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Chapter 5

The Many Futures

"Those two are going to cause trouble here, no matter how far they go. I've seen all the outcomes." Lady Envy said, looking back at two of her henchmen following her.

"Find them and get them out of my town at once! Use force only if necessary." She ordered as the men scattered. She looked back.

"Which outcome will it be? Death looms over every one." She mumbled as she turned back, her black dress and veil flowing behind her.

"Cereza?" I asked, looking at the frozen woman. What had she seen that startled her so much?

"Honey? I-Is that you?" She struggled to say as she shakily unhinged the chain on the door. "You l-lived? They told me you died… they even gave me your dog tags…"

"I was taken prisoner darling… they left my dog tags there so no one would come looking for me." The man said. He was a big man, but he looked tired and injured. I didn't move, not wanting to interfere with the moment before me.

"You have to rest! Maria will be so happy to see you in the morning!" Cereza said loudly with pure joy in her voice. I felt like something was off, but was happy for her nonetheless.

She helped her limping husband up the stairs of their crowded small home. I stood up, sensing something outside. I looked of the stairs, making sure they were gone and opened the door and looked out. I only saw a figure moving towards the home calmly.

I panicked at first, making to wake Ulrich; but then saw the silhouette of a familiar headrest and gown.

"Lady Envy?" I asked. She came close enough to that I could see her emotionless expression.

"I thought I had asked you to leave?" She said bluntly.

"We couldn't go any further, we were exhausted and bruised." I told her. She glared down at me; at that moment I truly realized how short I was as I stood underneath Lady Envy's chest.

"You are nothing but trouble. I assume that you know that the guardians of Lyoko have abilities that normal residents do not possess." She said. I nodded.

"I have the ability to see the many outcomes of everything. I know that even the littlest changes can cause a big difference. Such as, if you had dodged left today in your battle with Chastity instead of right; you would have avoided that injury you sustained." She said.

"You knew we were going to be attacked and did nothing to help us?" I asked angrily, clenching my fist.

"I did not know who you were at that point; and even with my power; I cannot stand against two of Xana's Angels alone." She said. "I surely would not have made a difference. In the outcomes where I would have assisted you, you two would have died and I escaped barely with my life. You would not have liked that outcome, now would you have?"

I bit my bottom lip.

"Alright then, what outcomes have you seen involving Cereza's husband returning from imprisonment tonight?" I asked, calming myself with thoughts of Ulrich.

"Many, which is why I have come." She said. "Tell me. What was Cereza doing before the knock on the door?"

"We were talking and she was cleaning the dishes." I said, not sure how that had any effect on this.

"Then you should warn her." Envy said. "That that is not her husband up there, or else she will be impaled through the head in –" Envy looked down at her watch, "- 43 seconds."

My eyes widen and I immediately turned around.

"Wake up your partner or it won't turn out well." Envy said. I slapped the back of Ulrich's head as I ran past.

"What the hell!" He shouted rubbing the back of his head.

"No time! We have to save them." I shouted, looking back at Envy. Her eyes were burning with green fire, and she was staring into space. That must be what it looks like when she sees one of the many futures.

Ulrich shot off his couch and ran up the stairs with me. We touched down on the second floor and turned down one of the corners, hoping to pick the right one. We ran towards a closed door and pushed it open.

Only to see Maria sound asleep in her bed.

"You chose the wrong door; 6 seconds." Envy's voice echoed through the house. I immediately turned around and grabbed Ulrich's wrist as I ran towards the other end of the hallway.

I slammed the door open-

And felt a splash of blood on my face. I immediately closed my eyes and drowned out the sounds of splatters.

"Nya? How's it feel hmm? Good right?" I heard a voice ask. I opened my eyes, seeing the husband standing over Cereza's mutilated body with a content evil smirk on his face. His body morphed, shrinking down, with the clothes changing. A tail sprouted and wagged around.

"Doesn't the warmth feel good?" Chastity asked as he reverted to his former form.

All I could do is look at him with rage. He just smiled at me. Ulrich entered the battle pose and I pointed my wrist at him.

"You're not strong enough to hurt me, remember?" Chastity asked. Suddenly, a large laser fired from the floor below, cutting a circle around chastity. The floor collapsed and Chastity with it.

"Remember the many possibilities I told you." Envy's voice echoed. I, without thinking jumped down into the hole.

"Odd! Wait!" Ulrich shouted, biting his bottom lip and he jumped down with me.

I looked around, seeing Envy with many guys in hazmat suits with laser guns all facing Chastity behind me.

Chastity immediately grabbed me and held his arm to my neck, a knife shooting out of his arm warmer; which he held at my neck.

"Do nothing men; this outcome only has one future following outcome." Envy said, not making a movement. The men held their guns pointed at Chastity.

I heard Ulrich shout and Chastity suddenly flew away from me; flying into a wall nearby.

"There is only one future where he does not fall here." Envy told Ulrich and I, looking at us with a serious expression. "Whatever you do, do not let-"

Envy suddenly flew back as a bookshelf was launched at her. I looked over and saw Chastity's body morphing back to normal after being a freak with one giant arm. He extended his arm and grabbed the guns from a guy, but another guy shot his arm and it fell off.

"Shot to disintegrate! He can recover from anything else!" Envy shouted, readjusting herself; looking as if the flying shelf did nothing more than knock her off her balance. She was watching Chastity intently with her eyes glowing green flames.

I looked at Chastity angrily, but stepped away from the danger zone with Ulrich; knowing I could do anything to help.

"Ugh, nya! So irritating! You've always been my least favorite Envy! So mean, so mean!" Chastity shouted as his arm turned into a shield but was disintegrated for it to grow back and do the same thing again. Envy bit her lip.

"This is not going the way it should! New Warriors, you must get the girl!" Envy shouted.

I looked at her and nodded.

"We have to get Maria!" I shouted at Ulrich. He nodded and we turned around to go back up the stairs. We ran up the stairs towards Maria's room.

But she wasn't in her bed.

"Mommy?! What's going on? Why are you sleeping?!" She shouted. I turned around and saw her at the other end of the hallway in her mother's room by her mother's corpse. "Why is there a big hole in the floor!?"

She was shaking her mom's body in hopes to wake her. She looked down the hole, and I saw a huge hand grab her face and pull her in. Ulrich grabbed my shoulder.

"We can't do anything, Odd. This is the future that Envy saw where Chastity gets away." He said. I looked at him.

"I don't care if he gets away; I'm going to make sure this is a future where Maria lives!" I shouted, running down the hallway again; ignoring the pain in my side.

I looked down into the living room, seeing Chastity holding Maria up in front of himself. He made his way closer to a window on the side of the room. I pointing my wrist at him, waiting for the right moment. Just as he made to jump, I fired a laser arrow. It got him right in the wrist, and he still escaped out the window; but he dropped Maria.

All 7 of Lyoko's former protectors sat in thrones gathered inside a gigantic protected tower; decorated wildly with vines from years of neglect. Each sat at a unique theme, specific only to them. A green grassy like throne decorated with wilting roses, black petals dropping to the ground, with snakes decorating the back of the throne; some alive and slithering around as Lady Envy sat impatiently in the seat.

A flaming chair with lit torches decorating the arm rests and crackly, drying magma caking the outside of the throne as an aflame Wrath sat in the chair: his hair ablaze, hiding dark red-orange cat ears inside, with revealing robes showing his chest and arms with chains hanging along those muted orange and red robes. He glared back and forth as his cat tail would catch fire and extinguish repeatedly.

A vibrant pink and violent chair with molds of various size hearts carved along the side as Lust sat in the seat, boredly twirling her long chocolate brown hair around with her fingers. A messy grimy brown seat with cracks from constant wear held Gluttony as he occupied himself with food.

A dull blue and dull purpled throne with spider webs resting along its barren surfaces; as live, dangerous spiders of various bright and dull colors crawled around, ignoring as if afraid of, a sleeping Sloth; whose dark blue hair shined as it draped all along the neglected throne and her unbuttoned coat until it dropped onto the ground.

A golden throne with jewels and gems sat nearby with Greed dressed in the garments on a king with a smirk on his face as he admired the golden throne with bright emerald green eyes; and a shimmering gems encrusted crown on his head.

An empty throne decorated in bright neon lights as if from Las Vegas, America itself. They all would look at it, along with the unconscious pile of new Lyoko Warriors sitting before them.

"Pride is late as usual. That man thinks he can keep us all waiting." Envy said glaring at the emptying lit up chair.

"He is doing just that, as he always did." Greed scoffed. "He's got no position to be so proud of!"

"Possessions, possessions are all you think of, Greed, and remarks is all you make, Envy, you too should relax and take it easy with a nap, hmm?" Sloth said in a monotonous tone, as if trying not to exert any energy.

"You rest too much, Sloth, even your throne is filthy still! You did nothing to clean it, unlike the rest of us." Lust remarked. "It's not pretty at all!"

"While all of you bicker, we've yet to approach what to do about the new Lyoko warriors. They aren't outfitted to battle Xana's virtues. They couldn't even handle Vigilance and he's the weakest angel!" Wrath shouted at them.

"And then my putrid brother goes and makes things even difficult! Goes and kills an innocent even, the last thing that woman saw was the likeliness of the man she loved stab her through!" Wrath finished, his tail blazing.

"Calm a little Wrath, you nee-"

"Don't even finish that sentence, Sloth."

"All right." Sloth said, before her head dropped back down and she slept again.

"Lazy woman."

"Have we started an anger management program for him yet? I think we should." Greed said chuckling.


"Ah! One of them wakes up!" Gluttony shouts in glee, "Although I guess it means I won't have a snack for later…"

"Y-You were gunna eat me?!" I shouted at the fat man in a decked out suit before me. He smiled a toothy smile with a loose tooth as he began to eat food from no specified source.

"How are you, hmm, Odd?" Lust asked. Someone I recognize! Good... I'm not just in some random place with weirdos. I noticed Ulrich lying beside me unconscious and panicked.

"Ulrich!? Are you alright!? Wake up!" I shouted shaking him. I suddenly noticed he was covered in bruises and cuts, his suit shredded in places. Suddenly, with a chill caused by a breeze from nowhere, I realize I had an equal amount of shreds in my out suit.

"W-what happened to us?" I asked as I shivered, cuddling up to Ulrich for warmth.

"We found you in the forest beat up and unconscious, near dead, after you chased after my brother for decimating that little girl." The flaming haired guy said before me. He had the most eye-catching bright red eyes that glared at my very soul. He wasn't half bad looking either; a bit too pretty-boy for me though.

"Wait, brother, you're related to Chastity?" I asked. They looked so different… I mean, this guy's on fire!

"He's my younger brother, always was jealous that I was chosen to become the previous Wrath's apprentice. He went out and decided to fight against me in jealousy, taking on a position very different. He is by no means a chaste virgin; of course, you aren't either, so called pure new Lyoko warriors." Wrath remarked. I gave him a glare and he laughed.

"You glare at Wrath?! I invented the glare!" He said laughing.

"Heh… it's kinda true." A sleepy woman said chuckling in the throne behind me. Her blue hair was so long she was practically buried in it; her eyes not even open. There were spiders all around her too!

"I'm here bitches!" The door shot open as a black haired young man with all white clothing walked it, two girls over his shoulder, unconscious. He had a tall black top hat and a black cape, opposite from his white suit.

"I see you picked up hitchhiker, I suppose as a reason to be late?" Greed remarked.

"In fact, these are people who I suppose are new Lyoko warriors, based on their costumes. I found them beat up in the forest on the way here." He said as he set them down beside Ulrich and me.

"Yumi! Aelita!"

"That proves it then, doesn't it?" The boy says, "I was right about those girls."

"Don't brag yet." Envy says, crossing her legs in her throne, "There are still many ways this could go."

"Why not share with us then?" Gluttony asks.

"By the time I could finish explaining one fully, it could have completely changed." Envy says. "The future is a fickle thing; the slightest thing can change it. There were many different futures with horrid outcomes if Pride had not found those girls on his way here."

"So I do have a right to brag!" Pride said posing. I just looked around confused. Why did we have to be sucked into all this? I just wanna be with Ulrich.

"If you're thinking about your relationship with the Samurai boy, that is in danger too, catboy." Envy says, giving me a stern look.

"Wha-What!" I stumbled up onto my legs, and after stumbling onto the ground, decided I should probably just crawl…

She looks at me as I stumbled to my feet to look at her eye-level… since she's sitting down.

"Since it isn't the most important thing right now, I won't spare it much time." Envy says, looking at me her eyes glowing rainbow as if she was staring into my soul. "It could be caused by either or you, simply for not understanding each other well enough, or many other different reasons. Every moment the other one is asleep it changes."

"Can you tell me what to do for the good ending?" I begged.

"No. It all depends on how it goes. Right now, I do not care of your relationship. If this world ends, you will go with it, remember that before you put your love before your duty as a guardian." Envy says. She stands.

"Now that the tower has activated, I assume that Xana's Angels will come after us at any moment." Envy says. "So let's get down to business."