Day 6: Staring for the stars.
Series: The 12 Kinks of Christmas
Kink: Exhibitionism
Paring: Klaine, slight mentions of Niff.
Rating: NC-17
Words: 3700+
Notes: Thank you again for everyone who is keeping up with this story. I'm writing as fast as I can but it always helps to have a little bit of encouragement. It means a lot to me to receive a review and hear that people liked my story. Think of it as your present to me?

Merry Christmas!

On the sixth day of Christmas, Blaine gave his one true love, six staring eyes.

"So what's on the agenda for today?" Kurt asks over the phone as he grabs a lettuce from the fridge to make a salad.

"Well, Jeff is having a couple of friends over tonight and we're just going to watch some movies and hang out," Blaine says and Kurt frowns. "You in?"

"Uh, sure. But what about -" Kurt begins to question when Blaine cuts him off.

"Shhh. I've got it all worked out."

"Another surprise. Awesome," Kurt deadpans and Blaine's laughter fills the air.

"Oh, you love it."

"Better be worth it. I have to help Dad out in the shop now because he came in yesterday morning and saw you still there. You're lucky he didn't ground me," Kurt grumbles and Blaine lets out a little sympathetic noise.

"Aww, don't worry. The look on his face was priceless. Besides, it's Christmas. He couldn't possibly ground you."

"Also, I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I can't cover up the hickey you left on my jaw," Kurt says and holds his mobile to his ear with his shoulder as he starts chopping up a carrot.

"Good," Blaine says deeply and the husky tone to his voice almost makes Kurt slip with his knife and cut his finger.

"I should go," Kurt says, his heart racing.

"Probably for the best. Tell your dad I said 'hi'!" Blaine calls out before Kurt hangs up on him. He shakes his head fondly. Blaine is just constantly up and down and he never knows what to expect. He finishes up with his salad, puts it in a container and drives off to his father.

Four hours later, when the sun is beginning to set, Blaine knocks on the front door of the Hummel-Hudson house hold and waits patiently. Kurt opens the door in no time at all and Blaine takes his hand and pulls him in for a soft kiss.

"Hello, Blaine," a gruff voice from behind Kurt says and they pull away to see Burt looking at him with an exasperated smile.

"Good evening, Mr. Hummel," Blaine says politely.

"Kurt, go put your bags in Blaine's car," Burt says and Kurt looks bewildered but he picks up his overnight bag from inside the door and heads to Blaine's car that's sitting in the driveway.

"If this is about this yesterday morning, sir," Blaine starts to say, willing to apologise but Burt lifts up his palm and Blaine stops.

"Kurt told me what's happening with you and your father," Burt says and the smile drops from Blaine's face. His drops his head to the ground, his shoes playing with the welcome mat.

"It's nothing," he mumbles and Burt puts a hand on his shoulder and Blaine looks up.

"You're always welcome here, Blaine," Burt says sincerely and then there's water gathering in Blaine's eyes and his heart is clenching because why can't his father be as accepting as Kurt's?

"Thank you, sir," Blaine chokes out and wipes his eyes before his tears can fall.

"How many times have I told you to call me Burt, kiddo?" Burt says, and shakes Blaine a little bit and the mood is lighter and Blaine feels better already.

"Can we go now, please?" an annoyed voice from the driveway yells out and both Blaine and Burt roll their eyes at each other.

"I'm coming!" Blaine yells back and Burt smiles at him.

"Look after yourself," he says and then adds in, "and Kurt."

Blaine gives a nod and a smile before he turns around and heads to the car.

"What was that about?" Kurt asks as they drive away from Kurt's house.

"Oh, nothing."

Kurt looks at him, eyebrow cocked.

"Whatever. That's fine. Keep your secrets with my father," Kurt jokes and pouts.

"It was nothing important, honestly. You're just very lucky to have him," Blaine says softly, keeping his eyes on the road.

"Oh," Kurt replies and wow, he feels stupid. Of course his dad would have talked to Blaine about that. It's not unfamiliar territory.

"No more sad feelings! Tonight it going to be lots of fun!" Blaine announces and throws a wink at Kurt. Kurt turns in his seat and stares.

"Just what exactly do you have planned?" Kurt asks in slight shock. "I'm sorry, but I am not sharing you in another threesome."

"Relax, Kurt. It's not a threesome. You'll enjoy it, I promise," Blaine says with a cheeky smile on his face and Kurt continues to stare at his, his eyes narrowed and his lips pursed. "Look, have I been wrong yet?"

"Not really," Kurt admits and turns back properly in his seat.

"See! Don't worry. If you don't like it, we can stop. It's not like I'm going to force you to do it," Blaine reasons and Kurt's nodding.

"Yes, that's true."

"Everything is going to be fine!" Blaine emphasises and Kurt rolls his eyes.

"You're really excited about tonight aren't you?" Kurt asks him and Blaine throws him a giddy smile.

"I've been thinking about it for a while, yes."

"Hmmm," Kurt hums and tries to think. He glances at Blaine who is bopping along to the song on the radio like a child.

It's a quick drive to Jeff's house at night and when they finally pull up at a large, white, two story house and Kurt sees the cars of the other warblers he turns to Blaine in surprise.

"Don't fret. It's only Jeff, David and Nick," Blaine explains and jumps out of his car. He opens the door to the back seat and grabs out his own overnight bag along with Kurt's. "Come on, it'll be fun."

"I'm still confused," Kurt says, taking his bag from Blaine's hand and walking up to the front door.

"Patience," Blaine says and Kurt sighs and rings the doorbell. A very excited Jeff answers.

"Blaine! Kurt! Good to see you, guys!" he practically shouts and pretty much tackle hugs them both.

"Hey, Jeff! It's been too long, man," Blaine says, dropping his bag and hugging Jeff.

"And Kurt! I've missed you too!" Jeff exclaims and Kurt gives him a strange look.

"Have you been drinking?" he asks and Jeff just laughs.

"Nah, I just skulled like, a whole bottle of coke," Jeff says and leads them into his house. "Parents are out and we're just gonna set up in the entertainment room."

"Cool!" Blaine says and follows Jeff through his house. Kurt is silent as he stares in awe at the beautifully modern, and yet tastefully elegantly decorated house.

"We've loaded up on all the junk food and soda and a whole bunch of action movies," Jeff says and claps his hands and Kurt rolls his eyes.


"Oh, don't worry, Kurt. We've got some carrot sticks and we made sure the guys in the films are hot," Jeff winks and Kurt laughs.

"Oh good, well thank you for thinking of me," Kurt says and he's voice is only slightly sarcastic.

"He's just teasing you, Kurt," Blaine says and throws his arm around Kurt's shoulder and pulls him close.

Jeff opens two large wooden doors and lead them inside. Nick and David are already lying on the lounge. Nick has a large bowl of popcorn on his stomach and is throwing some in the air, attempting to catch it in his mouth. By the looks of the space around him, he wasn't going very well.

"Look who's here!" Jeff exclaims and both Nick and David look over to them. Greetings are had and Kurt finds himself enjoying the night already. It just felt so good to hang around with boys that didn't act differently around him because he was gay. They all found themselves a spot to sit; Nick and Jeff are on the ground, leaning against the sofa and David is up against the opposite edge of the lounge, legs splayed out. Jeff turns off the light and the huge LCD television on the wall starts up the first movie of the night.

At first, they don't really pay attention, all of them talking and catching up but then things start blowing up and they begin to actually watch. Kurt, who is snuggled up to Blaine on the lounge gets bored of the film quite quickly and starts fiddling with one of Blaine's hands. He pulls at his fingers, making them do weird things as he tries to zone out the movie. He sighs and doesn't even think Blaine is paying any attention to the silly things he's doing with his hand but then he over and breathes into Kurt's ear,

"Are you going to play with anything else tonight?"

Kurt drops Blaine's hand like a hot plate and stares at him. He can't really make out his expression in the dark, but with the light from the television he sees a mischievous smile.

"Don't joke about that sort of stuff, Blaine!" Kurt whispers back, his face flaming.

Blaine licks his lips.

"But what if I'm not joking?" he asks softly and shifts on the lounge, moving closer to Kurt.

He puts a hand on his chest to stop him. The heart underneath his hand is beating fast and he can feel the heat coming from his skin already. Kurt stares at him, not quite believing what he's suggesting.

"Was this the plan for tonight?" Kurt asks and looks over at the other boys in the room.

"Yes. Right from the beginning," Blaine admits quietly and Kurt's mouth goes dry.

"So they all know?"


"But they're straight."

"Nick and Jeff have been dating since a week after I left Dalton and David is bisexual," Blaine says as if it makes everything okay.

"Nick and Jeff?" Kurt asks incredulously, his voice hushed.

"Oh come on. Don't look so shocked," Blaine scoffs and lifts a hand to stroke over the hickey on Kurt's jaw. He shivers and blushes at the comment Nick threw at him earlier.

"I'm just surprised about everything, really," Kurt mumbles and his face is so hot you could cook an egg on it. His heart is hammering against his rib cage as he looks over Blaine's shoulder again and his eyes connect with Jeff's for only a moment before he turns his head quickly back to the screen.

"I know how much you liked Noah the other day. You just loved putting on a show. You're a performer, Kurt," Blaine says, his voice low and his face pressed right up to Kurt's. Breathing hot on his lips. "You can't lie to me and pretend that the idea of this doesn't turn you on."

"I'm a teenage boy and you just offered sex, of course I'm turned on!" Kurt whispers harshly and looks away from Blaine. He sits back up properly on the lounge and crosses his arms over his chest and huffs.

"I know you want to, Kurt," Blaine tells him and licks a stripe up his neck. He sucks on the mark behind his ear again and Kurt lets out a soft moan.

Kurt whimpers because oh fuck, it does feel good.

"Are they watching?" Blaine breathes and Kurt looks over. Three sets of eyes are staring back at him.


"Good," Blaine says sharply and climbs on top of Kurt, his legs situating on either side of his hips, and kisses him firmly. Kurt scrabbles to grab at Blaine's face and pulling him closer. Kurt can already feel Blaine's hard dick pressed up against his own. He rolls his hips, pressing hard up against Blaine and moaning in his mouth. Kurt's eyes are closed, but then Blaine latches onto the hickey at his collarbone and Kurt looks over to the boys.

Jeff and Nick are staring up at the two of them and when Kurt blinks, his eyes focusing properly, he sees Nick's hand rubbing down on Jeff's crotch. David, however, is just gazing at Kurt, his mouth hanging open and his breathing harsh and haggard.

"Oh god," Kurt gasps out and turns back to Blaine, his hands clutching at his shoulders.

Blaine grins at ruts his crotch down and Kurt lets out an even bigger moan. This is just crazy! Kurt thinks as Blaine starts unbutton his shirt.

"I can't believe we're actually doing this," Kurt pants out and rubs his hands up and down Blaine's clothed chest. Blaine gives a breathless laugh and rolls them over so Kurt is on top. Kurt leans down on his shoulder and bites down to stop his deep groan of pleasure as Blaine grabs his ass and rolls him down, their crotches creating fantastic friction. Their movements are jerky and there's no rhythm at all but it just feels so fucking good.

Blaine kisses him firmly, his tongue invading Kurt's mouth and his hands drift round the front of Kurt's pants and unbutton them. Kurt lifts up his hips and kicks off his shoes as Blaine pulls down his pants and oh fuck it's awkward but eventually Kurt's jeans and underwear are pulled down and Blaine is rubbing his hands just all over his ass, running up and down the crack and brushing over his hole. Kurt quivers against him and there's a low, deep moan in the air and it doesn't come from Kurt or Blaine. With Kurt's head resting against Blaine's they look over and the sight makes Kurt drop his hips and rut up against Blaine as his breathing becomes extremely erratic.

Jeff and Nick have their own pants pushed down and they have their hands on each other's hard dicks and are pumping each other hard and fast. Despite their Blaine is canting up against him, his clothes body rutting up against Kurt so hard it's painful. He whimpers and starts pulling at Blaine's own clothes. Blaine sits up from the lounge and pulls at his sweater as Kurt slides down him to undo his pants. Before Kurt rids Blaine of his underwear, Kurt pulls off his own shirt and throws it on the coffee table and moves down between Blaine's legs. He reaches up and begins to pull down Blaine's underwear when two hands on his bruised wrists stop him.

"I don't want you to suck me off," Blaine tells him and his voice makes Kurt shiver.

"What do you want me to do?" Kurt asks, his fingers playing with the hem of his underwear.

"I want you to bend over the lounge," Blaine says and there's an explosion on the television and it just makes his words seem even more powerful.

Kurt's mouth is dry. He nods jerkily and gets up from the lounge and moves next to Blaine, closer to where David, who now has his cock out, is lying. He kneels up and braces his hands on the edge of the leather lounge and even if his pose isn't even that provocative, the fact that he's naked and waiting to get fucked in front of three guys just makes it so much hotter and makes him feel like he's on show at an art studio.

Blaine stands up from the lounge, only wearing his tight blue briefs and walks over to his overnight bag. Kurt stares at the tent in his briefs and he licks his lips subconsciously at the wet patch from the head of Blaine's cock. Blaine bends over and Kurt tightens his fingers in the lounge as he watches his boyfriend rifle around in his bag. He walks back over with a bottle of lube and a strip of condoms. Kurt's whole body just quivers with anticipation. Blaine places the items on the coffee table and goes for the remote of the DVD player. He stops the film and the screen goes blue and it lights up the room. Blaine looks over at his friends and watches them as they jerk off at the sight of his boyfriend. Blaine completely understands. Kurt looks really fucking beautiful. The glow from the television compliments his skin and accentuates all the muscles in his body.

"Go on," Jeff says out loud, his voice tight as Nick continues to stroke his cock. Kurt, who now has his head on the sofa, sticks his ass out even more and Blaine quickly shucks off his pants. He's hard as cement and he wants to fuck Kurt so badly. Blaine grabs the lube and condoms from the table and kneels behind Kurt. He runs his hand over the sweaty, span of Kurt's back as he pops the cap of the lube.

Ever since Blaine turned off the television, the noises made from the boys are louder than ever and Blaine hears the distinct pop of a mouth coming off a cock. He looks over and yep, Jeff is kneeling between Nick's legs and licking his dick like a whore from balls to tip.

That's really fucking hot.

Blaine leans up against Kurt and his cock rubs up and down his crack and Kurt cries out beneath him. Blaine continues to rut against his ass as he slicks up his fingers with lube. He takes his hand down and leans back. He rubs his index finger teasingly around his hole before Kurt lets out a breathy moan when he pushes back and the tip slips in. Blaine let's them both have what they want and pushes his entire digit straight in to his third knuckle.

He hears another moan and Nick is staring at his finger pushing in and out of Kurt's hole with lust-filled eyes. Blaine smirks and then starts to push two fingers into Kurt. It's the same heat, the same stretch around his fingers that he really fucking loves and it's the same desirable moans that fall from Kurt's mouth that drives him forward. He continues to stretch Kurt out around his fingers and is enjoying the burning stares he's getting from his friends. Despite Nick and Jeff being in a relationship, if he saw Kurt bent over like a slut and saw fingers stretching him out he'd be jealous as well.

"You ready for me, baby?" Blaine asks softly, leaning up to Kurt's ear as he pushes a third finger past his hole. "They're ready." Kurt lets out a sound Blaine has never heard fall from Kurt's mouth before and he pounds his fingers in Kurt's ass relentlessly. "Look how hard they're all for you."

Kurt turns his head and he can barely look for more than a few seconds because he's so hard and he just needs to be fucked.

"I saw them."

"Don't you feel sexy, Kurt?" Blaine asks him and Kurt feels like turning around and slapping him but he's removing his fingers and he hears the ripping of a condom wrapper and it makes his fall silent. On their own accord, Kurt's legs spread open and Kurt should be so embarrassed about how much he wants this but he's not because Blaine is right. He does feel sexy. He feels incredibly sexy. He feels wanted.

Blaine presses himself against Kurt's ass, and he guides the head of his condom covered cock to Kurt's hole. He slicks himself up and the air in the room is almost tangible and falls silent. Blaine pushes his cock through Kurt's tight hole and there are five matching groans as he slides home. Kurt is absolutely still as Blaine rocks slowly inside him, not waiting for him to be adjusted to his length.

"Come on, Blaine," Kurt gasps out as Blaine keeps up with his slow pace. "Let's give them a real show. Show them how well you can fuck me."

Kurt throws a smirk over his shoulder and Blaine pays him back, sliding all the way out from his ass before ramming back in one go. Kurt stutters, his breath going scatting as Blaine grips his hips roughly and pounds into him. Kurt can't even find the energy to look over at the boys. He has his arms folded over one another on the lounge, his head atop of it as his cock slides against the leather as Blaine fucks him. He knows his moans and cried of pleasure are completely obscure but he can't help it because Blaine is just constantly hammering his prostate and it's like heaven and hell all mixed into one.

David, lying on the lounge, can't tear his eyes away from the sight in front of him. The way that Kurt reacts and the instinctual way that Blaine fucks him is just so fucking hot. So much better than the gay porn he'd tried to watch but couldn't finish because it was just so awkward. But this, seeing Blaine fuck Kurt in real time and just hearing the total ecstasy that he is obviously feeling makes him harder than he has been in weeks. The scene is just so captivating and hypnotising. It's beautiful.

"C-close," Kurt stutters out. Blaine makes a grunt of understanding but doesn't stop fucking him any harder. The sound of slapping skin and numerous different moans cloud the air and the heat is just incredibly overwhelming. Kurt's toes curl into the carpet and his back arches as Blaine hits his prostate on a new angle. Blaine reaches a hand around him, and as soon as his fingers graze over the top of his cock, he is gone. He comes hard over Blaine's fingers, his ass clenching, keeping Blaine inside him as he rocks through his orgasm.

"Oh, fuck, Kurt!" Blaine cries out and his hips roll into Kurt and he's coming so hard his breath gets knocked out of him like he was hit with a freight train. It's so damn powerful he loses his eyesight and his hearing goes fuzzy and by the time he lifts himself up from Kurt's back a few moments later the room is quiet.

He kisses down Kurt's back softly as he pulls out. He peels off his condom before tying it off and placing it on the coffee table behind him. He turns over and leans against the lounge for support and Kurt crumples beside him. He rests his head on Blaine's shoulder and his hand goes to rest on his chest.

"Thank you," Kurt whispers and kisses Blaine's mouth softly and Blaine smiles into the kiss.

"It was no problem," Blaine whispers back.

"No problem at all. Anytime you want to come over again, you know, please do," Jeff says and Kurt laughs at his completely disheveled clothing and hair.

"I'm sure we'll keep that in mind," Kurt replies, still laughing.

Blaine looks at him. He raises an eyebrow.

"Will we?"

Kurt just shrugs and laughs again.

"Merry Christmas, boys!" he calls out as he snuggles down onto Blaine's chest again.

Christmas really was the best time of the year.