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Starts from S2E6: Never Been Kissed. Spoilers ALL THE WAY.

Canon until about Original Song.

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Title: Where Kurt hoped to find his dapper prince but found something better.

Chapter 1: Getting to know you.

When he really thought about how all this came to be, Kurt supposed he really needed to thank Noah Puckerman. After all, it was only because of something that Neanderthal suggested that Kurt finally got what he'd always hoped for.

It all began when Mr. Shue decided to make the Boys vs. Girls mash-up an annual thing. Once again, Kurt had been denied permission to join the girls in their frivolity. Instead, Kurt was stuck with a bunch of stupid boys. In addition to having to spend copious amounts of time with people who blatantly disregarded his opinion, Karofsky had been getting more aggressive, openly targeting Kurt. Sure, he was used to all that bullying, but there really was so much one could take before they snapped. For Kurt, it was the first meeting they had to discuss the mash-up. Artie's assumption that he pranced around in dresses irritated him to no end. So, when Noah Puckerman suggested that he pay the Warblers a visit, it had sounded like a really really good idea.

So, Kurt did a little bit of research before taking the drive down to Dalton Academy. To say that he was surprised when he arrived was an understatement. Dalton was like gay Hogwarts. The glee club was held in high esteem, no one raised their eyebrows at his fashion choices and the most charmingly dapper boy had held his hand like it was nothing. Kurt loved the school already.

And then, Blaine, the most gentlemanly boy he had ever met, opened his mouth to sing and Kurt almost melted. Blaine had the most amazing voice and the Warblers were the best acapella choir he had seen. During the performance, in between all that flirty eye-contact with Blaine, Kurt noticed this rather cute Asian boy looking at him. No, that wasn't quite right. He looked like he was accessing him. Kurt tried to ignore the look, feeling nervous. He just focused his attention on Blaine and smiled like there was nothing he'd like better than to stand there all day and hear Blaine sing. Part-way through the song, the look on the Asian boy's face changed from accessing to somewhat-friendly and Kurt allowed himself to relax a little.

Soon enough, the impromptu performance had come to an end. Blaine shot Kurt meaningful look, which Kurt returned curiously. Blaine came up to him, leaving a worried looking Asian boy and an excited glee club behind. 'Hey, are you leaving so soon?' he asked looking slightly disappointed. Kurt nodded, 'I have to get back to Lima before dinner and it's already 5.'

Blaine nodded in understanding. 'Let me walk you to your car. You did drive right?' Kurt nodded again as he headed out of the building with Blaine. They traded numbers and Kurt headed back home, a small smile on his face.

A couple of days later, Kurt received a text from Blaine: 'Hey Kurt, could you come down to Dalton later today? I'd like to talk to you about something.' Kurt was surprised, but happy that his new friend wanted to see him so soon. He reached into his messenger bag and pulled out his planner, searching for the date. Perfect. No plans. He quickly texted back: 'No problem, see you in the carpark at 3.30?' He had just exited the application when his phone buzzed with an incoming text. 'Awesome. See you soon. ' Kurt smiled at the tiny smiley on his iPhone screen before heading off to classes. That was something nice to look forward to.

Blaine rushed up to his Navigator as he stepped out, smiling before escorting him to a common room somewhere in Dalton where two of the Warblers sat. Kurt noticed that one of them was the cute Asian one, the other a tall African American with kind eyes, who then motioned for Kurt to take a seat opposite the two of them. Blaine moved over to join the other two on their side of the table. Kurt sat down across from them, looking nervous. Blaine pushed a paper cup over, 'Latte?' Kurt smiled tentatively and accepted the latte.

Blaine gestured at the two guys flanking him. 'This is Wes,' he said, pointing to the Asian boy, 'and this is David.' He finished, gesturing to the African American boy.

Kurt smiled nervously but could not stop himself from blurting, 'It's very civilized for you to invite me for coffee before you beat me up for spying.' Wes shared an incredulous look with David.

'We are not going to beat you up.' He reassured.

David smiled, 'You were such a terrible spy that we thought it was sort of…endearing.' At this, he exchanged a quick glance with Wes that Blaine was oblivious to because he was busy trying to down his coffee. Kurt was curious. 'Are they in a relationship?' he wondered.

Blaine put his cup down and began talking, interrupting Kurt's train of thought. 'Which made me think that spying on us wasn't really the reason you came.' He gave Kurt a look.

Kurt gave a nervous laugh. 'Can I ask you guys a question?' when there were no objections, he continued, 'Are you guys all gay?'

All three of them laughed at that. Wes and David seemed thoroughly amused by the question.

'Uh, no,' Blaine responded, trying not to laugh, 'I mean, I am. But these two have girlfriends.' He said, motioning to either side of him. Kurt felt like slapping himself for assuming them to be gay, clearly they were just heterosexual life partners.

'This is not a gay school. We just have a zero-tolerance harassment policy.' David explained, leaning forward.

'Everybody gets treated the same, no matter what they are,' Wes told him, 'It's pretty simple.' Wes smiled at Kurt.

Kurt was rendered speechless at this. Wes continued smiling at him. Kurt shifted uneasily. Blaine cocked his head to the side as Kurt appeared to be gathering his wits. He glanced at Wes and David, 'Would you guys excuse us?' Wes glanced at David, then back at Blaine. 'Take it easy Kurt.' He said, before leaving with David.

Kurt was trying to gather his thoughts when he realized that Blaine was speaking to him. He quickly zoned in on what Blaine was saying, managing to catch the tail end of his speech. '…so you have 2 choices, but tuition at Dalton is steep and I understand that not everyone can easily afford it, or you could stand up to your bullies.' Kurt was mildly startled. How in the world did Blaine know? Then it clicked. Blaine must have suffered before he came to Dalton, which explained his concern for Kurt. Kurt felt a rush of emotion towards this boy. And hey, at least he was gay this time.

As the days went by, Kurt struggled to distract himself from the increasing torment at the hands of Karofsky. Strength, willpower and support from Blaine were the only things keeping him going after Karofsky had forced a kiss on him in the locker room.

Karofsky got more violent after Kurt and Blaine had tried to confront him about his behaviour. Kurt was terrified and needed to distract himself before he started becoming more paranoid. Thankfully, help arrived in the form of Burt proposing to Carole. Kurt had a wedding to plan.

But all Kurt's efforts went to shit after he made the decision to use the choir room as the location for Finn and Burt's pre-wedding dance lessons. He made the mistake of shrinking away slightly as Karofsky passed the choir room while he was trying to teach his dad to dance. His dad, while oblivious, was very attuned to Kurt, and noticed at once. As did Finn. Upon the demand of Burt, Kurt had no choice but to admit that Karofsky had threatened him. Burt's rage was uncontainable. He stalked after Karofsky and threatened him.

Later that night, Burt sat Kurt down for a talk. 'Look son, I know we discussed this Dalton place before and we decided against it because of the cash issue. But Carole and I have agreed that you are not safe at McKinley. So, we used part of our honeymoon money as the deposit for your first two months at Dalton. Instead of going to the place I planned for, we will be talking a short honeymoon to the beach nearby. No arguments. That's our final decision.' Kurt launched himself at his dad and hugged him tightly, thanking him wordlessly. To be honest all that paranoia was taking its toll on Kurt. He always felt exhausted and was always agitated. Dalton, with its zero-tolerance-bullying policy, sounded like heaven. Kurt made up his mind to repay Carole and his dad by cooking them the best dinner ever.

The next day was a Friday, which was good, since Kurt's transfer was effective immediately, meaning he had to move into the dorms over the weekend. He announced his departure in Glee, the last period of the day.

Of all the reaction he got, Finn's was the most surprising. 'What the HELL dude!' Funny, Kurt thought Carole would have told her son. Kurt did his best to block out all the upset faces as he left the choir room and stamped down the sadness that came from knowing that Mr. Schue was just about to give him a solo for Regionals. He climbed into his Navigator and drove home.

There was a knock on his door while he was packing. 'Dad? Is that you?' Kurt asked, turning to face the door. Finn poked his head into Kurt's room. 'Hey dude, can I come in?'

Kurt sighed. 'Sure,' he said, waving Finn in, not even protesting at the horrible term Finn had used to describe him.

'I talked to Mom about you changing schools. She said it was important that you felt safe… I'm sorry for over-reacting in Glee just now…and not doing anything more.' Finn apologized looking slightly sad.

Kurt offered him a smile. 'Cheer up Finny! You'll still see me on weekends!' he smirked at the face Finn made when Kurt addressed him as Finny. Finn glanced around the room once more before grabbing Kurt into a brotherly hug. Before Kurt could react to this sudden rush of affection from his step-brother, Finn had released him and retreated to his own room. Kurt allowed himself a little smile before resuming packing.

The next morning, Burt and Finn helped pile Kurt's luggage into his Navigator before hopping into Carole's Volvo and setting off for Dalton. Upon their arrival, they were greeted by the cute looking Asian boy whose name slipped Kurt's mind.

"Hello Mr. and Mrs. Hummel, Kurt, boy-who–I-assume-is-Kurt's-brother. I'm Wes," he smiled broadly at all four of them, "I have been instructed by Headmaster Richmond to escort you to his office. Follow me please." He gestured for them to follow before leading them through the main doors and along a series of hallways before stopping at a large office with chairs placed outside. Wes gestured for them to enter the room.

"The Headmaster is waiting for you. I will wait out here and bring you to our shared room after your meeting is over." He told Kurt, sitting down on one of the comfortable looking chairs outside the office. Kurt gave Wes a nervous smile. The Hummel-Hudson clan proceeded into the Headmaster's office.

After a short check-in with the Headmaster, the Hummel-Hudson clan exited the office, only to find that one boy had multiplied into four. Carole smiled at the three new boys. Kurt looked them over. He recognized David and the two others seemed vaguely familiar. Wes spoke up. "Sorry to spring all these new people on you but I noticed the number of bags in Kurt's car and felt more manpower was necessary in order to prevent multiple trips up and down our dormitory staircase."

Burt nodded gruffly, "Good idea kid."

"Thank you Mr. Hummel," Wes smiled, before elbowing the wavy haired brunette who had muttered something that sounded suspiciously like 'suckup'.

"Well, as Kurt will already know, this is David," Wes introduced gesturing to his tall best friend.

"Hey Kurt!" David waved, awfully chipper for ten in the morning.

"Nick," he poked the wavy haired boy in his side, "and Jeff." He motioned to the skinny blonde who was caught mid-yawn.

"Sorry. Still a little sleepy," he apologized to Burt and Carole.

"Unfortunately, Blaine is still asleep. It is unwise to attempt to wake him up anytime before eleven on weekends without possessing any coffee with which to bribe him." Wes explained to Kurt as he led their little entourage back to the Navigator.

Kurt rolled his eyes fondly. "How that boy manages to find enough coffee to sustain his addiction is a mystery to me." He mumbled under his breath. Wes, the only one standing close enough let out a small chuckle before being interrupted by a suddenly awake sounding Jeff.

"WOAH! Kurt did you bring your entire house?" he exclaimed, staring wide eyed at the 7 large bags stacked in the back of the Navigator.

"Of course not!" Kurt snapped irritably.

"Dude, that's not even half of his stuff!" Finn told a shocked looking Jeff.

Jeff pretended to faint into the arms of an amused looking Nick before he was thwacked upside the head by David. Jeff picked himself up, rubbing his head and mock-glaring at David. Kurt laughed at their antics before unlocking his Navigator.

Kurt smiled to himself as the Dalton boys grabbed his luggage and led their mini-entourage through the school and to his new second home, his family following behind.

This was going to be a good change.

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