Batman Beyond Season 4

Episode 53: Unmasked Part II

Author James the Lesser

I do no own the Characters, names, villains, so forth

A/N This takes place after Batman Beyond Return of the Joker so yes that movie happens in this timeline/seires

"It's not what you look at it's what you see." Henry David Thoreau

Terry is perched on top of a building watching thee Jokers. "Bruce they're up too some thing more then pranks." He zooms the vision of the mask on an item in the lead Joker's hand. "That's no rubber chicken."

"Be careful they're going in to the cryogenics building. The chemicals in there can freeze you nearly instantly."

"Won't the suit protect me?"

"In Antarctica yes but not when the temperature drops below negative fifty."

"I'll bring a sweater then." Terry leaps off of the building and lands outside of the cryogenics entrance. "This should be easy after dealing with the real one." He goes inside.

Terry is invisible as he moves through the rafters of the Cryogenic lab. He follows the Jokers. "Shouldn't I take them out already?"

"Wait and see why they are there. If they were called the Freezers I'd have an idea but they're Jokers." Bruce has the view finder up. "I can't think of any technology they would want in a Cryogenics lab."

"We'll find out soon." Terry lands on the floor silently after the Jokers go through a door.

Inside the Jokers go through the drawers of the office. "Look for Jack he said it was under Jack."

"He shoulda given us a last name."

Bruce watches through the view finder. "Wait for them to find the file and see what they do. I'm running a database of Jack's that may be tied with the Jokers."

The large muscle for the Jokers finds the file and the leader takes it. "What are all these numbers?" He opens the file and finds several pages of information. "These aren't bank codes they're useless."

"Wait babes!" The female Joker grabs the file. "He said we would find some thing worth more then money here. We gotta find it." She looks over the papers. "DNA? We gotta find vial #99287."

"A vial of blood? Who cares about that? We better go before the bats shows up."

"Already have." Terry reveals himself.

"Get him!" The Jokers attack.

Batman dodges a punch and kneels the attacker in the gut. He turns and kicks another one hard in the chest sending them flying over a desk. "Is that all you got? Now you have me laughing."

"Laugh at this rodent." Batman is hit in the back with a chair and knocked too the floor. The Joker takes the broken part of the chair and holds it like a knife. "Let's see what makes you tick."

"Tock." Batman kicks him in the stomach hard. He leaps up on to his feet and ax handles the punk on the back of the head knocking him out. "This is what the fifth time you've been arrested ? Maybe this time they'll keep you locked up." Batman handcuffs the Jokers.

After contacting the police Terry boasts. "Four Jokers in under five minutes."

"Four?" Bruce is still looking through the view finder. "Why do I only count three?"

"Oh crap the girl where did she go?"

The female Joker is in the inner part of the Cryogenic lab. "Come on we gotta find it. It's here, or here, there!" She opens a freezer and finds a box with the serial number on it. "This better be worth it." She takes off with the box.

Batman searches the Cryogenic lab and finds an open freezer. "Hey, what was the number they were looking for?"

"Nine, nine, two, eight and seven. It would be in that freezer." Batman leans over and looks in.

"One box is missing."

"Are you sure it's only one? Your counting skills aren't up too par lately."

"Yes it's only one." Batman closes the freezer.

The next morning Terry is in front of school when Max sees him. "Hey long ears why so tired?"

"Worked late, again. And don't call me that in public."

"Like any one would know what it meant. No wait Dana might now." She smiles then frowns when she sees the look from Terry.

"What do you mean?" Max looks at the ground suddenly interested in her shoes. "You didn't, did you? No of course you didn't. Right?" She doesn't respond. "How could you? Max when the old guy finds out I will be in so much trouble."

"I'm tired of hearing her bit," A scream interrupts Max.

Across the parking lot a large truck smashes through several parked cars. It turns and slams in to another. "You lying cheating pig! I saw you with your ex last night!" The truck backs up then slams in to the same car.

"I'll let this one go we have some thing more important." Terry grabs Max by the arm and drags her towards the school.

Terry pulls Max in to a janitor closet. "What did you do exactly?"

"I told her who Batman was. She was near tears after you blew off your last date."

"I was fighting the Joker. The real Joker and not some punk in a mask. I nearly died doing it to." Max shrugs her shoulders.

"She didn't know that but now she does."

"I'll lie and make up an excuse for you saying that. I can't let her know who I am. It's too dangerous."

"How? She knows but no one else does."

"And if she blabs about knowing? You really messed up Max and I'll clean it up."

"But Terry please don't do this. She deserves too know," The door swings open.

"Max! Terry!" Dana is fuming. "I knew it! Max you think I'm an idiot?"

"No Dana I told you the truth. Tell her Terry."

"She lied. I'm not, him."

"How long?" Both give her a confused look. "How long have you two been sneaking around behind my back?"

"Whoa hey it's not like that." Dana slaps Terry.

"Shut up jerk! And you, I thought you were my friend!" Dana turns and runs away crying.

"Now look what you did Max!" Terry runs after Dana.

Dana runs in to the girl's locker room and Terry doesn't follow. "It's not what it looked like!"

"Go away! I hate you!"

"Dana please listen it's not like that with Max! She's just a friend."

"Right! You always make time for her. You blow me off but you always find time for her."

"I do not! It just, well, we're friends. I don't need too pay attention when I'm hanging out with a friend. But when I'm with you I want too focus on you and only you. Not help with my homework or the latest gossip."

"Oh I can't help you with your homework? And if you aren't dating behind my back why did she make up that lie?"

"I, I don't know. She is an idiot for saying that."

"Go away Terry!" The first bell rings.

"We'll talk later." Terry walks away.

After class Terry tries talking with Dana but she ignores him. Frustrated he kicks the wheel of another car. "Ow," He rubs his foot.

"Hey there's an easy way too fix this." Terry doesn't turn around.

"Go away. You screwed every thing up."

"I didn't! If you show her who you really are then she'll know the truth."

"I can't! Now leave me alone!" Terry walks away at a fast pace.

Terry is at the bat cave spewing to Bruce. "And she thinks I can just show myself! I can't do that it will put Dana in danger."

"And you think I would let you?"

"I, well, how could you stop me?"

"With the fail safe. Like before when you first stole the suit."

"Well don't worry I'm not doing it. Did you find any thing out about what was stolen last night?"

"Yes and no. What was stolen wasn't normal or on their normal logs. A doctor took specific care of it."

"So you did find stuff."

"No. That's just it there was no list of the doctor or what else he was storing. Just the folder and it had a small list. He shouldn't have been there but the lab's records show he worked there decades ago. I found the file the Jokers were after and the name on it is Jack, just Jack."

"So a famous actor who does the whole one name thing?"

"I already checked that and no. The only connection I can make is that one time, many, many years ago the real Joker used the name Jack, just Jack."

"But we took care of him already. What would he have stored here?"

"Blood, Plasma, Semen, and some thing that was blacked out."

"I'm guessing not some thing good." Terry looks at the screen. "Um, cloning with the blood, some thing else with the little boys."

"I doubt twenty years from now you'll be fighting his son or his clone. That other chemical is what I'm worried about. He must have left instructions for the Jokers in case we stopped him."

"So he had a back up plan for a back up plan. I thought this guy was insane."

"He is. But insane doesn't make you sloppy. I'm keeping an eye on Tim Drake just in case they target him."

"I better go out and look for the Jokers. If I can get that box I'll save us a lot of trouble."

"You have no idea."

Terry pilots the Batmobile through Gotham. "I don't see any one. I don't even see a car. What's going on?"

"There isn't any thing on the news. I'll check other news sources." Bruce brings up a screen. "I'll alert you too any thing."

"So will I." He flies through the silent skies of Gotham.

An hour later he lands near a club. "I found some people."

"There have been no news alerts. I don't get how the city is so silent."

"Maybe they're all indoors?" Terry gets out of the Batmobile. "What the? How could she!"


"She's already out with Nelson. How could she?"

"Terry stop. This isn't about her or Nelson. We must find the Jokers and why no one is out."

"They might know." Terry readies too leap down.

"Don't do it Terry I'll stop you." Bruce readies the kill switch.

"At this height I might not make it." Terry leaps off and starts gliding down.

"I'm sorry." Bruce hits the switch.

Terry's muscles freeze up as the suit shocks him. "Aaaa!" He falls nearly half the height of the building before Bruce stops.

"Use the grapple hook and land safely. If you defy me again I'm shocking you." Terry uses the grapple hook and lands safely. "Terry after defeating the Joker I was ready too give you more freedom but if you keep doing this then I'll restrict you."

"Fine I'll let it go." This time.

Terry spends several more hours looking for some Jokers but can't. For once they weren't out joy riding and causing chaos.

An old woman is sitting in a room with her two granddaughters. The female Joker comes in. "Well?"

"I found him. He's coming over but he wants too know what's going on."

"Don't worry that fraud will get what he deserves. Dressing up as the Joker what a joke that is." She doesn't laugh.

"Come on Nana Harley this can't work it's science fiction."

"The Joker came back after decades once before and he will come back again." She waits for the former Joker leader who dressed as the real Joker.

A few minutes later he bursts in. "You know it is rude not too knock."

"Look grams why am I here?"

"Because of what you think you are." Her granddaughters step on either side of him. "You dress and look like the Joker but you aren't. He was a genius and a real man." She taps the top of her cane. "And soon you will be one too."

"I already am and I'm getting out of here."

"Not so fast." Another Joker gang member steps out and holds the former leader in the chair. "You want too be the Joker we'll make you the real Joker."

"What, how?" Nana Harley reveals an injection gun. She tosses it to the female Joker.

"Do it." She injects the former leader in the neck.

"Ha, nothing happened. Now I'm leaving before," He stops. "Before," He tries again. "Ha, ha ha ha, ha, ha ha, ha ha ha ha ha!" His laughter fills the room.

"Yes, come back baby. I know I got old but I never left your side!" Nana Harley watches as the mutagen mixed with Joker's DNA affects the former Joker leader.

The next morning during class Terry writes Dana several notes but crumples them up before he gives them too her.

During lunch he follows Dana out of the cafeteria. "Dana please listen."

"No scumbag. You are such a dreg."

"I'm not dating Max. She's just a friend."

"A friend you spend more time with then me."

"And you know why? Because she told the truth."


"I, am," Terry looks around then whispers. "Batman."

"Do you think I'm that stupid?"

"No! And I can prove it. I'll take you to the Batcave after school to prove it."

"Why not prove it now?"

"Fine," He grabs Dana by the wrist and they hurry out of the school.

Terry is on his motorcycle with Dana on the back hanging on. "If you're lying I'll kill you Terry."

"I'm not trust me." He drives off of the main road an up towards Wayne Manor.

Bruce is sleeping when an alarm sounds. "He's at school it can't be him. Joker. They must have done it already but how and who?" He gets out of bed and grabs his cane. "Ace, come."

Terry parks the motorcycle in the middle of the Batcave. "Now do you believe me?" She looks around mouth agape.

"But, this, this is crazy. Terry how can you be Batman?"

"Technically I'm the new Batman. The old one is still retired." Terry shows her the case of old costumes. "The Commissioner was Batgirl."

"Wow. Terry you risk your life every night for the city. How could you keep this from me?"

"If the bad guys knew you were my girlfriend it would make you a target. I must keep those I care about safe."

"But then how did Max know?"

"She figured it out. She made a program too figure out who Batman was. She was right." He goes over to the main computer and checks the cameras. Sure enough he and Dana are being recorded. "Computer delete all video starting from twenty minutes ago too five minutes from now."

"So she's been helping you out like she was Robin?"

"No more like Alfred."

"Alfred?" Terry laughs.

"Long story I'll tell you later." Terry hears a noise. "Crap he woke up."


"The old Batman. We better go." He hurries to the motorcycle. "Hurry if he finds out I did this I'm fired."

"Fired? Bruce Wayne was Batman?"

"I'll tell you later just get on." She gets on behind Terry and he tears out of there.

Bruce hurries as fast as he can down the stairs. Ace beats him down and starts sniffing. "What is it boy? Do you smell him?" Ace barks. "Keep sniffing I'll check the cameras."

Terry takes a shortcut nearly wiping out. "Terry be careful!"

"If we aren't back at school before lunch is over we'll be in trouble."

"So what we skip a class."

"If the old man calls and finds out we were missing from class on the same day some one was in the Batcave he'll figure it out." Terry cuts a car off and takes another short cut.

Bruce fights with the computer. "Play back all video starting thirty minutes ago."

"I'm sorry Bruce I can't do that."

"Why not?"

"It has been deleted."

"Who, no, I know who." Bruce glares at the monitor. "McGinnis."

Terry slides in to a parking spot. "Go, go!" He picks Dana up and runs in to the school.

Terry and Dana make it too their classes just before the bell ring. "Phew." Terry wipes the sweat from his brow.

After school Terry talks with Dana. "If I call you yell at me and call me names."

"What, why?"

"Bruce will know we were there but if he can't prove it then he's got nothing. Right now you and I are fighting. So if you see my number or hear my voice yell at me." Terry walks over to his motorcycle. "I'll talk to you tomorrow."

"Ok Terry, bye." He turns his motorcycle on and takes off.

He isn't home when his phone rings. "Hey, what's going on?"

"Terry what were you doing here?"

"Huh? I just got out of school."

"Some one was here and the computer accepted their voice commands. I know it was you. Get here, now."

"But I got homework."

"Get here now!"

"Fine, I'll be there." Terry hangs up.

At Nana Harley's house she checks on the former Joker leader. "Are you there yet?"

"Stop this! I, I can't think. Who are you?"

"Nope, we still need time." She closes the door.

Terry makes it too the Batcave and goes in. "What are you talking about? I was at school all day."

"I already called them." Terry knows Bruce is waiting for him too trip up.

"And they told you I was there all day because I was. Not that I wish I was. I got in a huge fight with Dana and she won't forgive me."

"Oh yeah? Give me your phone." Terry gets it out and hands it to Bruce. He finds Dana's number and dials it.

"Terry why are you calling me again? I said leave me alone! How many times do I gotta say it? You cheating lying son of a bi," Bruce hangs up the phone.

"Is she still cursing? She's really mad at me." Bruce hands the phone back.

"Yeah, she is. If it wasn't you then who was it?"

"Uh, Barbara? Tim?"

"No and no. I already called them."

"Uh, Nightwing, Dick Grayson?" Bruce shakes his head again. "Then I don't know. It wasn't me. I can't believe you thought I would skip school. If my mom grounds me I can't exactly save the city." Terry sighs. "You never dealt with this when you were Batman."

"I had business meetings and parties for the big Whigs. I fell asleep during several meetings and probably cost myself a few billion over the years."

"Yeah but you weren't grounded for it. Not that I'd be losing much. Dana's mad at me and Max won't come near…" Bruce cuts Terry off.


"But she can't control the computer can she? And she's never been here."

"No but she is a good computer hacker and could have tracked you here electronically. And she used voice recordings of you for the computer. Do you remember her missing a class?"

"No but I don't have every class with her." Terry starts sweating. "Let me call her. If you call her she'll be on guard and probably know why you're calling." Terry dials her number. "Max, what were you thinking?"

"Huh? Wait is this about the Batman and Dana thing?"

"No this is about you sneaking in to the Batcave today."

"Whoa hey I didn't do that."

"Really? Then why did Bruce just get done tearing me a new one? Some one came in and left after messing with the computer."

"Inque could do that."

"Not by voice command."

"I didn't I swear!"

"Did you take pictures? Are you going to Dana's right now to show her proof? Max if you are I'll stop you."

"Terry I swear I didn't!"

"Then meet me at Club 54, alone, with out Dana. If you did this you way went over the line."

"Fine McGinnis I'll be there." She hangs up on him.

"Crap. I'll be back in an hour or so. If I come back with her I'll let you deal with it. If I don't please give me a couple of hours too get as far away as possible before calling the police."

"You're finally taking this seriously, why?"

"Dana is important too me. If the bad guys ever suspected she meant some thing too Batman they'd hurt her. Max could make her a target like I made that kid a target when I was first starting out."

"Go, I'll keep an eye on the news and emergency lines. If Batman is needed I'll call you."

"He might be needed too stop Terry McGinnis." Terry gets on his motorcycle and leaves the Batcave.

Terry parks behind Club 54 and goes inside. He sees Max sitting at a table. He walks over and sits close. "Max, we gotta whisper."

"About what? Why are you accusing me?"

"I know it wasn't you, it was me. But I can't let Bruce know."


"I took Dana there." Max nearly squeaks as she holds in a scream.

"You did? That's crazy. When?"

"During lunch. We got back in time for class. So far I've covered my tracks but now we need a scapegoat."

"And you chose me? I'm no goat McGinnis."

"Hey you started this by telling her. Now you can finish it. Dana will know and I won't be stripped of the suit."

"He wouldn't dare."

"He nearly killed me last night, literally. I jumped off a roof and he used a fail safe on the suit too disable it. If he hadn't reactivated it I would have broken my neck. So please Max take the heat. I'll forgive you for telling Dana and help with Bruce on going easy."

"Fine but then we're even." They leave Club 54.

As Terry and Max walk towards his motorcycle three T's show up. "Hey mud shark what's wrong? Couldn't find a white woman?"

"Huh?" Terry is confused but Max gets mad.

"What did you call him?"

"He's going after mud so he's a mud shark. Got a problem with that little monkey?" Now Terry gets it.

"Ok I'll give you three seconds before we beat all of you so badly not even your mothers will recognize you."

"It's three on one and a half. And we fight dirty." One pulls out a metal pipe while another pulls out a knife.

"Good cause so do I." Max kicks one in the groin dropping him.

"And I do too." Terry spits in the face of the knife wielder before slamming an elbow in to his face breaking his nose.

Max leaps at the pipe wielder and kicks him hard in the side. He swings the pipe and she ducks underneath it.

Terry gets behind the pipe wielder and punches him in the back of the head knocking him out. "Punks."

"Racist pigs." Max kicks the first one hard. "We better go before more of them show up." Terry and Max get on his motorcycle and leave.

Terry pulls slowly in to the Batcave. "Act like you've seen it before." He gets off of the motorcycle but avoids Max. "So Max you really thought you could bring her up here?"

"Well you know if she knew then things would work out."

"She wouldn't think you and Terry are dating." She flinches at the tone of voice Bruce was using. "But she would be in a lot of danger. I've had decades of dealing with loved ones and my enemies. I lost a friend because the Joker found out she meant some thing too Batman. I lost another because Two Face targeted him after he saw me save him."

"Yeah but there's no Joker or Two face today. The bad guys are all about money and junk."

"Kobra is about world domination. Several are all about revenge. Max if Dana is hurt because she knows Terry's secret how would you feel? What if she were killed?"

"I, I didn't think about that."

"No you didn't think. For such a smart girl you make stupid decisions. You wonder why I don't want you more involved with this and now I have proof why you aren't."

"Ok, I'm sorry. I promise I won't bring her here. You're right if she was hurt or killed it would ruin Terry. I'm sorry Terry please, forgive me."

"I do because I know you won't bring her here. Now maybe you can help me work things out with her."

"Later. You have work Terry."

"Oh yeah, Max, do you know why no one was out last night?"


"When I was out last night the city was quiet. I might have seen five cars total."

"Oh, the Cult of Assassins Series Finale was on last night. They're already saying it broke television records in viewers. How could you not know?"

"Do you think we watch much television?"

"Oh, yeah. I need a ride back."

"Take my motorcycle. I have better wheels here."

That night Terry is out in the Batmobile. Thank God that worked. I need Batman. This city needs Batman. Bruce and his stupid rules. Crap how did it go? Any fool can make a rule and any fool will mind it. Hey I paid attention in class some time I wonder when.

A/N Ok, first episode. I started off with that quote and the line about fools and rules is by the same man. Why? IDK, I thought it would add more. But why the first quote? One looks at Batman but what do they see? One looks at the former Joker leader who dressed as Joker but what did they see? It was a kind of theme for the episode but not overt.

I wrote this a few months ago after watching the Batman Beyond series but only had like 3-5 ideas and then ran out so stopped. But now I think I have some new ideas so who knows maybe a new series!