahhh! You're such a pleasure to work with you know!" The Chastity I had hit shouted as he pulled the arrow out of his forehead and tossed it on the ground; the wound healing up instantly.

Ulrich sped past, cutting them in half vertically; just for them to multiply again.

"It feels great to be out of the shell once in a while! Ahh, we all feel each other's pain… Nya… it's all so good…." They mumbled in unison, taking aim with their bows and firing more arrows again.

"Stop cutting them in half!" I shouted as I ducked and destroyed another of the projectiles.

"What can we do then? If I can't hit them and your arrows don't hurt them enough?!" Ulrich shouted back.

"You die of course!" The Chastity's shouted. "Patience, the cage!"

Suddenly, blue light rose from the ground and formed a cage around us, going as invisibly high as the treetops. We looked around, I shot one of my arrows at it; but nothing.

A man in a kimono with unrealistically long red hair jumped beside the 4 Chastities.

"I see you've gotten yourself some pleasure." He said.

"You were sure patient with my fun; I guess that's why we got paired up." Chastity remarked. Suddenly the four merged into one. He put his head back.

"That always hurts so good… nya…" He said moaning. His neck cracked as he looked forward at us again.

"So were orders to capture, or can we just kill them." Patience said. "I know that Oh Holy Xana is not a patient man, unlike me, and would rather they die here."

Chastity stretched his arm and cracked his knuckles. "Great, that's good, I'm bored of them now anyway nya."

Ulrich and I stepped back in battled poses.

"We can't run and we weren't strong enough to even kill the catbrat by himself! Then there was 2 of him and then 4 and now this guy-"

"Calm down Odd" Ulrich said, grabbing me and giving me a quick peck on the lips. I saw the look in his eyes; he feels that we may not survive.

"Oh, lovers! Nya, it will be great to see the pain in the face of one as they see the other die…. I'd rather see it in blondie's eyes… nya, let's kill the samurai first, Patience." Chastity said. My eyes widen.

"No!" I shouted, jumping in front of Ulrich.

"Oh, such sweet panic." Chastity said. He suddenly multiplied into 2 again, then 4, then 6. "But all is lost. Chastity shall cleanse you of thy sins."

"Patience will rid thee of thy worries with time." Patience announced. Suddenly the blue cage shook and Chastity stopped, looking at it. It faded away, except for a topmost piece that fell down and crushed 5 of the 6 Chastities, leaving the last one shaking in pleasure.


"Chastity, get a hold of yourself!" Patience shouted as Chastity fell to his knees shaking while moaning. It was a rather… erotic scene.

"Guys go!"

"Jeremy's voice!" I said. Ulrich grabbed my arm and took me away from the two virtues. He picked me up onto his back and ran in extreme speed. He kept running until we were out of the forest, and in an old small town, filled with farmers and simple folk.

"We got away definitely…" I mumbled. "How did Jeremy get here?"

"That Einstein probably hacked away in by down." Ulrich remarked. I shrugged and nodded.

"Lyoko warriors!" A little girl pointed. "Does that mean big meanie Xana will finally go away mommy?"

An older woman smiled as we held the girls hand.

"Not necessarily darling, but it does mean there is hope again." She said.

"Mommy doesn't have to go help them like daddy did… does she?" The little girl asked. "Daddy never came back from Meanie Xana!"

"Daddy is just out trying his best to keep us safe… don't worry… he'll be back soon." The mother said. The girl suddenly broke away from her mother's hand and ran over to us.

"Mr. CatBoy and Mr. SamuraiGuy! You guys are gunna stop the big meanie right?!" She shouted with a serious look on her face.

"Of course we will." I said, smiling as I rubbed her head.

"Then daddy will finally get to come back!" The girl shouted happily.

"Maria! Don't just go running off like that!" The mother shouted as she ran over, not nearly moving as fast as the girl could have.

"These guys are good guys! They'll get daddy to stop fighting the meanie and come home!" Maria said.

"Calm down dear." The mother said. She looked at us and smiled.

"I'm sorry for my daughter's exuberance, I'm Cereza." She said, extending her hand.

"Ulrich." "Odd." We said as we shook her hand.

"You too look a little beat up." She said. "Did something happen."

I rubbed the back of my head. "We got in a little confrontation with Xana's Virtues… we didn't do too well."

"Ah, those virtues are the tyrants that enforce Xana's unreasonable law. They were put away by the militia made of the husbands and sons of the country… but they continues to escape with their magic powers granted by the devil Xana." Cereza said. She handed Maria an apple.

"How about you go say high to kind old Mrs. Hanerz? She loves apples doesn't she?" Cereza says. Maria smiled big.

"Yes she does! Mrs. Hanerz!" Maria shouted as she ran off to a kind looking older woman. Suddenly, a woman exited the salon like building behind us. She worse a long flowing black dress with many belts around her waist and a long flowing brown blouse with long sleeves.

"Who's that?" I said. "She's not dressed like everyone else in the town from what I've seen."

"That's Ms. Envy; she's sworn to protect our town. She hadn't shown up for a long time from her manor at the top of the hill, but she suddenly reappeared in town earlier today. We had been worried something had happened to her." Cereza said. "She's not very kindly to outsiders though, sometimes it's like she cares too much for the people of this town."

"She seems like a good woman." Ulrich said. The woman looked at him and saw our out of place clothing.

"Cereza, who are these people?" Envy asked.

"They are the new Lyoko Warriors Madam Envy." Cereza says. Envy looks at us.

"I have an omen, that newcomers to the town who mean good, will bring pain to the town regardless. I ask you to leave this town; for the sake of its residents." Envy said. I saw in her eyes past her wave black hair; true care and worry for this town.

"Of course we'll go!" I said. Ulrich looked at me, a tired look on this face.

"Could we just stock up on supplies before we go?" I asked. Envy paused for a second.

"I suppose there is not harm, the market is that way, and I just left from there." She said pointing. I nodded to her and Ulrich did the same rushing behind me.

"You trust her? She seems awful mysterious." Ulrich said.

"I could see it in her eyes; the madam is truly worried about the safety of her town and its people. She's just doing what she feels is best for them." I said.

"But a woman like that, she's one of the old Lyoko Guardians. She should be out on the front lines instead of protecting a single little village.

"Lady Envy goes out every night for a really long time and always comes back looking really tired!" I heard a voice pipe up behind us.

We both looked back and saw Maria standing there.

"She goes out all the time and makes the forest around us safer!" She shouted. "Lady Envy is my hero and I want to be just like her when I'm all grown up! Then Daddy can come home and I can protect him and mama, instead of him protecting me and mama!" Maria said.

"That's great Maria! You get big and strong just like Lady Envy." I said smiling. This girl is going to be alright, even in a world controlled by Xana.

"You guys can stay at our house!" Maria said. "We live just outside of the town, so it should be ok!"

I looked at Ulrich, who was stumbling just as he stood from exhaustion. That's when just how tired I was dawned on me and I nearly fell over; Ulrich grabbed me and pulling me up.

"If your mommy will have us…" I said.

"Anyone who truly believes in my little girls dreams in welcome in our home." Cereza said. "Well go as soon as your done stocking up."

"We can stock up tomorrow… Ulrich and I are about to collapse from exhaustion…" I grumbled.

"It's tiring fight to save peoples' lives." Ulrich remarked. Cereza smiled and took Maria's hand and we followed them out of town.

"Maria's asleep." Cereza mumbled as she passed through the living room of her home; with Ulrich and I curled up on the couches. Ulrich has practically passed out the moment he laid down; but for some reason; I couldn't sleep.

"What's wrong, Odd?" Cereza asked me and she scrubbed the dirty dishes left from dinner.

"Well, I just have the feeling. I need to ask this, you can tell me if it's crossing the line. Maria's father is dead isn't he?" I asked. She suddenly froze in her scrubbing.

"Y-Yes… he is." She said. "I was told a long while ago, but I could never bring myself to tell Maria the truth." Cereza said. "It's just heartrending… to even think about it."

"I know how you feel… I can imagine how it must feel to lose your love; my love's life was threatened to be taken today…" I mumbled. She looked at me.

"I would have lost a life worth living if I didn't have Maria." Cereza said. "You can never truly be the same without such an important piece of you."

"Is it hard? To keep telling her a lie like that?" I asked. "It was hard when I told Ulrich I was fine… that was a lie."

"You're injured?" Cereza suddenly asked frantically. I nodded.

"It's alright; I took care of it in the bathroom earlier. It was just a gashed along my side, nothing big." I said.

"Something that seems like it's not a big deal; can suddenly become one at any moment." Cereza said. Suddenly there was a knock at the door.

"Who could it be at this hour?" Cereza said as she set down the dishes. She walked over to the door and opened the door a crack, peeking out with the door chain still attached.

Suddenly there was just silence.