Monday 6:12am

As the sun crept over the horizon, the morning light flooded Shannon's living room. Slowly her eyes adjusted to the brightness of her apartment.

"Ergh" she groaned, her head pounding. She didn't remember much from the night before but figured it was much like every other night in the last week. In the wake of Michaels death, Stella had started turning up at Shannon's almost every night with a bottle of tequila. Stella needed the company and although Shannon would never admit it, she had begun to feel scared to be home without someone else there. They would talk very little and never about their troubled thoughts and drink an awful lot until eventually they were either to tired, drunk or sick to continue. Shannon sat up and saw Stella lying on the lounge floor. Stella had been too drunk the night before to even make it to the other couch.

"Stell" Shannon said loudly as Stella remained unresponsive on the ground. "Stella" she repeated louder.

"Piss off" Stella mumbled

"Stella wake up" Shannon said as she turned to look at the clock.


"No Stella really, wake up, we have 15 minutes to get to work."

"Oh, shit" Stella suddenly said as tried to stand up, only somewhat successfully. "Ergh, I think I'm going to be sick" she mumbled as she half ran- half stumbled to the bathroom.

"Charlie's gunna kill us if we're late and seriously Stella, I don't need him on my back again"

"You do know it's because you let Lexie go right? If you had just...

"Shut up Stella, I don't want to talk about Lexie ok. Find your bag, we're leaving."

Five minutes later Shannon followed Stella outside, slamming the door behind her.

"Ergh, Shannon, door slamming...really? Stella grimaced at her.

"Whatever" Shannon replied uncaringly. That's what Shannon did, she slammed doors and left herself on one side and everyone who cared about her on the other. And she wasn't planning on letting anyone in anytime soon. Or, at least that's what she thought...

A/N- Thought I'd let you read it before I did bothered you with an author's note. So, this is a very short update and it's my first ff! I kind of know where it's going but let me know if you think I should continue writing or just return to my role of reviewing everyone else's stories!