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Chapter 4: It's Singles' Awareness Day…or is it?

Since the GAP Attack, Kurt had tried to distance himself from Blaine and started spending more time with Wes, consequently spending more time with David, Jeff and Nick. On top of that, Wes and David were helping him plan the lonely hearts dinner at Breadstix for Valentines' Day. As expected, the initial suggestion had been met with concerns over neglecting girlfriends. However, Kurt had managed to arrange it such that there would be vacancies in Breadstix for all the Warblers and their girlfriends to have a nice dinner.

On the eve of Valentines' Day, Wes organized a movie marathon and invited David, Jeff, Nick and Blaine over. As much as Kurt was still uncomfortable around Blaine, they were still friends. Kurt just made sure to sit as far away from Blaine as he possibly could. Blaine, ever oblivious, didn't notice and just settled himself next to David. Kurt and Wes were lounging on Kurt's bed, David and Blaine on Wes's and Jeff and Nick were just lying on the floor in between, hogging their pizza dinner.

'Six, hand me the pepperoni box.' Kurt instructed, holding his hand out for the pizza. Jeff grabbed the box and passed it to Wes, who handed it to Kurt.

David laughed, 'Six? You guys have secret code names now?'

'Yup', chorused Nick, Jeff and Kurt.

Wes nudged Kurt. 'So what are your secret code names and how do they work?'

Kurt grinned. 'At this moment, I'm One, Nick is Three and Jeff is Six. As for how they work… You'll have to figure that out yourself! That's why it's a SECRET codename!' he laughed, poking Wes in the side.

The two of them laughed, Wes attempting to return the poke without rolling one of them out of the bed. After a couple of minutes, they settled down, Kurt cuddling into Wes's side. They never noticed the smile on David's face when he saw their interaction.

3 movies later, Blaine announced his need for sleep and spacious quarters to do so, and promptly left. Kurt had fallen asleep halfway through the last movie and was lying with his head on Wes's shoulder, his legs under his blanket. David grinned over at Wes, who childishly stuck his tongue out at his best friend. 'Looks like someone's making progress.' David teased, gesturing at the sleeping Kurt.

Wes sighed, 'He just thinks of me as a friend. A really close friend, but a friend nonetheless.'

Nick rolled over to face Wes, joining the conversation. 'Well of course he just thinks of you as a friend. He thinks you're straight! Nothing's going to happen.'

Jeff mumbled his agreement as he snuggled closer to Nick sleepily. Nick smiled fondly at Jeff and wrapped an arm around him, pulling the blanket they brought over Jeff.

Wes laughed. 'Aww, you're so cute when you're both sleepy.' Jeff sleepily flipped him off, causing Wes to laugh more. However, Wes's movements had dislodged Kurt's head from his shoulder.

'Mmmm…Wes, stop moving…' he muttered, dragging himself lower into the bed and pulling Wes along with him. He eventually settled his head on Wes's chest and wrapped his arms around his new pillow. Wes smiled to himself, ignoring the smirks from Nick and David.

'Looks like we're all sleepy. Besides, we have a performance tomorrow. Thad will probably have us practicing right after lunch. Goodnight.' David ended his mini-monologue as he flicked the light switch before comfortably falling asleep on Wes's bed.

Kurt snuggled happily into his very comfortable pillow. He was awake, but would gladly go back to sleep. He could hear snores coming from the direction of Wes's bed. 'That's not right, Wes doesn't snore.' Kurt was confused. Then Kurt realized that his 'pillow' was moving gently. He opened his eyes carefully, hoping not to startle his 'pillow'. He flushed deeply when he realized what, or who, he had been using as a pillow for the entire night. He attempted to untangle himself from his oblivious roomie before gathering his things and rushing to the showers, face flushed.

After dealing with his morning absolutions, Kurt dressed in his Dalton uniform hurriedly, shivering slightly from his cold shower. He carried his things back to his room, hoping that Wes has left already so that he wouldn't have to deal with things.

As luck would have it, Wes was just clambering out of bed as Kurt walked through the door. 'HIS BED!' His mind supplied unhelpfully. Kurt can feel a hot blush creeping up upon his cheeks. He mumbles a half-hearted good morning before grabbing whatever he needs and dashing out before Wes can even wake up enough to respond.

Kurt spends the rest of the day doing his best to avoid his roommate. So, he makes sure to always be doing something or talking to someone. If Wes somehow manages to catch him when he's free, he makes up some excuse to dash off at once. He even makes up some reason so that Wes will not be taking his Navigator to Breadsticks. He doesn't think he'll be able to stand driving the 2 hours from Westerville to Lima with Wes sitting a foot away from him in his car. He feels a little bit bad about backing out on their agreement, but he'll deal with his guilt later. Maybe make it up to Wes by baking him cookies or something.

At Breadstix, while Kurt gives his little speech, he actively avoids glancing over at Wes. He can tell that Wes is watching him and it makes him nervous. Thank goodness no one ever gives him solos in the Warblers. He doesn't think he could have sung one today. Not even his favourite song 'Defying Gravity'. That's how nervous he was. So he just pretends to doo-wop with Blaine and the Pips, frowning when Blaine sings the line 'sometimes it doesn't come at all' to Santana. As much as they bitch and moan at each other, they understand each other on a level. The thing is, Blaine doesn't even realize what he has done. Santana frowns at the hair-gel-helmet-head. Sometime later in their performance, Kurt notices that Wes goes over and gives Santana a hug. Kurt smiles before catching himself. As if he needed any more reasons to like the guy. He actively avoids looking at Wes for the rest of the song.

Once the song is done, Kurt heads to the Latina's table and sits with her.

"Hey, Satan. Ignore Blaine. He has no idea what he's doing." He tells her as he lowers himself into the seat opposite her. She simply smirked at him.

"Porcelain, what makes you think anything the Hobbit says matters to me?"

Kurt laughed. He really did miss the craziness of New Directions. He was just about to ask her something when Wes appears at the table and smiles.

"Hi Kurt. I suppose you're Santana" he asks politely. Santana smirks at Kurt as he tries to excuse himself, standing up to leave the table. Wes grabs his wrist. "I need to talk to you." He tells him, pulling him back down.

Santana moves over to another table to sit with the recently dumped Sam to give the two boys a little privacy. Kurt sits back down and is rather nervous. He knows he's going to be called out on his odd behaviour.

"Look, Kurt," Wes begins, "You've been avoiding me for the whole day. Can I at least know why?" he asks, sounding frustrated.

Kurt looks around and decides that this is not the place to discuss this. He stands up and motions for Wes to follow him out of the restaurant. The eventually settle at a small secluded bench.

"Wes…I'm really sorry about avoiding you…but I'm really embarrassed and terribly sorry for using you as a human pillow last night." Kurt tells him, still refusing to meet his eyes.

Wes shoots Kurt a confused look. "What?"

'This isn't easy for me Wesley,' Kurt begins, not noticing Wes's surprised look. 'You're straight, we share a room. It's really inappropriate for me to have such feelings towards you…and to take advantage of you while in a vulnerable state.'

Wes looked up hopefully. 'What sort of feelings Kurt?'

Kurt was annoyed. 'Do you have to make me say it Wesley! It's uncomfortable enough for me as it is! I have a stupid crush on you, alright? Last night made it all the more evident. I don't want your looks of disgust or anything. I'll just leave now.' Kurt stands up and makes to leave but Wes just pulls him back, smiling widely.

Kurt finally attempts to meet his eyes, and sees his smile. 'Damn it Wesley! This is not some kind of joke! I'm really serious-!' he yells at Wes, but is cut off when Wes pulls him into a sweet kiss.

Kurt stiffens against Wes and shoves him away. He knows he's crying. Wes looks alarmed.

'This had better not be a joke Wesley! It's not funny at all!' Kurt tells him through tears.

Wes smiles at him. 'It's not a joke Kurt,' he explains patiently a large grin taking over his face. 'I really really like you and hope you'll be my boyfriend?' he asks carefully.

Kurt is stunned for a moment, but once the sentence registers he rushes into Wes's arms.

The two of them sit on the bench a little longer, holding hands. Before they return to the warmth of Breadstix. They've discussed it and decided to keep it to themselves for a little while. At least till after Regionals, assuming they'll still be together then. Kurt is pretty confident though. They do really care about each other.

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